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The Sign Of The USS Fitzgerald: Our Ships Will Be Sunk, Jets Blown Up. Get Out Of #SYRIA NOW

The Sign Of The USS Fitzgerald: Our Ships Will Be Sunk, Jets Blown Up. Get Out Of #SYRIA NOW

It is NO accident that the name of the ship that was hit, the “USS Fitzgerald” is the same name as the ship that sunk in 1975 called the Edmund Fitzgerald.  

This song, “The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot was strong on my heart last week.  Before the 2nd Fitzgerald ship collided:

Last week, 7 days ago, I posted on Gab:

6 Days ago, the Edmund Fitzgerald was STRONG on my heart:

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#1. In 1975 The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was an American Great Lakes freighter that sank in a Lake Superior storm on November 10, 1975, with the loss of the entire crew of 29.
#2 On Saturday, The US Navy has identified seven sailors who were killed when their destroyer collided with a container ship in Japanese waters on Saturday.The sailors were found in flooded berths on board the USS Fitzgerald, said a statement by the US Navy.
God is trying to warn America for the last time.  After this, it’s all bets off.  We did not have to lose 7 men aboard the USS Fitzgerald this last weekend.  Those 7 men deserved to live, go home to their families.  Those 7 men paid the price for the politicians who cannot leave well enough alone.  7 is a number of completion.  When a ‘collision’ like this happens, God is speaking.  God never wanted these men to lose their lives. That was not HIS plan for their life.  
But, God also knew what was ahead re. Syria and Russia:

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HE absolutely knew that a Syrian jet would be shot down & he is grieved with America and her War-mongering government.

God is saying (I believe…)  America: You will not win, you will be sunk.  Your jets will be shot down and there will be a grave loss of life.  America: Repent.  Get out of foreign countries or else many of you will die. The Edmund Fitzgerald had too much on board.  It was carrying more than it could handle.  Point Being:  America is in foreign waters, taking on more than it can chew.


My friend, a Jewish man for Jesus, Dr. David Levee says:

Somewhere it mentions about the time of great tribulation “a time, times, and half a time”
Some say that means 3 and a half years
3 and a half years is 42 months

From 1975 to 2017 is 42 years