#SETHRICH Trump Has Tons Of Ammo Against The Communist Murdering Democrats & Uses None Of It

Mr. Trump has a ton of ammunition to use against the Communist Democrats.  He does nothing.  Just reacts to every idiot story.   When Ken Star started investigating Bill Clinton, the Democrats circled the wagons.  The GOP does not do that for Trump.  They are just throwing him out to dry.

You can always tell when the Democrats are facing some serious issues, because that’s when their MSM cartel starts ratcheting up more lies and deceptions to throw the trail.  This Seth Rich investigation has them in serious fear.

#SethRich was killed 250 miles from home in an area where there had been 0 murders for 6 years.  Obviously the killer knew  the direction he was coming from. The assassin was lying in waiting for Seth so he could murder him.

Firing Comey was a very good start for a change.  When the Seth Rich story resurfaced, the PI learned that the D.C. Police were ordered to stand down on the Seth Rich investigation: Click to read the whole story. 

What entity has the authority to order a large metropolitan police force to discontinue a murder investigation? THE FBI. #SethRich

It’s past time for Trump to say:

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“Enough media lies & garbage.  “We are now going to investigate the murder of #SethRich.”  “We are going to punish his murderers & all of those involved.”  “Justice will be quick and precise.”


Ammunition is for use in war – not to sit and gather dust.  And, we ARE in a war.  I can’t even stand by such weakness.

  • Trump needs to TURN TO GOD for his defense. Period.

    • QV3

      I feel Trump is still protected , supernaturally by God Himself. Why do I say that? Because no man could stand America’s Media Deep Hate for the president, reviling, railing, ranting lies, character assassination , innuendoes at him and about him without breaking down or collapsing. Trump still stands strong like the bull he is. See how the vile prostitutes, useless eaters called ‘journalists’ ‘anchors’ stoop to the most Satanic lowest to bring Trump down. what is shocking is, some American evangelists are with Satan in wanting Trump impeached.
      Imagine, adding all of Trump’s sins since he was 16 years old. As if they are paragons of angelic virtue. They all most probably fucked their own mother or had their father fuck them for their first initiation.
      That America is being brought down to her knees is so very obvious. Americans enjoyed the murder of the unborn that continued till Trump signed the EO to ban abortions and defund Planned Parenthood. God has taken notice of that.
      Trump has warned the American people of the Economic Collapse started by Bill Clinton when he repealed Glass-Steagall legislation. With Trump as president, the “Return To Prudent Banking Act,” was introduced in the House of Representatives Feb. 1 and now has 32 sponsors there.
      God is still giving America a final space to Repent and Return in this Time-Out period.

      • We cant really trust anyone Qv. We will cont to call this crazy out no matter WHO is in office

        • QV3

          Trump has a family to worry about, MJ. Already we read his 10 year old son Baron stands the risk of being kidnapped. Already we see Jason Chaffetz was forced to resign both as Congressman and from Congress itself because of threats to his kids and family. The Deep State are being weakened, the Clintons will be brought to trial now Comey’s fired.Susan Rice is asking for immunity and she will be a witness for the prosecution. We have to wait for Jeff Sessions to do his work. And he is going after them.
          But what is disconcerting and worrying is 70% of Americans are screaming for Trump to go to war with Russia. The American people are schizophrenic if they think the US has a chance to defeat Russia — a Russia today that is far advanced in weapons than the US. Americans seem to not realise Obama gutted their military. America’s forces are stretched thin overseas.
          I agree with you Trump should have shut down the MSM. Shut down the NSA. He has the authority to do so. He should dismiss son-in-law Kushner as Advisor. The guy’s terribly tainted. And tell Ivanka to busy herself getting another baby.
          Americans who CARE about their country and the future of their children and grandchildren should take the MSM Whores to task for dwelling on the Russia issue. They should tell the President, the Congress, the Media to Suck It Up and MOVE ON. Already Russia, China, Iran are moving fast on the Belt and Road (Silk Road/Eurasian Economic Zone) Summit in Beijing, held this May 14–15, a new and exciting reality representing the best aspirations of humankind is coming into being. The largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in human history is being built, bringing development to whole sections of the world, wiping out poverty as it provides productive jobs to millions. The American people should unite and come as One Force to DEMAND the US concentrate to create a modern productive economy based on manufacturing and large-scale infrastructure projects,
          And wipe out the paedophile filth now stenching the US. Why is Podesta given space and air time to spout his evil?
          Or, are the American people content to be unemployed, on food stamps, soup kitchens, and demand a bigger nanny state?

      • I know he is still protected Qv.
        We just do not agree with some things that he has done is all

    • QV3

      ‘In America We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God’,” Brietbart News, 13 May 2017
      “President Donald Trump gave his first commencement speech at Liberty University on Saturday, encouraging “dreamers” to ignore critics, take risks, never quit, and remember that ‘in America we don’t worship government, we worship God’.”
      How many of the graduating students breathed a sigh of relief, or are they still recovering from the shock?

  • FBI clears Michael Flynn in probe linking him to Russia
    Jan 2017

    • QV3

      This is because JEFF SESSIONS is in charge.
      Klllery Cunt Licking Sucking Comey worked with McCain and Schmuck Schumacher to attack Trump instead to bring him down.

  • Last week this Christian minister: