“Liberals” (COMMUNIST KILLERS) Have Started Their Murderous Revolution Against America

“Liberals” (COMMUNIST KILLERS) Have Started Their Murderous Revolution Against America

Gee, ya think all of this has to do with Griffin holding the head of Trump all bloodied up? Or the faux assassination of Trump in the Communist, Shakespeare play?  Communists always murder.  That’s what they do.  They project what they are onto you.  That’s how psychopaths roll.  Most Liberal/Communists are narcissists, deranged, immoral, godless humans with zero regard for life.  

Now, they are out shooting members of Congress whilst they call you a racist and you quiver in fear over some words….still.

Words before death.



Now understand why ya’all purchased your guns.  Will we end up using our rifles or cry over being called a xenophobe?

    • kookooracharabioso

      Hmm mm. . . Looks like this is gone already. Is there a middle road in all of this?

      • What middle road?
        Leftists want EVERYONE with them.
        They have no middle road

        • QV3

          So, as I commented in the column
          ‘Liberal’ COMMUNIST Hero, Hodgkinson Beat His Wife, Had DUI’s, (Should Liberals Gun Be Confiscated)?
          How long are Americans who are NOT L & L prepared to do zilch ?

          • Exactly, QV.

          • QV3

            THREE videos for Non Leftist, Liberal, Feminist, Progressive, Cultural Marxist Americans to view, ponder, and take action. The Hour Is Late.


            Former KGB Agent explains: The destruction of America from within

            Who is your enemy?


            Destroying a society – ‘Media Rapes your mind’ – Yuri Bezmenov (former KGB agent)

            Obama succeeded in destroying America from within. He did not do it alone. He had the full cooperation and collusion of Americans who wanted to destroy America and fellow Americans.


            OBAMA’s END GAME REVEALED BY KGB – Communist Obama Socialist / Marxist / Leninist

            A glaring example of some Evil, utterly Evil Americans are those who elect John McCain, Traitor of America, into Congress as a Senator.

          • I’ve watched these. He KNOWS these people are seriously dangerous

          • QV3

            Unfortunately Bezmenov’s warnings has had very little impact on brain-dead, GMO gobbling Americans.

  • Dink Newcomb

    I am a dedicated non-discriminatory curmudgeon who at times hates everyone and who was raised with guns, shoot dern well (well, until I reached my dotage) and believe in an armed population.
    But the understandable chatter about armed rebellion caused by fear and anger disturbs me. If a shooting war starts here in this climate it will not be Us against Them, it will be Us against Them and Them and Them and Them and those over there. Iterate that sentence for EVERY special interest group until you become too confused to understand the conflict as black and white. It will not just be a “struggle” it will be a Third World murder fest ala Tutsis chopping off the hands of Hutus while Malignantarys lock Absurdists into churches and set fire to the structure just down the street from the armed Gun Control At Any Cost group who are setting an ambush for the Second Amendment Literalists as Alphabet people slap Biologists with their brick lined purses, etc. ANYONE who “wins” (has more than 500 people left when the participants get too tired to reload) WILL almost unquestionably have been jaded by constant death to the point of being far worse predatory humans than the most disturbing of those we revile now.
    Please, attend to rational sanity and calm reason and for the love of ANYTHING that might be watching over us, please be careful of what you wish for.
    And NO Kookoo, when the feces hit the ventilator, there will not only be no middle of the road, the chaos will remove all marked paths back to humanity.