‘Liberal’ COMMUNIST Hero, Hodgkinson Beat His Wife, Had DUI’s, (Should Liberal Guns Be Confiscated)?

‘Liberal’ COMMUNIST Hero, Hodgkinson Beat His Wife, Had DUI’s, (Should Liberals Gun Be Confiscated)?

This is the Communist Liberal Murderer. He beat the hell out of his wife and is a drunken psychopath.

This is the Communist Liberal Murderer. He beat the hell out of his wife and is a drunken psychopath.

Hodgekinson is a typical Commie Lib: A Wife beating, drunken, violent, unhinged, extremist, hate-filled mental patient & murderer.

 AND:  It should come as NO surprise when you see the Commies standing with Muslims: Who also beat the hell out of their wives and many are drunks.  So, this begs the question (since Commie Libs are worse than Muslims in USA at this point)..

Should we confiscate Liberals guns?  I think so.  Let them get scared to death.  Let them think we’re a bunch of totalitarians and fascists.  Who cares anymore.  If we don’t do something, they are going to start murdering patriotic people in the streets for having thoughts.   Here are 15 examples of how violent the commie Libs are and why confiscating their guns might be good for our freedom:  @ Breitbart.

Hodgkinson had a lengthy criminal record which includes charges, but no convictions, for DUI, domestic battery, pointing a gun at a relative. He has a history of gun violence, previously pointing one at a man during a family argument in 2006. He was once arrested for domestic battery and faced other charges for DUI, attempting to elude police and obstructing a police officer.   An acquaintance who worked with him on Sanders’ 2016 campaign for the Democratic nomination told The Washington Post: ‘I met him on the Bernie trail in Iowa, worked with him in the Quad Cities area.  Read more: Click to read.

*If you listen to Michael Savage’s program yesterday, you will hear how he predicted that something was going to happen from the left like an explosion:

Maybe we should just give the Left what they want so bad….confiscation…… of their guns

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    How long will it take the conservatives, the ‘right wing nuts’ , the ‘hillbillies’ of America to come together and get rid of the Leftists and Liberals , said to be half the population, if they want to survive and leave a country called America for their children and grandchildren?
    It IS the L & L who have divided the nation. When will those who are NOT L & L realise that Soros funds them , and brainwash the young “you deserve something for nothing’ which appeals to the snowflake generation?
    On 14 June, it was reported A rifleman opened fire on Republican lawmakers sometime after 6:30am that morning, after he was heard verifying that those were Republicans on the field. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was present at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va., when House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and multiple others were shot. Paul said a massacre could have unfolded if Scalise’s security team was not there.
    “Rep. DeSantis: Man Asked Whether Republicans or Dems Were on Field Before Scalise Shooting”, Fox News, 6/14/2017
    It has come to this, Americans. The man asked if they were Repubs or Dems on Field. How long are those who are NOT L & L to take out the enemy in their midst?
    Take a lesson from the DAILY assault on President Trump. Liberal Democrats have spawned a climate of fear, hatred, and loathing with their mindless and baseless attacks on President Trump, an environment out of which people like this shooter can become assassins.