Anywhere in the west, we can see what the Communist Liberals have done.  In my own town, (which is a retirement village), they want to bring rotten, bratty, Pinko kids.  Look what they have done to Italy:

Say no to “Diversity”.  It is murdering off countries.  Say no to Communism & Liberalism or face your own extinction.  

In a sane world, Communist-leftists would be hanged.

  • QV3

    The Joys of Leftism and Liberalism enjoyed only in the West. The West like being the ‘walking dead’.
    The Far East and Russia do not suffer these plagues and so remain rather “backward, unprogressive” as they cling to their religion, culture, traditions, and willing to defend, knowing full well if they gave those up they are Dead. It depends on the PEOPLE.

    • Is there ANYWHERE that the left has not touched????

      • QV3

        YES. YES. YES. The Far East. Russia. North Asia. Angola. ASIA.
        The minute leftism rears its ugly head its smashed deep into the rabbit hole and cemented! Even in Islamic Indonesia and Malaysia, the Civil Rule of Law prevails.
        In these parts of the world, to insult a monarch, a president, a premier earns severe punishment (long jail time + very hefty fine) and several strokes of the cane .Stupid white Americans who insulted the late Kiing of Thailand are now enjoying Thai jail .
        Their life will be shortened , for sure.
        That’s why you don’t see hordes of muslim savages wanting to migrate to Russia, China, Japan, Koreas, etc. Indonesia sends muslim refugees that reach their shore off to Australia that has leftist/liberal bleeding hearts.
        It took the UN years and years before Japan accepted ELEVEN muslim refugees .No more. And they don’t stay long either. Open hostility, icy coldness and contempt from the local Japanese would make anyone pack up and leave, soonest.
        Singapore refuses even a single refugee. Foreign workers that misbehave are immediately deported.
        Bangladesh refuses to take in its own Bengalis called Rohingyas who want to flee Burma.
        All foreigners living in these countries are to respect the country’s laws, especially their women. The situation of Muslim Rape Rampage is reserved for the Leftist/Liberal controlled/governed West.

        • I would love to visit Singapore

          • lostlegends

            My wife and our boys have been there. Very free place. You might not know how to act while there.

  • QV3

    Feminists of Europe be prepared. So against the Family Unit are they, so against having babies, and if they do , they dress boys as girls and vice versa. Well, the Savages aka muslims the leaders of Europe are allowing in by the millions will soon turn every Feminist into an oven —a baby every 10 months! After that turned into prostitutes when thrown out.