Did Debbie Schlussel Accuse Hannity Of “Sexual Harassment”? I Heard No Such Accusation On Campbell’s Show

Did Debbie Schlussel Accuse Hannity Of “Sexual Harassment”? I Heard No Such Accusation On Campbell’s Show

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I do not know Debbie Schlussel personally.   I have only conversed with her one time on Twitter a few years back.   I like Sean Hannity but I don’t watch his show.   I do know that Schlussel is a brave woman who tackles issues that most are afraid to tackle on her blog and Twitter page.   Debbie Schlussel is not a left-winger as many are accusing her of either.  She is a very patriotic Jewish woman.  If Schlussel does not care for Hannity, so what.

At any rate:  To the best of my knowledge after hearing this interview-This is what Schlussel stated on Pat Campbell’s radio show and you can listen to it for yourself:  Talk 1170 Radio  

  1. Campbell asks Schlussel a question about being sexually harassed or uncomfortable, she says: “Yeah” and proceeds to talk about a show where she would be the guest.
  2. Debbie Schlussel felt uncomfortable near Sean Hannity at a book signing.  He had asked her to stand there with him at the signing.  She said she was uncomfortable standing there because she did not write any part of the book.
  3. Schlussel said she felt that Hannity treated her horribly.  
  4. Debbie claims that Hannity only asked her to come to the hotel.  Debbie replied she did not want to go over to the hotel because she had to get ready for the show.
  5. The hotel had nothing to do with sex.    Hannity was basically just saying it in passing.   Kind of like “Hey, meet me over there”.
  6. Schlussel claimed that a Palestinian man’s remarks took presidence over her comments.
  7. Debbie Schlussel claims that she was told to ‘sit down and shut up’ , ‘obey your host’ during a radio show she where she was asked to be a guest.

Who took this whole conversation out of context from the beginning?  I don’t know.   But if you listen to the show, there is no accusation of sexual harassment.  

Is Schlussel a ‘serial harasser’ as Hannity is suggested?  I don’t see any evidence of this.

Is Schlussel ‘in ya face‘ regarding politics? Yes.    Does she call people out who she believes are incorrect including Hannity?  Yes.   Is that a ‘serial harasser‘?  No.  

Does Schlussel talk about others being possibly sexually harassed in the Campbell interview? Yes.

I didn’t hear any accusation (On Schlussel’s part) of sexual harassment on this interview, aforementioned.   I don’t know what the hooplah is all about.   I think this is a stupid, non-story that needs to die.   If you don’t care for Schlussel, or think she’s crazy–that’s your gig.   I don’t know her enough to comment.   I believe that both sides (Schlussel/Hannity) feel defamed & this needs to stop.