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Trump Grants Amnesty To 125,000 Illegal Criminals In 3 Months With DACA

Trump Grants Amnesty To 125,000 Illegal  Criminals In 3 Months

These illegal vato’s come from Mexico and they HATE America. They abhor white people and they don’t like all black folk, either. Period.   I don’t give a sh’t about their families. They are ILLEGAL. I don’t give a damn about their ‘dreams’.  

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I voted for Trump for 2 reasons only:  He said he would close the borders. He said he would stop the wars.  In the 4th month of his Presidency, he bombed Syria.  The borders are not being worked on and now this DACA amnesty to illegals.

Trump’s Presidency is in serious danger, and I’ll explain why.  

  1.  Betrayal of serious promises will enrage the ‘right wing’.  Treachery against our national sovereignty is pushing people to the point of madness.  Trump knew this going into his Presidency. If Trump does not halt this issue straightaway: He will have encouraged very far right wing to turn against him and who knows what they will do.  IF they do something, it will be applauded.
  2.   The rabid, Communist, left-wing wants Trump removed at any price.  For nothing much.  Trump has given amnesty and this proves he is ‘with’ the left in this area.  Like it or not, it’s the truth.
  3.  These 2 aforementioned groups will ‘meet together’ in a type of unity.  Sort of like the Stalin/Hitler pact in June 1939.  The Far right and the Communist left will become the 2 most dangerous groups in America.

It is time for serious prayer.  

Trump had best stop this DACA amnesty right now.


According to newly published data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Trump administration has issued 17,275 initial amnesty cards and over 107,500 renewals of existing status.  The jarring thing here is that Trump could fulfill a core campaign promise simply by refusing to renew existing DACA cards:  Trump/Amnesty

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