My New Political Digital Art Piece: “Make Stalinists Cry”


I’m no fan of this type ‘art’ at all.  Message art is beyond ridiculous to me.  However, if you want to ridicule these dumb, leftist bastards, it’s a good thing to make fun of their idiot heroes, (most who were murderous psychopaths).

So, here’s the message:  The Cheshire cat is always grinning mischievously.  He smiles as he scratches 🙂  That’s how you have to play with the Commie Liberals: Be nice, then lower the boom when they least expect it.  When you capture the finesse on how to make a Stalinst cry, the spotlight is on you, people will be drawn to your expertise.   Every blow you deal these treacherous pigs will bring bitter tears.  At any rate, that is what the election of Trump was all about: Taking this country back and making Commie Liberals cry–it is their time for punishment.  The cat is on Stalin’s head, where his mind is:  Get inside the Commie head to fight the radical enemy–expose their deeds and bring them pain.  It’s past time Commie Liberals cry.  Smile as you give them pain with doses of truth.

  • A possible origin of the phrase is one favoured by the people of Cheshire, a county in England which boasts numerous dairy farms; hence the cats grin because of the abundance of milk and cream. (Trump is our milk and cream, and we must keep his feet to the fire)