Trump Grants Amnesty To 125,000 Illegal Criminals In 3 Months With DACA

Trump Grants Amnesty To 125,000 Illegal  Criminals In 3 Months

These illegal vato’s come from Mexico and they HATE America. They abhor white people and they don’t like all black folk, either. Period.   I don’t give a sh’t about their families. They are ILLEGAL. I don’t give a damn about their ‘dreams’.  

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I voted for Trump for 2 reasons only:  He said he would close the borders. He said he would stop the wars.  In the 4th month of his Presidency, he bombed Syria.  The borders are not being worked on and now this DACA amnesty to illegals.

Trump’s Presidency is in serious danger, and I’ll explain why.  

  1.  Betrayal of serious promises will enrage the ‘right wing’.  Treachery against our national sovereignty is pushing people to the point of madness.  Trump knew this going into his Presidency. If Trump does not halt this issue straightaway: He will have encouraged very far right wing to turn against him and who knows what they will do.  IF they do something, it will be applauded.
  2.   The rabid, Communist, left-wing wants Trump removed at any price.  For nothing much.  Trump has given amnesty and this proves he is ‘with’ the left in this area.  Like it or not, it’s the truth.
  3.  These 2 aforementioned groups will ‘meet together’ in a type of unity.  Sort of like the Stalin/Hitler pact in June 1939.  The Far right and the Communist left will become the 2 most dangerous groups in America.

It is time for serious prayer.  

Trump had best stop this DACA amnesty right now.


According to newly published data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Trump administration has issued 17,275 initial amnesty cards and over 107,500 renewals of existing status.  The jarring thing here is that Trump could fulfill a core campaign promise simply by refusing to renew existing DACA cards:  Trump/Amnesty

Read this also: Breitbart.


  • kookooracharabioso

    Recently a Mexican American man started the conversation with myself and my son about this issue and particularly highlighted how the solidarity amongst the Mexico first community is great for them & bad for the rest of us (including Mexican-Americans that are “bad Mexicans” for the crime of putting the US first.) What’s wonderful about this is the fact that we could have the conversation withoutfear despite being strangers AND despite all the psyops we’re all on the same page regarding this issue ANYWAYS!

    Even if many of us have the memory of a goldfish we live with constant reminders daily – unlike the elites. These people often pay so much money to come to the US that millions of Americans cannot imagine how it can be better here because these same Americans have no prayer of ever saving that amount of money – not until you understand all the special deals they get can you know why it is better here. They sneer at us because they know we’re the chumps.

    Trump needs to get this right and fast because not only did we not want more – many people wanted ALL from the last few decades sent back. Rage is everywhere & Trump masterfully used that rage to get into office – I fear the eruption. Just yesterday a low wage legal Mexican -American woman shared with me her anger about having no medical insurance knowing damn well that illegals on her wage do qualify. EVERYBODY’S ANGRY ABOUT THIS!

  • QV3

    How much is Trump threatened by the enemies of America? How much has the Deep State threatened his family? Trump is non Establishment. Trump wants to keep his campaign promises but is hindered, every step. Not only Trump. But Jeff Sessions has also been threatened, along with his family. Why has the Mass Murderer bitch Killery Clinton not prosecuted? Because Trump and his family are threatened. Because Jeff Sessions and his family face death threats.

    What we see happening in America, right now, the assassins of democracy are climbing the stairs.
    It is not only Trump that is threatened with impeachment, with assassination, but YOU, the American citizen.
    Think about it. Trey Gowdy of the powerful US Congress Oversight Committee , his children, his wife, are now protected by Secret Service .

    Solution? It will come to a Civil War.

    • You think this post is wrong?

      • kookooracharabioso

        Huh? We all want to bring the Red Queen through the Looking Glass & have her go about directing . . .”Off with his head!” . . . “Off with their heads!” People hoped Trump would do it so as to stop the descent into anarchy but looks like we’re all going to have to be the Red Queen. Praying time is right.

        • QV3

          Koo, The Clinton Foundation Made $2.85 BILLION for Selling Uranium to the Russians.
          The Rosenbergs were executed for treason. Why is Killery walking FREE?

          CIA “Deep State” Mastermind Behind War To Destroy President Trump Revealed

          The Deep state, the Bush Family assassinated President John F. Kennedy.
          The Deep state, the Bush Family, and the Clintons responsible for America’s Golden Boy John John and his wife’s death.

          America is FUCKED UP. BUT God has the Final Solution.

      • QV3

        Definitely NOT, MJ. Trump is between God and Satan. He knows he has all the powers vested in him, as President, to Legally, by Law, to BOOT out these illegal criminal immigrants. His first duty is to his people, fellow Americans.
        Does Trump have the courage of faith in God to withstand the slings and arrows Satan is hurling at him. We see his supporters taking on the leftists, the Antifa, in the ongoing battle to keep America Sharia-free.
        He is human, after all. Trump is now in a most unenviable position. He is winning. Comey has confessed he’s the leaker – no Russian collusion.
        Trump would win more if he had Steve Bannon by his side. Decisive, firm, and a man who gets things done – come what may.
        WHO can Trump truly trust? Not his daughter or son-in-law, definitely. Both are compromised.
        Nor his V-P, or his other ‘advisors’. He has just appointed a Pro-Sharia Christopher Wray as head of the FBI. Wray is a litigation partner at King & Spalding, which is one of the leading conduits for Shariah-compliant Islamic deal-making around the world. The firm prides itself in its connections to wealthy Middle Eastern investment groups.
        I have been thinking. Is Trump used by God to ‘separate the goats from the sheep’ in America? Before striking the country down hard with His Storm of Calamity?

        • ‘ Is Trump used by God to ‘separate the goats from the sheep’ in America? Before striking the country down hard with His Storm of Calamity?’

          You are SO wise 🙂

        • I just read an article in People mag, Ivanka is a sick Liberal. She is pretty, yes, but she is pro everything idiot

          • QV3

            Not only is Ivanka a sick Liberal, so is her husband who is said to be a domineering nasty piece of work. Ivanka is great pals with Chelsea Clinton.
            But I have been more interested in the visit of Trump and his meeting with the ‘first beast that rises out from the sea” — the JESUIT poop francis. Evidently, Trump and the poop did share chemistry for francis appeared glum in all the photos. Trump administration’s policies on migrants have been condemned by Francis’s allies in the US, including Joe Tobin, the archbishop of Newark, New Jersey. The poop is pushing for muslim immigration not only in Europe but America, too. Recall the poop condemned Trump for the wall that would keep RC Mexicans out?
            BTW, Melania is a devout Roman Catholic. And a Slovenian.
            So, Americans and America should be prepared for the evil plans and machiavellian machinations against people and country by the last pope – francis -will be fully under the control and guidance of Satan and his fallen angels to a degree not seen in the previous 7 popes. francis is from the ‘bottomless pit’ described in Revelation 17.
            Very soon the world will learn of francis as the pope of the New World Order.
            Francis is the first such pope in the history of the Roman Catholic Church to be a Jesuit. Satan has been readying the 8th king/pope for many decades, and he could not find a better candidate for the role of the 8th king than a Jesuit pope. It is not surprising now for us to imagine how and why countless faithful believers will be martyred in the coming years at the behest of 8th king! Christians in America will be persecuted and murdered, just like their counterparts in the ME.
            It will be easy for the ‘first beast’ to command the ‘second beast of the land’ America to do his bidding. francis will forge the image of the beast.
            BUT, poop francis is a dead man walking — Daniels probation time is very short.