Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans: KILL YOURSELF, ASAP. JUST DO IT. White Civilization NOW

Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans:  KILL YOURSELF, ASAP. JUST DO IT.  White Civilization NOW


I am calling on all of the untermenschen to kill themselves.  



Why hide the fact that only minorities of the minorities are sane?  Most blacks, Jews, Muslims and Mexicans are die hard Communist/Socialist leeches.  With the exception of the leftist Jews who use other minorities to help with the anti-American, Communist agenda–the rest of the minorities are just parasites, a cancer, depraved, disgusting, have & no respect for polite society & sane civilization.  

It’s time to undo “give us your tired & your poor”

Jews, Blacks, Muslims (especially) and Mexicans:  Deport yourselves, have more abortions, stop eating, go on a fast, kill your kids, kill your wives, kill your husbands, burn your house down, I don’t care.  Just do it.  We need your help.  We need a better society and you may as well all just DIE QUICKLY.

Republicans Hang a Whites Only Sign on America

If it’s ok for a magazine to write this here in: Medusa Magazine, then my post is AOK in a ‘free’ world.  Lets rock in the free world without minority pigs! YEAH!! WHITE ONLY NOW.

If it is not ok to say this about minorities, it should not be ok to say it about whites: Barely 10% of the WORLD population.

  • kookooracharabioso

    Greetings from AZ where we have hot pepper sauce with our maple syrup pancakes, where we specialize in Mex-Asian fusion food & where every racist redneck eats at Taco Bell . . . . & the Ramadana ding dong fireworks gets confused with some lesser known Mexican holiday or er maybe Chinese holiday? Naaaaah east Asians don’t inflict their culture/holidays on everyone else.

    So many lies so little time – Medusa mag aptly named. Disgusting.

    • When u come to Prescott, email me!

      • lostlegends

        I have a client who was prospecting down around Salome. That’s west out 10. He sent me 5 rock samples for fire assay. Have done 4 and all show good levels of gold. Doing #5 tomorrow, expect it to show commercial quantities as well. One of the team is an Indian, I think maybe Mojave. Anyway, he performed two ceremonies in the field to keep the team safe and for good results. No encounters with rattlers, Gila Monsters, or tarantulas or scorpions, plus a gold strike. I couldn’t invent this. How do ya like that? It’s hard rock gold.

        • kookooracharabioso

          Yes my husband happened to be at a construction site that was not considered to have artifacts but he rescued some conch with medicine stones from the ignoramii – not gold but special.

  • QV3

    Very sadly, the world sees it is the Whites who organise The Genocide of the Whites.
    So long as Whites allow White Leftists, Liberals, Feminists, Cultural Marxists, Progressives, et al to roam free, there is NO hope for the other White.
    What is happening to South Africa’s Whites will soon visit America — the Whites of Europe are already being decimated and corralled into slavery by their Leftist White Ruling Class.

  • Jai Roc

    Oh the Madness!! o.0? ……

    • Jai Roc

      …. dedicated to (all) those haters! ” 🙂 “

      • Jai Roc
      • Which haters? The bitch who wrote this shit about white males?

        • Jai Roc

          Why do you only “moderate” those views that don’t correlate with yer craz-ee far-right ideology? I am a Catholic (a caped crux-ader) defender of all things ” Western and righteous ” 🙂 (psst and so was Hitler) …I know it’s yer rabbit hole and all, but come on! … (I am calling on all of the untermenschen to kill themselves) ???? You do know Hitler didn’t really believe in this BS right? It was all ZIONIST (Y-ewW) PRO Pagan(da)… Those (6 Million) Jews he killed were NOT in Concentration camps or ovens… …. …. … do you see the 6million (Atheist) ZIONIST Anti-Christian GOD-less pigs that died? …. where could they be hiding??

          • Because this is not YOUR blog and we dont allow bullshit here.
            Go somewhere else.
            We dont want militant queers here. Take your porn elsewhere

        • Jai Roc

 ….. Atheistic (GODless) Communism is Evil, but so is Capitalistic (Usury) “Mammon(ee)..ism” You start to deny the greater power that is Jah(Zeus) SOL(Suus) Amon’ EL(mas high) ….. and your Soul (aka yer holy Spirit) will ROT!!!

        • Jai Roc

          Why the Talmud is devilish book? ….. because it questions the very creator and his creation. ….. don’t really have to explain the Atheists.

        • Jai Roc

 …. Haha, those chosen (ones) are so MORAL 🙂 …. they have defeated (ALL) their enemies. Breathe in that PRO Pagan(dah:) …… these great Supermenschen.

          • We dont leave this shit up here b/c I am the dictator of this blog.