Chanson No More: Marine LePen Loses French Election.

Chanson No More: Marine LePen Loses French Election.



DEATH OF FRANCE :   Emmanuel Macron has won the French election.  Macron supports the open-door policy toward immigrants and refugees pursued by Angela Merkel in Germany and promotes ‘tolerance’ towards immigrants and Muslims.



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Chanson D’Amour” (“Love Song”) is a popular French love song written by Wayne Shanklin in 1958.

At any rate:  

There will be no more love songs in France:  Marine LePen lost the French election.  Muslims have already started their conquest of France.  Unfortunately, there are too many French Commies who hate “Gay Paree“, literally…  I feel sad for the French.  At least for the ones who are patriotic.  It baffles me how Europe is giving over to the Communist, Islamic reconquista.

People will no more visit France for it’s persuasion of love. No.  They will stay away from France in the future because of Islamic hatred against humans..  Sadly, France will probably submit to Sharia Law at some point.  Instead of love-making, there will be rape.  Instead of flowers, there will be fire. Instead of food, there will be starvation. Instead of music, there will be the “Azaan” heard across the land at the break of dawn.   This is the future of France:    Click to watch, it won’t embed correctly.

No more Chason D’Amour….  SO SAD!!!

  • French people vote for ‘more of the same’

  • QV3

    MJ, the French people are useful idiots for Islamists. They do not see the danger. The danger for the French are the Jews. French are mainly leftists. they were euphoric when Macron won. Especially the muslims of France. It would mean finally a Judenrein France is possible. They want more Ilan Halmi. Preferably every day.

  • QV3

    French Election Fraud: Duplicate Macron ballots sent out. None for Marine Le Pen

    Globalists, Islamists, French people want a Judenrein France.

    • I saw that Qv!~

    • Should we be surprised? It is the way of the globalist and then they’ll ban the media from reporting the fraud.

      • QV3

        Leftists. They are the ones who made the French people today for what they are. Apathetic, Confused. Macron serves the Rothschild globalists. So who will be the real ruler of France? Why, the German bitch Merkel of course. Almost immediately, Macron puts the same people who created the refugee crisis in power in France once again. And the globalists now know there will be no resistance from the dumb Frenchies They are delighted their EU Mafia hireling is now in charge. And they know where they stand – immune from the revolution that would end their tyrannical reign on humanity. As goes France, now a door knob dead, so does all Europe.

  • Apparently, Islamic savages haven’t shed enough blood. The French surrendered without a fight. Good grief, what’s wrong with them.

    They’re willingness to elect Emmanuel Macron, an elitist with his head up François Hollande’s rear as
    their new president gives all new meaning to the phrase “mort dans l’eau” (dead in the water).

    • As usual they surrendered

      • While I have never traveled to Paris, for sure it is now off my bucket list. Heartbreaking to see such a nation willingly surrender to those who will slaughter them and their children without a second thought.

        • We’re going down here in the future but the French are STUPID!!! Totally!
          93% for Macron!!
          Thats like telling Muslims:
          KILL US ALL!

    • QV3

      Nothing wrong with the French. That’s what Leftism does to a nation. Makes them stupid and Islam hugging cretins. France is at war with Christianity. They are busy razing churches to the ground as proof of commitment to their darling muslims so the vermin would feel at home.
      Nothing offends the muslim than a church, especially a historical church that spans the 1000 year mark. The French are very happy the Champs Elsyees reek and stink of urine and faeces.

  • Loupdegarre

    I give it 2 years before there is a civil war in France.

  • QV3

    Ah, very bright future for France. Will it now follow Germany?
    Germany has taken the First Step to LEGALISING Muslim Rape. How’s that for progress, prosperity and peace by the LEFTISTS that rule Germany?
    The French will soon find out what the Macroni has in store for them by rejecting Le Penne.
    When? Given that the world debt bomb is perhaps about to explode, and with France Bankrupt, it may be a preferred time for oligarch controllers to collapse France and make European assets cheap to buy. Druggie Macron would accomplish that for his Globalists.