LIBERALISM: Bullet-Proof Vests Suggested For Children On The South Side Of CHICAGO

LIBERALISM:  Bullet-Proof Vests Suggested For Children On The South Side Of CHICAGO

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Liberalism is not safe for anyone.  

But, why should Liberals protect your children in Chi-town?  Liberals are ok with defenseless babies being aborted.  They are certainly not going to care about children. Michael Savage says “Liberalism is a mental disorder“.  I believe it is beyond that.  It is criminal insanity.

Here ya go Chicago… You vote for Democrats and this is what you get:


Bullet-Proof Vests Suggested For Children On South, West Sides

CHICAGO (CBS) — After a violent day in the South Shore neighborhood, a longtime resident questioned why there is no the outrage from black activists. “I see them coming out always downtown protesting against the police. But never do I see them inside the black community,” activist Tio Hardiman said.

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  • kookooracharabioso

    Yep. . .my neighborhood is getting colonized. Funny thing how people know how to behave until their numbers reach critical mass – a few years ago we were being colonized by Muslims – to where I would see the Berka clad woman (?) coming out the supermarket with no purchase and I would leave and come back later – she (?) might have planted a bomb.

    • Maybe the purchase that you do not see is concealed beneath the garment you are talking about. I have seen videos about some of these folks stashing items from store shelves in their garments and leaving the store without paying.

    • Good morning kookooracharabioso, It’s very kind of you to refer to the invasion of Muslims as colonization. I prefer to call it by it’s name, an invasion, even an infestation.

      • Exactly!!

      • kookooracharabioso

        Correct. The reconquista literature terms stuck in my head. One of my big questions is how many were already here and wearing standard American style clothing until so many came that they flipped to hijab/Berka style?

        Today I am more shocked at all who are not covering Bunkerville trial and how my Internet shuts down every time I find a current article.

    • QV3

      Ah Koo, the Burka clad woman came out of the supermart with ‘no purchase’ to the visible eye because she’s got them all hidden in several huge pockets beneath her burqa.
      Muslims are NOTORIOUS for pilfering. If it can happen in Porkistan and India, it is EASY, damn easy, in the US.

  • The worst kind of Left Wing-inspired abortion is the kind that occurs when 18 and 20 year-old kids are sent into war zones where the prospect of the ultimate “Late Term Abortion” awaits them.

  • Progressives are out of their damned minds. I understand that residents in those communities may feel as if their children need bulletproof vests but that is not the answer. Adding to that, don’t give greedy, pilfering bureaucrats any ideas.

    • They’re Communists. Who the hell would WANT their kids wearing bullet proof vests

  • Illinois is a gun control state, btw.

  • Hillaroid

    Rahm… ugh.

  • It does nothing to eliminate the root of the problem. While this may (probably won’t) reduce collateral damage of drive-bys, it may have the unintended consequence of more gang members shooting more people in the head.

    • You’re right about that. There is plenty of history
      for those head shots.

      My best friend once told me a story about her 16-year-old nephew killed outside
      a Brooklyn project. Aware that some guys from a gang were after him, his
      parents warned him not to venture outdoors. Refusing to listen, this deceased
      16 y.o. went to visit some friends and it did not take long for the word to get
      out that dummy was on the streets.

      On his way home, he called his brother from a corner phone booth asking him to
      look out for him.

      The thugs caught up with this guy five blocks from his home upon which a chase
      ensued. Two blocks from, the kid to a bullet to the leg. He scrambled.
      The next shot was to the back, he went down. The end came when the gang
      members strolled up to him and placed point blank final three shots in his
      head. CLOSED CASKET.

      From what I understand, the thugs strolled slowly up to this kid because he could not run. They knew that NYPD and Project Police would not arrive until after he was dead and then there are the neighbors and kids on the streets of urban America who will never “snitch.”

      The incident of which I refer occurred back in the 80’s. Imagine how many
      times it has been repeated since on the streets of America.