Why Don’t Leftists Stay In The Dirty, 3rd World, Commie, Hellhole Cities They Created??

Why Don’t Leftists Stay In The Dirty, 3rd World, Commie, Hellhole Cities They Created??

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I clicked on a link from Drudge and this is what is posted:  New Yorkers  fleeing NY and moving to the south (Bloomberg).

I am puzzled…

Aren’t the southerners…. racists, xeno’s, homophobes, haters, Nazi’s & uneducated people?  Why are these ‘educated’ New Yorkers moving to the south where the people they hate reside?   This is perplexing.. I live in Arizona..  Everyday, another idiot from California moves here.  Why are they moving to racist Arizona?  Why are these Liberals not staying in the hell holes they created?  Why are they moving to where we are?  

Up here in the sticks, our whole neighborhood is filled with Washingtonians, Oregonians, Californians and basic ‘tolerant’, Liberal Communists who hate the united states, hate me and my family & want the end of white European America.

It makes no sense to leave the Marxist utopia you created to come and be near us losers..

This is NYC:

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This is a city in the south.  (Charleston, South Carolina)

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Prescott, Arizona:

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Atlanta, Georgia:

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San Francisco, Calif:

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Liberal Lunatics:

STAY in your tolerant cities.

  • QV3

    The pictures above portrays LIFE WHEN LEFTISTS CONTROL AND RULE.
    Is there no law that the South can exercise and PREVENT these loathesome, utterly filthy, utterly EVIL Leftist SCUMS from entering their state? Or will the South accept, accommodate, tolerate, and welcome such FILTHY LEFTIST RODENTS. Leftists are RODENTS. These are the Leftists who will soon overtake the South with their twin — Islamist Jihadists.
    Is this what the South wants? Waiting for?

    • I hear ya!
      Invasion of the dirty, filthy, pond scum!!
      God willing the leftist cities are nuked into oblivion.
      The south and the few sane states have no laws to keep out the f’n body snatchers from the Commie Left states.
      Leftists are a CANCER.
      Just look at EU with the sicko Jihadists they ALLOWED in.
      Before Calif went leftist, QV, it was beautiful.

      Protect your lands all other countries, these destroyers will come and this is what they do!!!!

      • QV3

        Leftists find it very hard in teeming Asia.
        Anyone who does in Asia what your photos reveal is immediately arrested, charged, imprisoned. Any violence thar crosses the ‘red line’ such as drugs, rape, gets CANED.
        Caning means the cane cuts into the flesh and into the bone! It takes a minimum of 6 months to heal one cane strike. The guilty often plead with the Judge for a longer prison term and a reduction of the cane. Usual cane sentence: 6 times.
        It is said the person almost dies of the excruciating pain!
        Drug peddlers are HANGED till dead.
        Rapists get the Death Penalty in most Asian countries. Muslim Indonesia passed the Death Penalty on Rapists – especially child rapists.
        Who are the Paedophiles in Asia?
        Ageing, Decadent, Degenerate, Vile, Vicious WESTERN men — of all stripes.
        Now we understand why God punishes the West first.

  • Pineneedle

    They want to bring down all beautiful cities to their disgusting views. Run them out. Make their lives so unbearable to leave and go back to where they came. White trash is still trash.

    • QV3

      Disgusting views? Leftist IDEOLOGY , you mean.
      Leftist Academia of the US that spawned leftist Eichmanns, Charles Mason, Hippie generation. Leftists FLEE the carnage, disaster and stench they create. Leftist academia allows little American children to recite quranic verses. Leftists, from academia to media to Pentagon, to the White House, and every department involved in the safety of the country, are still in control. Example: General Flynn who is anti-islamist jihadists was removed to bring in Mad Dog Mattis who sent a strong message to anyone around the world who carries out acts of violence in the name of Islam. CIA Brennan is an Islamist Jihadist. No one in America has charged him for being the traitor he is. Ditto with John McCain, America proudly stands with the Songbird of Vietnam who sang to save his skin and sent fellow POWs to their execution. Who is photographed with Nazis in Ukraine and Islamist Jihadists in Syria. And screamed Trump should bomb and bomb and bomb till Syria submits to America’s will. Arizona keeps electing this Scum Mass Murderer. What does that tell the world of the American people?
      McMaster joins Mad Dog Mattis in wanting to bomb the whole planet earth –and particularly Russia. Recent polls show 73% Americans want North Korea bombed. 53 -57% Americans want Assad removed. And 90% Americans want war with Russia.
      Americans show they are an Impervious people with 99% PSYCHOPATHIC tendencies built in their DNA. No? Why do you allow Leftists to continue ? It was Leftists who elected and re-elected Hard Core Leftists Bill Clinton and Hussein Obama.
      Obama’s DoJ freed 66,000 of indicted illegals into the American public and the rape and murder of Americans continued. Leftist media did not report it. It took Jason Chaffetz of the Congress Oversight to tongue-lash and subpoena for the data from a very reluctant DoJ.
      Conservatives like Steve Bannon gets the boot in favour of Mass Murdering Psychopath McMaster. Conservative Americans who elected Donald Trump are being betrayed and lied to, and every campaign promise made turned out to be a scam and a lie.
      Trump’s 100 days reveals Leftist Ideology is Healthy. War Mongers fill his cabinet. Death and Destruction of planet earth is Trump’s Foreign Policy.
      Mad Dog Mattis is with the Leftist Media of America. And defends Islam.
      Now we read of Trump allowing more hundreds of thousands of Islamists into the US.
      Conservative Trump buckles to LEFTIST DEEP STATE.
      The cure? A Civil War.
      God’s prophecies : Revelation 18 and Jeremiah 50, fulfilled.
      President Putin has already said: The next war with America will be on AMERICAN SOIL.

      • See this QV:
        From holy, peaceful American FBI

        • QV3

          Not only the FBI. The CIA runs a Child Sex Ring around the globe. The CIA has teamed up with MI5/6 of Britain in this filthy venture. CIA employees spend more time viewing Child Pornography than doing what they are paid for. The more savage brutality on a baby — gives these low lifes the missing excitement and heightened their levels of testosterone.
          The fact that Comey has not been charged shows all is lost inAmerica.
          Trump is a Failed President. And in 100 days.

          • QV: You need to pray that God visits this nation in anger. there is NO other way

          • QV3

            We do. God will destroy America . The Orville and Hoover dams are about to break. Credit, ATMs will soon not work. By June, says financial expert Bill Holter. We see Revelation 18 already happening. There are over 800 camps waiting – for who? Donald Trump and his cabinet have gone Rabid. And will hasten the doom of America . America’s Evil will soon drink the Wine of the Wrath of God.

          • I banned the 2 trolls that stalked you here

      • Americans want to BOMB everyone Qv.
        But, they dont like to be inconvenienced.

        • QV3

          I just viewed the video. Do you think the leftists , liberals, of America are safe with theChinese, Mexicans and Muslims overtaking America.
          View the video.

          US Marine Patrolling US Border Has A Terrifying Warning For Americans After What He Found

    • Absolutely.
      All trash.
      Makes me sick.
      I came to Ariz many years ago to escape these pigs.
      Now, they’re coming more and more

  • QV3

    Do the majority of SANE Americans realise the Leftists and Liberals they helped create with their tolerance are not going anywhere? They are fellow Americans too. And some sit in the highest bench in the country. I’ve always opined based on solid proof that Leftism and Islamism are two peas in the same pod of evil. Leftism also support Illegal Immigrants, be they rapists or murderers. The more violent the crime, the more the Left defend the evil.
    So, the future of America? Happy days of grisly murders, rapes galore, paedophilism rampage, and riots in the street. Don’t blame the leftist, the islamist — blame yourself for being gutless, spineless, supine , apathetic, and a silent colluder of all that’s ILL & SICK that’s happening in America, today.

  • Steve Pini

    Aren’t the northerners the “educated ones?”

  • Keith

    I pity Yankees. This kind of nonsense is why they’re moving South.

    • They are moving south because they f’d up the north, the west, the mid west.