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Diversion: Kathy Griffin Commie “Art” Crap Is Diverting The Murder Of #SethRich

Diversion: Kathy Griffin “Art” Crap Diverting #SethRich Murder

You’re Gladiators & ya know it, clap your hands..

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What Kathy Griffin did is totally appalling and disgusting.  But, I don’t expect anything less from the lying, psychopathic, left-wing.  I expected murderous innuendos and idiot memes.  Trump should expect it also.  I am GLAD that many people are cancelling her ‘comedy’ act.  

However, a man was murdered in cold blood by the Clinton regime, namely, the DNC: Seth Rich.  Right now, as I write this, a group of young, College students are investigating Rich’s murder:   Click to read it at WJ LA


Griffin is crying…The “Trump’s are ruining her life”.  Look, she destroyed her own life, nobody did this to her.  Leftists destroy people’s lives on a daily basis–with NO remorse.  

If people want justice served to the murderous cesspool called the US GOVERNMENT and it’s allies, they would be on the Seth Rich story until they see justice delivered.

GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman, who put up $105,000 of his own money as a reward to help solve Rich’s murder, is also funding an investigation named: Profiling Project.   The students working on the project are volunteers, studying criminal investigation and forensics.

Stop feeding into the American gladiator culture.  

A man was assassinated for exposing the DNC.  Everything else is just a diversion to cover up his murder.

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Medication Issues Lately..

I am having such a hard time with 2 necessary meds in my life: Blood Pressure meds (Thanks, Obama) and anti-depressant (Thanks again, Obama).   The 2 meds are a little incompatible.  However, the BP med works so well that I am trying to get this whole concoction to work! I have been so tired because the BP med causes depression!

Anyway, this is why I have not been really writing. I am just exhausted from dealing with this issue and trying to finagle things around.

I am happy Trump ditched the climate-change, Paris garbage.  I am not so happy that he is catching and releasing illegals.  I think Kathy Griffin is a deranged psychopath and unhinged, Liberal lunatic.  But, so many Americans admire her affliction.  Putin says Snowden was ‘wrong’ to release info on our government, Putin is wrong on this issue.