Putin Kills ISIS Leading Terrorist: Trump Allows People Who Threaten His Life Go Free. Putin 1, Trump, 0

Putin Kills ISIS Leading Terrorist: Trump Allows People Who Threaten His Life Go Free. Putin 1, Trump, 0

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Think hard on this:

If Trump allows people who threaten to execute him just go free:   What would he do for you?

Putin is in Syria burying ISIS terrorists [that the US Govt armed] and Trump is bombing anti ISIS forces in Syria: Syria airstrike: US military bombs pro-Assad forces | The Independent  (Which is NO better than Obama, even worse because Trump said we should stay OUT of Syria in 2013, plus “The Donald” is bombing the ‘good’ side)    September 2, 2013: ‘If the U.S. attacks Syria and hits the wrong targets, killing civilians, there will be worldwide hell to pay. Stay away and fix broken U.S.’

SO: who is doing right and who is doing wrong?

I promised people that if a President, any President did wrong, I would be on him like a duck on a junebug.  I hold fast to the things I say.  I cannot show partiality.  I have loved my country and her people. Trump has done some things ok: Like the Paris accord and dumping it.  He has done other things as well:  What Trump has done in his first 100 days in office | PolitiFact.

However, the things that have been signed and enacted are not dealing with law and order in our own nation.  When Kathy Griffin held up the head of a bloodied Trump with NO ramifications, it gave leave for anyone to do so & even carry it out.  Since then, we have seen a play where the actors enact the assassination of Trump. We have seen a mad, Left-wing Communist shoot a member of the house.  We have seen Pro-Trump supporters beaten and bloodied.  Perpetrators are not arrested.  They get a slap on the wrist.  Because it’s “Free Speech”. No, its not. Beating people for their political beliefs is straight up fascist.

Well, I call bullshit when I see it: BULLSHIT.  Trump is NOT keeping law and order and is losing my slim support daily.  Michael Savage says that he is “Better than Hillary”, and that may be true.  Is that all Trump wanted? To be a little better than Hillary?  

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PUTIN: 1, Trump: ZERO.

Putin kills terrorists and ‘takes out’ terrorists in his own country.  He also buries those who would bring disorder to his country.  Putin is a leader. Trump is a little better than Hillary.

PS: Trump has allowed 125K Amnesty: The real scandal? Trump has granted amnesty to 125k illegals.

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  • QV3

    PLEASE, do not compare a flip-flop lawbreaker WimpTrump with Leader Putin.
    Putin has killed approximately 180 ISIS militants and two field commanders were killed after Russian military intelligence learned of a looming attack on the besieged city of Deir ez-Zor:
    Trump sends ISIS and Wahhabist militants to Asia to turn the continent into a burning inferno.
    But God is in control. For we read of America on the verge of widespread chaos and civil unrest.
    Plus 900 US stores are shutting down — the collapse of America is coming along, quite nicely.
    We need America’s collapse.
    And quite happy the DemocRats are calling for the Death of ALL Republicans.
    May Americans enjoy these interesting times.

    • Im not alone either:

      Grim • 8 minutes ago:

      “Sheriff Clarke might not quite trust President Trump, given that traitors like HIllary, Comey, McCain and many others are now openly committing their crimes and nobody gets charged or arrested. There are literally mountains of evidence available for Trump to use to arrest these criminals, yet he doesn’t even talk about it, except to call them *bad people*…….Comey openly admitted on national tv the other day that he has committed multiple felonies and while he should have been immediately arrested, he walked out afterwards totally free!!! This, is why many who voted for Trump are quickly losing faith in his promises and assertions. Sadly, at this point, civil war is likely the only even remotely viable solution for the corruption destroying our country…..”

      • QV3

        MJ, it is reported 9000 (erred in previous comment as 900) retail stores are closing down in 2017. Every American will be just 9 meals away before Civil War erupts across the nation. That DemocRats would openly call for the murder of every Republican means the DemocRats are ready to kill and destroy America – the country they hate. They are already for battle – and they have the media with them. Trump has the authority to shut down the leftist media channels CNN , MNSBC, etc. Why is he allowing himself to be maliciously attacked?
        Expect a bloodbath. Michael Savage has identified areas in America where it will be ‘open season’ for Trump supporters.
        Why are Americans behaving ‘helpless’? Why are White Kids so ashamed of being white they lament they are not black?
        Comey got away with what he did because members of Congress are brainwashed commies. The only one that exposed his lies ruthlessly was Trey Gowdy — who now has service protection for himself and his family who are threatened with death.
        See how Killery walks free? See how the American people elected and re-elected Bill Clinton and Obama despite being ruined? Today, these very Americans still root for Killery, Bill, and Obama and are savage with Trump. These Americans were quite comfortable with Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorhn having free access to the White House. Sleeping over at the White House. As did Al Sharpton.
        What chances do the conservatives have when Civil War does and will break out?
        Will that be the signal for Russia and China to swoop in and take over the US?
        It is reported there are already a million Chinese armed forces, along with the Russians, ready for the battle of the US.

        • Ive seen that, Qv.
          The Commie filth will never be happy til they start the killing

          • Melvin Polatnick

            Brotherhood of man is believed by rabbis and taught in synagogues. Jesus also believed the Lion will sleep with the Lamb. Turn the other cheek and hand over your wallet to the mugger is all American virtues.

          • QV3

            Melvin, are you awake? America’s virtues has been waging war crimes on sovereign nations since 1945. 100 million killed, more than 120 countries destroyed.