ObamaCare Repeal: I Don’t Believe It Will Happen.

Obama-Care Repeal: I Don’t Believe It Will Happen

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The Obamacare bill (Socialist mess) was signed in 2010.  Since that time, our rates have skyrocketed.  Many of us have lost our Doctors, our deductibles have gone through the roof.   Some of us now pay monthly premiums that break our bank.  Some now get ‘free’ Obamacare (which just means you have to pay the Doc’s fee any time you visit the Doc, $150- visits) ditto your lab work.   Some of us wait weeks to see the Doc and months before we can have a surgery that is desperately needed.  Why? Because many people are waiting ahead of you.   Insurance companies are now making more than they ever did before and we can thank Obama for that.  

Obama-Care also created a black market for certain prescription drugs.  For eg:  A girlfriend of mine always took Ativan which is an anti-anxiety drug.  She used to pay $20 a month for her prescription.  I don’t know how much she took, daily.  Obamacare put FDA regulations on these certain drugs and now they only give her 7 pills a month.   So, what did this lady do?  Simple, she went online, ordered 30 Ativans, & paid over $100  (Ativan is a very bad drug, in my opinion-but it DOES help people with anxiety issues).  My girlfriend is now paying $100 a month for a drug she used to pay $20 a month. The drug is now in great demand because of the FDA Socialist regulations.    This anxiety drug is made in India.  It was made in India before and still is now.  Yes, ‘big pharma’ is also in India.  India pharma makes out like a fat cat with these prescription drugs thanks to Obama’s Commie FDA. 

Thanks a lot, Barack.

The only issue that was a ‘good thing’ was pre-existing.  [The Insurance companies are too greedy.  They could have easily allowed pre-existing but they wanted to make more money.]    The rest of this bill so obviously needs to be axed.  BUT-Will the repeal of Obamacare happen?  I don’t think so.   What makes you think that the Insurance Companies are going to go back to collecting $150 a month from you when you are now paying over $350.00 a month?    Answer: They won’t.  You can thank Obama for this.  If you really think the Insurance Companies will suddenly become compassionate, you’re living in a pipe dream.

Obamacare was set up to pull America into the pit of Socialism.  This nation is Socialist now because of this mess they call healthcare, “AFA”.   There is nothing ‘affordable’ about this new “Affordable healthcare”. 

  • I have to be straight up.  I believe that:  Once a nation goes Socialist, there is no way back without bloodshed.  I believe that: If it is repealed, it will take years to undo the damage.


  • Our future does not look promising.  We will all be in debt to the Insurance Companies.  We already were before and now we are more than ever.


  • “Big Brother” now monitors everything through our healthcare (they try to, at any rate).  They ask about guns, sex, children, household.. You name it.  We are all slaves to this crummy system.


  • Face the facts:  We have been in this fiasco that is called “AFA” (Obamacare) for almost 8 years.  Even if it does get repealed, only little pieces at a time will change.  It will take years to clean the Socialist/Left wing mess.

Trump will not, neither will anyone else fully repeal our Communist health care disaster. The cowardly GOP sent  bill after bill to Prez Obama to repeal Obamacare, knowing that he would not sign it.   Now that they have full power, they wouldn’t dare send a good bill to Prez. Trump.

Trump needs to shut the borders, that is the most important, pressing issue.  OR, your health care will be $1000 a month.  Socialists LOVE their illegals…


  • AND
    ✓Egypt clusterf’ck created by OBAMA which installed Morsi.
    ✓Libya clusterf’ck created by OBAMA which broiught us Benghazi.
    ✓Syria clusterf’ck created by OBAMA, Obama armed ISIS and the Syrian rebels.
    ✓Ukraine clusterf’ck created under the OBAMA regime which brought Ukrainian Nazi’s.
    ✓ Obama dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016.

    ✓ALL of the above happened WITHOUT ANY CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL under OBAMA. Democrats WORSE Warmongers than the GOP

    • The biggest bomb he dropped was the virtual one he unloaded on The American Constitution.

      • You’re so right John 🙁

      • And, now he bombed Syria.
        So, no more support for him from me

        • I am weighing my options. I have been known to change politics with changes in the paradigms before. I am pretty fickle that way.

          • That’s your choice. I’m just hard ass

          • You might be a “Hard Ass” but I think you and David are two of the most wonderful people I have ever heard of and if you have made a decision then I have nothing but the highest respect for that decision. It’s just that I have not yet made my own mind up because I am waiting to see what the fallout is over all this nonsense.

  • kookooracharabioso

    The alternative health industry has big bucks behind it too. If like me, you have been trying to heal what the doctors either can’t or won’t by researching natural remedies only to have none of them work – then fork over too much $ to purchase a formula in the health food store that has the same ingredients but does work – I have to ask how? Does it also includes some alien fairy dust? I understand that I am a knowledge Neanderthal (actually not even ) in terms of understanding the synergy of ingredients (maximizing ), I don’t have a lab, and the raw products that I’m able to purchase most likely come from factory farms that either don’t know or don’t bother to harvest at proper time for maximum healing potency – but still if I am trying to heal with something supposedly used thousands of years I expect SOME result. Anyhoo, I got to spend some time browsing and independent alternative health store and the plethora of products is overwhelming. So maybe we’re being experimented on from this end too?

    • kookooracharabioso

      Read somewhere that the O-man was destroying Fannie & Freddie 2 pay for ACA. Who has time to know what’s true anymore? It’s been a few days since ISIS blew up a major military road through the heart of Atlanta and I notice that all the normal cow crap detectors have been cowed in to silence? As for health care I’m disgusted with all of the options we have had and might have. There’s still plenty of people working their hynies off every day who can’t afford – don’t qualify – and they are citizens (apparently the worst status to have when needing a hand) while their employers are globally generous – even to the obscene gifting of health care in other nations while their own employees go without. Yeah so maybe they aren’t really employees cause of a subcontractor or something – so what? They still clean your floors and wipe your mom’s ass every day. . if they get sick of your greed maybe they will decide to shine the tile in front of the elevators with some olive oil and put a hurt on your mom too. Wouldn’t take much to set that flame burning. Just do the right thing already.

      • kookooracharabioso

        And for those of us who DO have insurance the situation is terrifying. When you receive the results of a CT SCAN or an MRI how do you know that is really an image of the inside of YOUR body? I’m here to tell you that they routinely report that a certain body part (that I don’t have) is “unremarkable” – that it’s in its proper position – blah blah blah. And I am supposed to submit to life threatening procedures or surgery based on an extremely questionable or overtly fraudulent report? Very very scary.

        I have actually had surgeons try to re-write my medical history to my face just so they can get the surgery. I have a certified letter from a surgeon that decided to re-write what happened during our appointment. Yes he was one of those that tried to re-write my medical history during the appointment just so he could score a surgery. Meanwhile the underlying cause remains unaddressed more than 2 decades.

        Recently my spouse received life saving surgery because we finally found a place and doctor that actually knew how to do it. The doctors in our area sincerely believed it was not possible. Yet the hospital tried to send him home without the surgery. I had to fight for it. Why? If my insurance isn’t the best they need to inform me so that I can correct this problem.

        • The solution to all this is to watch your investments carefully and get rich enough that you don’t care because then you can be self-insured and none of this will matter anymore. Might as well get used to it because no matter who is at the helm of government this health care mess is never going to get any better unless somebody decides to copycat what they have in Canada and The UK.

          • kookooracharabioso

            Agreed – yet the majority of Americans work for wages that don’t permit anything but paycheck to paycheck living. They are people that I know – it hurts. Investigated some kind of Christian health care – heard about it on the radio – apparently you pay to be in it – then somehow other members choose to help with your big bills. The buy-in is equivalent to what I am paying now. Seems like either way I’m vulnerable to whether someone is feeling charitable towards me in my time of need. A big problem is that I don’t have extra to be charitable towards others.

      • Howdy koo 🙂
        hope you’re doing ok.

        • kookooracharabioso

          U got your energy back – yeeaahh!