@realDonaldTrump: We Need A H.U.A.C. Against The LYING “Free Press”

@realDonaldTrump: We Need An H.U.A.C. Against The Lying “Free Press”

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President Trump:

The last few weeks of the McCarthy style witch-hunt is happening to the wrong person.  Mr. Trump: You have not spent your life undermining this nation.  The people & politicians who are reporting ‘fake news’ are undermining, subverting and attempting to destroy this republic.  These are those deserving of the witch-hunt and inquisition.  

Mr. Trump:  These  Un”American” people/s are constantly displaying:  disloyalty, subversion, treason & leaking with lies, anonymous sources, hyped-up, one-sided opinions and Communist ideology.  This is undermining the nation & it’s freedom.  These people/s cannot be trusted any longer.  Reporting lies to the public is Un-American.  And, because of this, we need an “HUAC” in every news station.

Freedom of the press does not mean subversion of the nation with lies, half truths and leaks.

I propose the following:

Phase one:

  1.   ALL news submitted to the public must be the truth and only the truth with valid source, valid evidence.  Failure to report the true news will result in hefty fining against the news stations.
  2.  NO more fake news from ‘either side’ of the political spectrum.
  3.   NO more ‘anonymous’ sources.
  4.  Journalists reporting untruths are to be terminated immediately & fined. 

Phase 2:

  1.  I propose an “HUAC” in all news stations which will monitor ALL main stream media news Journo’s & Reporters on ALL Television & News outlets.
  2.  The new “HUAC” and the members identities are to be hidden from the public.
  3.   The sole job of the “HUAC ” will ensure that all news (current global events) is the truth without ideology.  NO news will go by the new “HUAC” without thorough examining from it’s members on each board of each news station.
  4.  The new “HUAC” will be men of character & honesty. They are to be thoroughly examined.  Members  are to be of a sound mind and abide by the Constitution. With NO court or police records.  They are to endure testing of the Constitution. They are to release themselves from Political parties during their contracts. The sole purpose of the “HUAC” is to ensure the public only receives the truth in news.
  5.  There will be NO news shows with opinions.   It will be for fact only.  As it was.  World event, current event facts only.
  6.  HOWEVER:  Opinion shows are to be encouraged and not stifled or censored.   “Opinion shows” will display that they are opinions only as a disclaimer before each & every showing.    They may give opinion on the current news but they are not to be taken ‘as the news‘ or ‘as fact‘.


The “Free Press” right now is anything but free.  There is no responsibility in the reporting and no accountability in the wording.   All we hear are lies & opinions taken ‘as fact’ from the main stream media.

 The only way to combat censorship is to allow criticism from opinion shows, blogs, sites, etc.   And, the only way to remain a free people is to have a trustworthy and truthful press.  Which we do NOT possess at this stage in the game.  

Please consider  my proposal.

A free people must have truth in news, current events and world news,

Paulette AsheDina,

“The Mad Jewess”,  Arizona.



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  • kookooracharabioso

    Amen! 1,000 % correct!

    • QV3

      Koo, Trump fired 56 missiles on Syria based on the lying free press Lies that Assad had chemically poisoned Trump’s ‘beautiful children of Syria’.

  • Melvin Polatnick

    News will eventually be seen by all as fiction and read only for its entertainment value. People will rely only on their primal instincts to understand the truth. The most sought after truth will be the sexual climax which communicates reliability. Confusion and chaos will be common place.

  • lostlegends

    Nice idea, but futile.

  • Savage also brings up “HUAC”
    Listen after about 10 mins.