Poor Patti LuPone, The OLD, Washed-Up, Has Been Who Now Screams, Pretending It’s Belting

“Who is Patti LuPone”…So many people responded on Gateway Pundit this morning… “Who is she?”  (LuPone made the headlines today because she has no career anymore being a decrepit, old bag in theater.)

“Who is she”?     That made me laugh like crazy, having been around this breed of Narcissist for much of my adult life in the theater.   Patti LuPone was a Broadway singer.  She was famous in 1909.. I mean 1979..Oops.  LuPone played the part of Eva Commie Peron in Evita, which was a lousy rock opera with one famous song “Don’t cry for me Argentina”.  And, the tune was nothing special.   Ms. LuPone also played the role of Mama Rose in “GYPSY” and she butchered the part. Yelling as Mama Rose in Gypsy, she couldn’t hold a candle to the patriot, Ethel Merman. EVER.

Now, she’s baaaaccckkk and bigger than ever. (Bigger mouth, I mean)  When actresses can’t get roles because they are washed up, they almost always yell something-anything that’s political for attention.  LuPone told a reporter that she won’t sing for President Trump because she ‘hates that mother f’cker.’   Hateful Has-Been Patti LuPone: I Won’t Perform for Trump.  I wonder if the bitch hated him when he saw her numerous plays which are over-priced for Communist mediocre’s with little-to-no-talent..

Face it, old bat.. You’re washed up, has-been, old, ugly, wrinkled and those are your good points.  Perhaps some people knew you then – but they don’t know you now and who would want to know you except Communists?

AND, who would really want to witness a b’tch like this:

I have had flash in my face while I have been onstage in the theater, NO biggie.  

You just get over it like a big girl who wears her big girl panties.  

  • kookooracharabioso

    Refreshingly vulgar? NOT!