#FakeNews Israeli Govt Says: “Assad Still Has Chem Weapons”. WRONG! #ISIS Has The Chem Weapons

#FakeNews Israeli Govt Says:  “Assad Still Has Chem Weapons”.   WRONG! #ISIS Uses Chem Weapons

All any thinking mind has to do is some research.  ISIS used chemical weapons 52 times. Assad used chemical weapons zero times:  Click to see the report. 

FOX NEWS: Evidence ISIS working on chemical weapons:

FOX: ISIS suspected of chemical weapons attack against US troops:

The Israeli govt is only touting Obama & Hillary lies:

[I am not ‘anti Israel’.  Anyone in my life knows this.  I fight against anti semitism just about every day of my life.  BUT: I am not going to support the Israeli government when they are totally wrong.  Not at the expense of WW3.   It would be wise if Israel would knock off the war-mongering, lying, war-propaganda that Obama and Hillary started.  We would like to move on from Obama’s middle east caliphate—which would turn on Israel in the long run, anyway.]


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    Jews are putting out videos ecstatistically clamouring:

    Isaiah 17: The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”

    Not to be left out are the West’s so-called ‘christians’. From the so-called modern day ‘prophets’ evangelists, especially from Satan America that serves Satan by faithfully ensuring Satan’s bloodlust is
    assuaged by killing Syrian Christians, even as the best ally in Syria, ISIS and other Islamic Jihadists, aided, armed, funded, weaponised by the US not only Kill Christians but supply Pizzagate Syrian babies and children for the US to satisfy their psychopathic brutality on children .
    All chorus: Isaiah 17.

    No one, not the Jews, not the pontificating ‘christians’ address they are killing innocents.
    its as if God appointed them to be Executioners of Innocents.
    Israel’s hope is for a Greater Israel and believe the demise of Syria is he Key.
    Christians follow their wicked evil leaders, as they have done, since 1945.

    NO Christian denomination, church, is bothered or even addresses the Persecution & Murder of Christians in the Middle East. From Syria to Egypt.
    The Western media is NOT interested in covering the daily attacks on Christians in the ME.
    Western pastors are NOT interested either. Its all about Jesus, give us money, and indulging gleefully sovereign nations peoples are murdered — as according to prophecy.