Archive | May 10, 2017

Left-Wing Jews Want Jihadists To Annex The West To Destroy White Christian/Jewish Culture

U.S. Jews Demand Refugees—But Not in Israel

As Muslims are burning France, as Germany is being raped by Muslims, as England’s top name for boys is Mohammed, Left wing Jews lobby for more Muslim refugees to destroy the west.  

Jews and white Christians built the west but Liberal Jews want to destroy their own relatives labor & hard work.  Anyone knows that a big bulk of music and art is either crafted or composed by Jews, or supported by Jews at some length.  

Liberal Jews want to tear down the work of their own blood.  Can we find a more destructive bunch of political renegades as Liberal Jews are?  Is there any wonder why so many people just hate all of us? 

Can you imagine a people who wish to destroy the culture they helped create?  What type of people are these malicious jackasses?  

Yesterday: Las Vegas: A Muslim sets two fires at Jewish center

But, that will not stop Commie Jews against sanity.

What is really awful….is that almost every stereotype of  these type Jews is accurate…This does not frighten Liberal, Jewish, Communist mouthpieces.  They seem to forget that many nations have turned on ALL Jews because of these “Jews.”