Leftists Quick To Remove Confederate Statues, NOT Quick To Show The TRUTH About Socialist Lincoln

Leftists Quick To Remove Confederate Statues, NOT Quick To Show The TRUTH About Socialist Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, Marxist murderer.  From my old blog posts:

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Lincoln’s Socialism, Look it up yourself if you don’t believe me:

Let’s consider the Lincoln record. During just one term (plus 45 days), Lincoln managed to do the following socialist-communist acts:

Taxed the Wealth Creators. In 1861, Lincoln signed a law enacting the nation’s first personal income tax. Eventually, those earning between $600 and $10,000 a year paid 3% and those making more paid a higher rate. This was the first move toward “progressive taxation” of individual effort and we still live with such taxes today.

Exploded Deficit Spending. When Lincoln took over from James Buchanan, the U.S. debt was $65 million; in 1865, it reached $2.7 billion — a 4000 percent increase!

Led a Federal Takeover of Currency and Banking. Lincoln’s Legal Tender Act of 1862 created “greenbacks,” Federal paper money that Americans had to accept in place of gold and silver coins. And then the banking laws of 1863 and 1864 established a system of federally-chartered banks that undercut state-chartered institutions, in disregard of the 10th Amendment.

Forced People to Work for the Federal Government. Lincoln instituted the first national conscription act, forcing American men to give up their farms and to follow the orders of his generals. Lincoln also allowed men to buy their way out of the draft with a $300 fee, exacting more money for the Federal government.

Indulged in Government Giveaways to Special Interests. Lincoln gave away huge chunks of valuable national property to vested interests:

(1) Colleges: In 1862, Lincoln signed the Land Grant act, previously vetoed by President Buchanan; it gave away 300,000 acres (or the cash equivalent) to northern states for each of their congressional representatives to be used to establish colleges that would teach agriculture, engineering, and military tactics. Today, universities like U.C. Berkeley exist on that gift, teaching subjects like sociology and Arabic.

(2) Railroads: The Pacific Railroad Acts of 1862 and 1864 signed by Lincoln authorized the federal government to give away land and to go into debt selling bonds in order to finance the first transcontinental railroad.

(3) Land-Grabbers: In 1862, Lincoln signed the Homestead Act, also previously vetoed by President Buchanan. It eventually gave away 420,000 square miles — 10% of all American land — to squatters. Moreover, the Homestead Act generated a lot of waste, fraud and abuse.

Expropriated Private Property for Redistribution. With the stroke of a pen and no constitutional authority, Lincoln expropriated about $4 billion worth of private property (in the form of human chattel), today equal in value to at least $100 billion, and handed it over to poor blacks (the human chattel themselves). Not even FDR was as redistributionist as that!

The rest from the left-wing Berkeley Edu site:  See it yourself!

Leftists love Lincoln because he was a Socialist murderer who destroyed the south, redistributed their wealth and land, & burned their homes to the ground.  

After Lincoln’s death, His continued regime allowed the Southern women & daughters to be raped by  Communist, Yankee, Pirate & thieves.  

Proverbs 22:28
                     ‘Do not move an ancient boundary stone or memorial set up by your ancestors’.

  • God, give me the strength to always stand with the southerners.

  • Good afternoon TMJ, I seemed to have hit a nerve yesterday on Twitter regarding the removal on Confederate monuments. My take is that Confederate monuments, flag, literature

    • Win, lose, does not even matter.
      What matters is leftists just want US, WE, YOU, ME erased.
      They are f’n psychopathic slime

    • kookooracharabioso

      I’m still trying to understand how an obelisk, borrowed symbol from an ancient non-European culture; how does that obelisk represent white supremacy.

      The good thing about the removal of history is that in the future when they are still ranting and raving about racism and slavery we can say really? Where? Show me your proofs? And they will have no proof. Whereupon we can label the refusal to get with this century and living in a past that they never lived – yes, Hallelujah! We can call the disease what it is and take appropriate measures to curb it.

      • QV3

        Masonry from the Vatican. Washington was a Freemason. Every US president has to face the obelisk while taking oath.
        The Obelisk takes prime prominence in St. Peter’s Basillica, Vatican, Rome.
        Jesuits control America. Soon, you will see the Jesuit Beast breathing down the neck of every American.

        • kookooracharabioso

          Yes I have read about the obelisk but the meaning is obscured. IDK how it means white supremacy since the original cultures these things were lifted (I mean liberated from) weren’t exactly Scandinavian white. I can surmise but I would like to get their take on it – meaning the complainers. Perhaps we have something in common since I don’t want to go on this ride either.

    • QV3

      There is an ulterior motive to “eliminating” parts of American history.
      There are videos of Americans interviewed on the streets. 99% don’t even know the number of states in America, the difference between George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, how many stars on the American flag – and we see how Sergei Lavrov had to educate Rex Tillerson about history.
      Colleges around the country see protests to remove Thomas Jefferson’s statues from their campuses, it’s becoming the norm to erase the parts of history found uncomfortable. WHY?

      • kookooracharabioso

        Actually I think part of the problem is that we are being bred dumber – multiple causes.

      • kookooracharabioso

        Leningrad – St Petersburg.