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Because Of Barack Hussein Obama, I Am Not Even Patriotic At All Anymore

Because Of Barack Hussein Obama, I Am Not Even Patriotic At All Anymore

My rebuttal to the Chief of clown-asses, Obama:  Obama Warns of Too Much Patriotism on 4th of July Weekend While Praising Islam During Speech in Indonesia

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I remember November…..quite well.

The thoughts that went through my head when the Muslim Communist, pot-smoking, drug-abusing traitor was elected King.. I could not believe that America was that dumb.  To actually elect in a Muslim from Kenya was astounding to me.  I grew up in a very patriotic town.  We learned all of the American songs, we took joy in our history. Our school and town raised children right.  To this day, almost all of my former classmates are patriotic individuals.  On my Facebook page, (from my old neighborhood in Hampton Bays, L.I.) are very hard core, traditional folks.  

I had already seen so much treachery with GHWB 41 and his “New World Order” speech.  Clinton lying under oath and impeachment.  GWB, who called our volunteer Minutemen: “Vigilantes”.. The tip of the iceberg came with Obama.  In all honesty, I have to say I lost a piece of my mind when this nation elected that filth in.  I truly did.  For a patriotic traditionalist, the coronation of Obama was enough to lose all hope.  For a person like me to not have a country..It’s like not having a heart.

I thought that I would be the most offended by Obama’s anti-American, Communist policies  within our own borders.  Although I was offended by all of that and then some… That was not where my heart was at when Obama was King.  The most disgusting, offensive policies that Obama enforced (at least to me) was his war-mongering, regime change policies. 

During the Obama worldwide reign of terror, we saw Egypt completely destroyed as Obama and his administration demanded a non-aggressive leader, Hosni Mubarak step down from his rightful leadership: Obama Administration Urges Mubarak to Step Down | US News.   After that occurred, Morsi took his place.  Morsi was a radical Jihadist who sent Christians into exile. Morsi was thrown out by his people after 2 years of sheer terror.  Egypt had to learn the hard way what serving Obama was all about.

Then it was Libya:  Libya: Barack Obama calls on Col Gaddafi to step down – Telegraph. After that happened, America suffered the Benghazi attack and Libya descended into chaos – and there it remains to this day.

Then, it was Syria:  Obama: Syrian President Assad must step down – The Washington Post.  Which brought on the biblical destruction of Damascus written of in Isaiah 16. 

Then, it was Ukraine Obama Urges Putin to Accept Ukraine Peace Deal as Violence Peaks.  After the coup in Ukraine, the world saw fascistic nazi’s once again come to street power power in Ukraine.

What made me want to vomit daily when Obama was King:  That America became the WORLD bully.  I can take a lot of things.  But, one thing I absolutely despise with every fiber of my being: Bullies.  I absolutely hate what America has become.  If the evil spirit of this disgusting bully does not stop under Trump: I will do everything in my power (as much power as a person has who is fast becoming a senior) to humiliate this bully and take glee when it is buried.

A person who is a traditionalist like I am will not ever be patriotic for a world bully.  And, if you are:  You are a sick, demented pig who deserves to die a violent, horrible death.