Left-Wing Jews Want Jihadists To Annex The West To Destroy White Christian/Jewish Culture

U.S. Jews Demand Refugees—But Not in Israel

As Muslims are burning France, as Germany is being raped by Muslims, as England’s top name for boys is Mohammed, Left wing Jews lobby for more Muslim refugees to destroy the west.  

Jews and white Christians built the west but Liberal Jews want to destroy their own relatives labor & hard work.  Anyone knows that a big bulk of music and art is either crafted or composed by Jews, or supported by Jews at some length.  

Liberal Jews want to tear down the work of their own blood.  Can we find a more destructive bunch of political renegades as Liberal Jews are?  Is there any wonder why so many people just hate all of us? 

Can you imagine a people who wish to destroy the culture they helped create?  What type of people are these malicious jackasses?  

Yesterday: Las Vegas: A Muslim sets two fires at Jewish center

But, that will not stop Commie Jews against sanity.

What is really awful….is that almost every stereotype of  these type Jews is accurate…This does not frighten Liberal, Jewish, Communist mouthpieces.  They seem to forget that many nations have turned on ALL Jews because of these “Jews.”

  • Dink Newcomb

    It has always baffled me on why there are so many Jewish revolutionaries. In the early part of the last century, the communist ranks were full of them yet they got very little benefit from the revolution. I can see the first communist Jews, eyebrow deep in the revolution against the Czar, cossacks and pogroms desperately seeking salvation/peace/self determination but how have those in the left wing today managed to skip the last 100 years of history.
    I spent the ’80s in AZ and I worked with an older Jewish lady whose Father, in the early ’20s, had moved his family to Russia (his heritage was Lithuanian with him a 1st gen American) to help the Bolsheviks set up an automobile industry. He brought them back in anxiety and forlorn confusion after about 5 years as he came to realize EXACTLY HOW the communists, especially Stalin, planned to create the worker’s paradise they all saw as inevitable. Lillian said that her Father spent the rest of his life sad and demoralized.
    I guess that it is similar to blacks who have heard so many reinforcing stories of the heroes of those early days of civil rights when so many of those issues were B&W that just the fact of assuming the guise of SJW makes you a hero from the act itself rather than the results.
    By the way, in 1956 we left the farm in coastal SC for the prosperity of western LI, an hour or so from NYC. A lot of culture shock there and I had LOTS of jewish classmates and friends. Since 1973, I have mostly been back in the hinterlands on the old farm and have had few Jewish friends and indeed, known few.
    Another Jewish anecdote if you do not mind! In Feb 1733, Savannah was was settled as the first bastion of the state of Ga. In mid-summer 1733 another ship with a community of Jews arrived. They had struck a deal with the Lord’s Proprietors to accumulate a purse for the colony and when they were finalizing their departure the LPs asked for “their” money and the meeting went south. The colonists answered that they understood it was to be used for the colony and the LPs said “No, that’s for us!” [actually was a commercial venture of which the LP were given most of the profit and paid the King a handsome sum for the revenue production of the colony. The meeting broke down and the Jewish group went into 911 mode, grabbed their stuff and ran for the ship where they convinced the captain to up anchor, set sails and avast me hearties for Ga. The LPs, not trusting the colonists immediately penned a letter to the captain forbidding him to sail and another (in case they missed the boat) to Gov Oglethorpe forbidding the Jewish group to disembark in the colony. A swift packet boat caught the ship before it could get far enough away from the harbor to set all sail and really stretch out. Here, the story gets vague. The letter was supposed to be dispatched by launch from the ship prior to landfall but Oglethorpe claimed to not have gotten the letter until AFTER the Jews had come ashore. The kink in the story is said to be because in its first few months they had suffered a yellow fever epidemic AND LOST THEIR ONLY DOCTOR! And what do you think, there was a doc in the new group– a Jewish doctor? GO FIGURE! I am a history buff and I obtained that story of the first Jewish community in the south ( the 3rd oldest synagogue in the US is still there) from a reliable source although I have told it a number of times since I first heard it 40 some years ago. I am an old fisherman and you know how fishing stories grow over the years.
    Sorry this rambled on but I had to babble because I love the name of
    your site. It invokes some wild eyed Jezebel (or more truly a
    frightening Lady Macbeth stalking the ramparts of Cawdor Castle) with
    her long hair flying wildly in the wind and rain as she wanders
    erratically mumbling and wringing her hands.

    • I am laughing like crazy at your last sentence 🙂
      Thanks for the comment and stories.
      Indeed, many Jews are an enigma

  • QV3

    Manchester terror happened because of the Left. All iroads of slamic terror in the West leads to their Leftist/Liberal controllers . Leftists and Liberals are enablers of Islamic terror.
    Israel’s left/liberal wing of filth not only attacks innocents, but work with Marxists to destroy the sliver of land. Israel’s left wing NGOs work with the UN body to de-legitimise Israel’s existence, and worked with UNESCO that passed a motion ignoring any Jewish (or Christian) historical sites to East Jerusalem holy sites , referring to the Temple Mount and Western Wall only by their Islamic names and condemning Israel as an “Occupying Power”.
    There is ample evidence these left wing Israelit receive money from about two dozen foreign governments, and some private organizations. That includes millions of dollars from billionaire George Soros.
    In Catch the Jew, author Tuvia Tenenbom exposed how foreign-funded “human rights” and “cultural” organizations in Israel tend to serve as vehicles for attacking Israel. By presenting himself to interview subjects as “Tobi the German,” Tenenbom elicits some surprising confessions. For example, the New Fund for Cinema and TV, a foreign-funded Israeli cultural NGO, told him that that about 80 percent of political documentaries made in Israel are co-produced by Europeans. That includes a documentary called “10%—What Makes a Hero,” which equates Israel’s military with the Nazis. Such films would be too scandalous to be produced in Germany, but German-sponsored NGOs can safely pay left-wing Israelis to make such movies.
    The Fault lies with the current government. There should be silent executions of these traitors by Mossad. Why is the Israeli government allowing Arabs in their Knesset when democracy in Israel is daily threatened?
    The next attack on Israel will see the Left/Liberal Wing inside Israel work with the enemy to destroy country and murder their very own Jews.
    The same will happen in America. American conservatives will have to fight their own leftist/liberal filthy dung while battling the Islamists in their midst.

    • ‘Manchester terror happened because of the Left’

      This is why our blog RARELY focus’ on Muslim, Qv.
      Its the LEFT, THE LEFT, always the LEFT.

      • QV3

        Exactly MJ. The entire West of majority White Race is Leftist. Hitler was a Leftist. Tony Blair is a hardcore leftist who opened the floodgates of Muslim invasion into Britain.
        Manchester proved Leftism has emasculated the penis and the balls of Britain.
        The leadership have succumbed and submitted to Islamic hate of Jews and Christians.
        Obama, Bill Clinton, et al and 90% of the American people. See how leftists, feminists join up bullying and beating Trump supporters across America, yet have the audacity to say they want to “peacefully” stop the “violent” agenda of Trump (this is on the Moveon.org website). See a leftist judge wearing the Vagina hat?
        Yesterday we saw Cathy Griffin holding the beheaded head of President Trump.
        What does the world think of America now?
        A Leftist, Marxist, Police State where Fascism rules.