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Palestinian Terrorizes Hamburg, Germany. WHY Does David Duke Support Palestinians?

Palestinian Terrorizes Hamburg, Germany.

WHY Does David Duke Support Palestinians?

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This is a question I have had for some time….

Why do white-nazis, KKK Grand Dragons, Hitler-pussies and basic vaginal warts support those that hate them?  In my opinion; these types aforementioned are just as bad as an ugly, Commie Kikel.  Left-wing Jews also support the Palestinians.  Isn’t that funny?  Left-wing Jews and Nazis support the idiot Palestinians.  A couple of really strange bed fellows…

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Neither Left-wingers/Left-wing Jews or White Nazis, (both who support Palestinians) have a future.  Because the very enemy you are endorsing and encouraging is going to turn and murder you both.  Here is your example: Cultural Enrichment: Hamburg Terrorist is Palestinian Refugee Who Was on Germany’s Watch List.


Hell, I abhor both Left-wing Jews, ditto Commie Libs and White Nazis… Keep sucking that Pali Hoo-hah and kill each other.  The world is better off without you.

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David Duke supports Palestine and has for years: Palestine – David


 A Palestinian brought terror to Duke’s Fatherland.  I am sorry.. But “Karma” has bitten David Duke in the ass.  Here is my take on life:  Don’t support anyone that hates you.  Ever.  Do not support their friends, do not support their enemies.  Support your own. That’s all.  Work toward the survival of your own people/s & their welfare. 

PS:   Marilyn Monroe was a Jew.. LOL! 

@JoshMandelOhio: Please Don’t Apologize For This Tweet No Matter What. The ADL Are BOLSHEVIK Bullies

@JoshMandelOhio: Please Don’t Apologize For Your Tweet No Matter What. The ADL Are BOLSHEVIK Bullies:

I am asking you to please not back down from this Tweet.  This insanity is not America.  The ADL is Anti American, Communist, and they target people who are fighting Jihadists.  This is what they did to Pamela Geller:  See:  ‘Anti’-Muslim activist Pamela Geller promotes anti-refugee rhetoric

American people seem to have to keep apologizing to Communist Liberals or they lose their jobs like Bill O’Reilly or they are defamed like Milo when he was simply talking about how the homosexual lifestyle is screwed up.  They ban and censor people on Twitter, they have our facebook pages shut down and more.  SOMEONE had to not apologize to these traitors.  

Please don’t apologize no matter what.

Cernovich tells the truth about the Muslim issue & more.  We don’t want America to become like Europe: Filled with Islamic-Nazis who blow people up and mow them down in the streets.