Our JEW Website Supports @jartaylor, 100% + Others That The BOLSHEVIK, Anti-Free Speech ADL Names “Haters”

Our JEW Website Supports @jartaylor, 100% + Others That The BOLSHEVIK, Anti-Free Speech ADL Names “Haters”

Like it or not, ADL… The world is not without hatred.  You can’t create a hate-free world unless you murder everyone.

The ADL on their Twitter page claims:

To stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and secure justice and fair treatment to all.

Report incidents: 

On their recent Blog post, they name ‘haters’:  Here.

Our website supports Mr. Jared Taylor, 100%.  Mr. Taylor is not a hateful man.  It is not ‘hateful’ to not want this country that your freedom-yearning, founding fathers crafted with their sacred honor, blood, sweat and tears to become a 3rd world, Islamic-Jihad, Bolshevik, Pinko, Marxist, Hispanic, Somalian hell-hole. Where, all of these aforementioned groups hate Jews–with a passion. These same humans murder women in their pajama’s, like the other day: First Somali-Muslim police officer in Minnesota murders blonde woman.

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Mr. Blatt and others:  

What is completely hateful–ADL, is to pretend that patriots do not have a reason to deplore Communist, Bolshevik, anti-American, disgusting, treacherous “Jews” who work with the radical, left against this nation and it’s children, 24-7.  

AND:  It is absolutely repulsive to demand that the children of America’s founding fathers ‘shut up’ when they expose what the radical, left-wing, Liberals and Communists, INCLUDING the Left-wing Jews do to this country.  AND:  It is not hateful to speak against you totalitarian bullies (who happen to have Jewish names) and call you out for your ANTI GOD, anti-country behavior:   That is not anti semitic.  

People are enraged with you because of your blatant embrace of COMMUNISM & Leftism not the Jewish faith

Is the ADL trying to convince people that Liberalism (Communism) is some type of Judaism?  Because it isnt.  Judaism, in nature, if any wing at all–is right wing.  Leviticus 18:22 stops the argument that Judaism is somehow an anti-God faith.

  • Communist Liberals, ADL and others:  YOU are the haters.  You have destroyed Europe with your seething hatred for white people–all anyone has to do is look at France, Italy, England, Netherlands, etc to see what the Marxist pigs have done.  Up here in Ariz, there are more and more white, refugee, freedom seekers that are running away from the filth you created  in EU.


  • You Leftists (Non Jews AND Jews) have turned this nation into a cesspool of filth where white people have to run to the mountains to escape your present and coming insurrection.  There is not large city or big suburban area that is not infested with people that hate America from the 3rd world.  And, you want more here instead of protecting American people.

Jared Taylor, the ‘hater’, ADL? For trying to protect his folks from Jihadists? From Mexican, MS 13 murderers? From black on white crime?

Mr. Taylor is the hater? NOT YOU who is wanting to bring these 3rd world filth here to murder HIS folk?

  • Here is the question of the day….Would these ADL, Lefty-Jew types approve of white Nazi’s in their neighborhood?  NO.  Why, then–are they demanding that whites embrace the same type hatred in their neighborhood?????  Send the 3rd world, Jew-haters to live in Liberal, Jewish neighborhoods and demand they embrace the suck, if they want it here so bad.

The rest of this blog-post here at ADL is a joke. Milo? A Jewish/Christian ‘Gay’ patriot is a ‘hater?’  Cernovich, an American, Jewish patriot is a ‘hater?’  Don’t want anti semitism?  THEN, STOP CREATING IT, ADL.       A Patriotic person is a ‘hater’ now according to the anti-defemation league.  F**cking KOO KOO.

  • Surak

    Cernovich Jewish? Since when? He was raised by what he described as “devout Christians”.

    I reviewed his book “MAGA Mindset” on Amazon. I was appalled at what I read. Here’s my review.

    I love Donald Trump. I voted for him in the primary and general elections. I look forward to making America great again. I have read some of Mr. Trump’s writing. In an attempt to peer behind the curtain at the psychology and social forces driving this election, I bought MAGA Mindset. It turns out that the author is a carpetbagger, attempting to ride Trump’s coattails. Mike Cernovich reveals the bigotry of which Trump’s opponents falsely accused Trump.

    I had a sick feeling where this would be going when Cernovich defended Ricky Vaughn, a notorious anti-Semite. Then Cernovich tipped his hand in one paragraph, subscribing to two popular anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. 1) Myth: America is involved in wars in the Muslim world because of Israel. Fact: Cernovich needs to find out what happened 9/11/2001; in 1979 (American embassy in Iran); in Bali, Berlin, Beslan, Boston, Brussels, Fort Hood, Khobar Towers, London, Mumbai, Nairobi, Nice, Orlando, Paris, San Antonio, etc. He should read Qur’an 9:5 about the need for all non-Muslims to convert, submit, or die; elsewhere in the Qur’an about the need to terrorize non-believers, etc. 2) Myth: Israel intentionally and maliciously attacked the USS Liberty in 1967. Fact: America was operating a warship in an active war zone. It refused to respond to IFF (identify friend or foe) in the midst of battle. The result was a tragic case of friendly fire that has, sadly, been repeated many times with American or allied troops killing other allies by mistake. Only in the case of the Liberty do unhinged people imagine that Israel attempted to make war against the United States.

    Mentally stable people are aware that militant Islam is at war with America and all of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all other civilizations, and do not try to deflect the terror war onto a people constituting 0.2% of the population of the world. It is exactly this type of person, the author, that the left fears (hypocritically, I might add; they have their own share of bigots they promote).

    Unlike the left, I am happy to say that conservatives marginalize their bigots. Several months ago, an anti-Semite at a Trump rally tried to goad the candidate into denouncing Zionism, which apparently was the world’s biggest problem to this man. I proudly watched Trump swiftly put down the bigot. Happily, Donald J. Trump, with an Orthodox Jewish daughter, son-in-law (who ran the data analytics for the campaign), and grandchildren, and a Jewish senior policy adviser, has supporters of all races and religions, and he has said repeatedly he wants to make America great again for ALL of us.

    In his paean to white nationalism, Mike Cernovich didn’t get the memo.


    As for Jared Taylor, have you read the comments on the AmRen website? Nasty stuff!

    • Jared Taylor is respected here. As are the other people that I mentioned.
      You DO realize this is America? You DO realize that even the ones I didnt ‘take up for’ on this page can say what they please? Men died so that even schmucks, Commies and war mongers can speak.


      Ricky Vaughn is a gasbag. Cernovich is correct ^^

      • Denver Gal

        I think a lot of people with especially central European ancestry does. Conversion and intermarriage have gone back and forth for centuries. Too bad there’s been such historical animus.

        • I think you commented at me on Gab but I got busy and lost your post!
          Anyway, some asshole has been here stinking the place up!

    • I do not believe in the ‘war for Israel’ garbage. And, the USS Liberty happened in 1967 and is only used to shut us Jews up when they defend themselves against assholes.

      However, some in the current crazy govt in Israel want Assad dead.
      They want some idiot Islamos in charge.
      THAT is insane.

      As for ‘all’ the races: I dont give a shit about ‘all the races’ right now. I care that white people are not dumped on anymore. THEY built the country. Almost every invention that has come through America was invented by WHITE MALES.
      Sorry, its the truth. Its just a fact. Facts do not = supremacy, they just equal facts.

      The way the Bolshevik left talks about the whites is the SAME way they talked about Jews in the late 20’s, early 30’s.
      The way that the Communists are filling USA up with MUSLIM SHITHEADS & MEXICAN Mother fuckers means white replacement.
      Dont believe it?
      Go look at EU. Tell us all how great diversity is with charming Muslims, you know, the assholes you are talking about right here.

      • Denver Gal

        “War for Israel” is a big talking point of neo-Nazi/KKK/white nationalist types. That’s why I call myself pro-white as opposed to “white nationalist,” because those lunatics have totally polluted the name with their Jew-hating paranoia.

        • HEY!! Howya doing?

          • Denver Gal

            Okie!! Waiting on a job offer from a law enforcement agency that wants to hire me. I did my pre-employment medical on Monday, just waiting on the call.

          • Prayers that you get the job!

          • Denver Gal

            Thx. How have you been?

          • I just got home, doing well 🙂
            Miss you on Twitter for about 2 years! But, I got kicked off anyway!

          • Denver Gal

            Is it permanent?

          • They have not let me back on since Feb

          • Denver Gal

            Sounds like you’re out permanently. No sockpuppet? Do you know what you were banned for, besides hurting the feelings of liberals?

          • I hurt some poor aholes feelings.
            Boo hoo.

          • Denver Gal

            You could try an appeal. If nothing else, you could get why you were banned. The hypocrisy in their moderating is massive. They disallow porn supposedly but pornographers post XXX photos all the time. I was flagging it and all they did was set MY account to not view photographs.

          • They’re friggin idiots. No appeal, screw them.
            I left and went to Gab.

    • YOu Jews are as bad as racialist whites. All your powerful groups have us more worried about the middle east than about America. Where are all the ppl advocating open boarders here, demanding the same of Israel?
      It’s called Jewish privilege. Jews were behind the slave trade and even behind colonialism if you look at Jewish financial centers, wherre they were and where all the colonialist activites occurred from but again since Jews own the media, everyone else is scapegoated, and Jews are only mentioned as victims.
      If you can’t see America is dominated by a ruthless cut throat minority of which none are Muslim, you are willfully blind in a self-serving sort of way
      by the way, longtime no see https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d8aec0220a3b2db8bf201eb30a688e8be11e8144177ac3f49216f8522be73999.jpg

      • Surak

        Needless to say, it’s da joooz who upset you, not your fellow gentiles 0bama, Hillary, Podesta, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Gore, Clinton, Carter, Kennedy. Go back to iran, abdul, and take your fellow islamon@zis with you.

        • Hmm, Abdul, so if I happen to notice that 4 out of 9 supreme ct members are tied to Jewry, I’m anti-Semitic because I think Jews are overly represented? Or that there never has been a gentile fed chair? It’s anti-Semitic to notice that only 5 % of a country is disproportionately represented? represented? I think perhaps it is you that should go to Israeel and quit pretending you have dual loyalties that we both no as soon as America acts against Israel, you will seek to undermine America over…or maybe you might just decide something is in Israel’s interest to subvert about America. Need I mention communist Jews handing secrets to bolshevik Jew Russia and Israel? Whose that guy , now a hero in Israel, that got 1000 Americans killed due to intelligence he spilt?

          • Surak

            “there never has been a gentile fed chair?” LOL

            I think perhaps it is you that should go to jihadistan and quit pretending you have dual loyalties that we both know as soon as America acts against the muslims, you will seek to undermine America over…or maybe you might just decide something is in jihadistan’s interest to subvert about America. Need I mention islamon@zis murdering Americans? Who’s that guy, now a hero in jihadistan, that got 3000 Americans killed on 9/11?

          • there hasn’t been for quite awhile and you are aware of the chronic krypto Jew syndrome where your kind pretends they are Catholics but say their Jewish prayers at home when no one is watching. SO as far as fed Chairmans, possibly never been a gentile but beyond that there is no excuse for Jews to dominate that position. No one else from another group would be able to get away with it but then they don’t teach lying as an artform
            Unfortunately, since I know lying to gentiles for Jewish interests is condoned in Jewry and they never fully assimilate with anyone other than Jews, no claims can be taken on trust. Exactly the exact opposite is occurring in the political climate now. No proof offered that can be independently verified for reasons of national security, what a joke

          • Yogiguy

            Supposedly the NY FED, William C. Dudley, is a gentile but some sites refer to him as an Ashkenazi Jew. Tried to confirm the claim but no luck so far, W.C. Dudley’s mother is listed as “private.”

          • that’s always the out, the muddy realities and the trusting goy that doesn’t know they are at war

          • Uh, “Dudley” is a VERY Jewish name…………………
            you DO realize that non Jews can be fucktards also, correct??

          • Yogiguy

            Yes they can and Jews can be very nice people too! Just saying it’s not an absolute relationship between what the make up or genetic material/rearing is and how one acts individually.

          • Thank you, thats MO also

          • Yogiguy

            thanks! be well…yogi

          • 🙂 ♥
            Have a nice day

          • Did you name a gentile fed chair?

          • QV3

            A gentile brain doesn’t quite come up to the mark of a Jewish one.
            Look who leads in winning the coveted prizes for breakthroughs in every sector?
            The Jews.
            Muslims? Wallowing in murder, rape, inbreeding, and child marriages. Just last week a 40 year old raped his 8 year old bride dead as he fucked her through the night. Muslim Accomplishment, wot?

          • We never said you weren’t good at fighting an enemy who knew not that they were at war. All these prizes you gloat over are picked by Jews as to who wins, so yada to that.
            You sound like a Jewish supremacist but we know almost all Jews are but most hide it because they enjoy lying so much and scapegoating whites for the same affliction since they own the media and never publicize their own crimes
            Maybe in lieu of talent we can just call it good old fashion https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/efdca0c48b1767da4bc05444984fea6b7de53ad6c40711b658fa3aeddf9625ea.jpg tribal networking for we know the feds a private bank owned and run by Jews. Let’s quit the bullshit. The dumb goys are in the other room, not here

          • QV3

            Really, muslim Inbred jsigur? Prizes won by Jews for mankind given by Jews? Jeez, when did Sweden, Norway turn Jewish? Daily reports show Jews are leaving those two muslim arselicking nations that enjoy and are happy to have their women gang raped, their men??? are there any — happily living on bended knees.
            Yeah, Rothschilds own all the banks of the world. Including some countries. They are Khazarians. Not related to Abraham’s seed. Or Moses for that matter.
            The gentiles have much to be grateful to them, of course. Had it not been for Nathan Rothschilds who loaned 200,000 Stg pounds in GOLD, Britain would have been conquered and turned into a French colony. But you Bullshit. Because you are soooooo illiterate. Muslims usually are. What to expect of INBREDS, eh?
            Anglosaxons are like muslims. Priates and Brigands. Whereas the Jews have proven to be a boon to mankind. The real Jews that is. See how they were returned to the land of their God after almost 2000 years exile? Fulfilling one of God’s many Prophecies? And turned the desert into one mass of Green Paradise? And they demonstrated to the world the bravery, the courage, the faith in Yahweh with the 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 wars — and ENTEBBE.
            The anglo-saxons wept copiously in Iran when they were arrested and detained for entering Iran’s territorial waters. And fled with pink bags of goodies when the Iranians sent them back to Britain, tail between their legs.
            Oh yeah, Israel rules America. Only demon-possessed Americans and Jew Haters would opine that. When the truth and reality is, Israel had to surrender land as concessions for peace the Western leftists and liberals arselick, daily.
            The West’s downfall and demise will be their leftists and liberals.
            You mention Fema camps. They should guillotine terminally stupid illiterate you, for a start. THAT, the Jesuits who control America would determine.
            And soon, too.


          • Hey Mad Lady. I’ve missed you to. Tell me when are you going to understand that what you believe is “news” is propaganda. Thanks for your kind words https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e8c139b3d47cdf7880caf80c6ded5690ea1482f9fec03960bab6e4e1e1fb07b.jpg

          • Tell this to 5.5 mil Christians that pussy hitler murdered.

          • anybody can make claims and we always remember the victor’s propaganda of any event, in this case, totally off the wall due to the objectives that needed accomplishing and the need to undermine the greatest country of the 30’s memory, NS Germany https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6b35f1315ed329103f6d03eb7ea9574a9d31f4f9516a747d8948c52a6f11c7de.jpg

          • You need to understand that WW2, hitler, his vaginas is **not** a Jewish thing to me.
            You are outright disrespecting my GRANDFATHERS when you come here to spew hitler crap.
            One more word in praise of that piece of shit who caused the deaths of MANY of my Grandfathers friends and you are GONE.

            This is MY Grandfather

            NO enemy worship here.

        • Oh, by the way, voting either left or right is voting for continued Jewish domination of American politics so spare me the holier than thou, democrats are evil, republicans aren’t crap

          • Surak

            Oh, by the way, voting either left or right is voting for continued islamon@zi domination of American politics so spare me the holier than thou, democrats are evil, republicans aren’t crap

          • Islam is cover for the current real threat- Jewish domination and desire to control everything in accordance with the biblical teachings of the chosen ppl. Since the talmud is actually a political takeover handbook, we can include aetheist Jews in that as well

          • QV3

            WHICH Talmud, jsigur? Why mention the Talmud when the TORAH is the book Jews adhere to? Why Jews when there are crypto-jews, pharisees and sadducees passing off as ‘jews’? Khazars are not born jews. They adopted judaism. So, WHICH jews?
            Whereas Satan’s Islam that the Vatican created with the objective to kill Jews and Christians and kill all others who refuse to submit controls the world.

          • Talmud is prioritized over the Torah and as you likely know, Jews turn the Torah on it’s head through reinterpreting via the Talmud

          • QV3

            Your comment shows you write through your anus.
            The Torah is the Word of God direct to His people — the Jews.
            Talmud is the verbal narration that came into being after the Jews were punished into captivity. IDIOT.

          • Deep state Jews follow the Talmud. Idiot Jews like yourself who will probably be fema camped along with us follow the torah

          • QV3

            Now you claim to be a Jew, you Taqqiyah muslim filth?
            Me a Jew?
            I am NOT American. I am NOT Caucasian. I am ASIAN. Terminally Stupid!
            YOU, on the other hand, are a LIAR. A Jew Hater. Already marked and destined to join your lord & master SATAN. Relax. Think of the lobster thermido you get to enjoy in hell.

          • well, if you aren’t a Jew, you are brainwashed by them as you equate being Jew-wise to hate, just what Jews want you to believe and Norway and Sweden? It’s not whites that flooded those countries with Arabs but Jews and notice Israel stays pure

          • QV3

            A brainwashed jew hating cretin . And stupid. It is Norway and Sweden that dish out Nobel prizes, you dumbfuck. Too tough to understand , Inbred? Who floods the West with Arabs — fucking, evil Leftists and Liberals of the West. Responsible 1000% for the Islamisation of the West. Jeez, you have crap in your cranium. Rather difficult to hold a conversation with you, let alone an intelligent one,but then, that’s to be expected of an INBRED MUSLIM SCUM!

          • it’s convenient not to see the Jew-rigged system that exists worldwide. It helps you sleep or am I assuming too much that you have a conscience. Oh, I forgot, you are a Jew dupe and not a Jew. Much worse, acutually

          • QV3

            Terminally Stupid Muslim INBRED jsigur. Brains turned to crap by leftist and liberal propaganda. Illiterate as they come. Wallowing in envy and hate and titanic size inferiority .
            Jews are a BOON to all mankind.
            Even the Jew extermination filthy German Air Force buys Israeli laser defense system to protect planes.
            The West of Idiots lose out. China makes billions with Israel. As does India. Israel is world No. 3 to registering patents in the US. Way ahead of muslim arselickers Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands — all jew hating countries living on bended knees.
            Make sure the next time you have cancer, or heart diseases, to remind hospital staff that NO Jewish invented medical technology be used.

          • Why are you here disrespecting people who respect Mr Taylor? Are you some type of Progressive Communist?

          • So, the Palestinians, over a million now in Israel keep Israel ‘pure’

          • QV3

            Till the prophecy of Obadaiah comes to fulfillment.

          • Nobody is brainwashing anyone here. You’re still here, pussy.

          • QV3

            He’s a muslim. Muslims are taught to hate Jews, Christians and everyone else. They are busy killing each other when not fucking all day and on the rape prowl at night.
            The East admires the Jews. We’ve had them in our lands for last 2000 years.
            No problem at all. Unlike the stupid West, the East does roaring trade/business with Jews/Israel.
            But then we are not mentally sick . The entire West is. Now the East boycott visiting Europe. Who wants to visit Europe with its muslims defecating on the streets and turning the Champs Elsysees into a garbage dump? We will not be surprised if the West makes hamburgers with muslim shit and promote it as the new Cordon Bleu .The West are way beyond being TERMINALLY STUPID!
            As for America, China already owns much US land, 82% of the Empire State building, and holds the US to a 2.3 trillion ransom.

          • Deep state Jews do not follow the Talmud at all.
            Where are you getting your info on the Talmud??
            This is Talmud:

            “No labor, however humble, is dishonoring.”
            “Who is a wise man? He who learns of all men.”
            “The end result of wisdom is… good deeds.”
            “The burden is equal to the horse’s strength.”
            “The deeper the sorrow the less the tongue has it.”
            “Sin is sweet in the beginning, but bitter in the end.”
            “Silence (in court) may be equivalent to confession”
            “A quotation at the right moment is like bread to the famished.”
            “He who is without a wife dwells without blessing, life, joy, help, good, and peace”
            “When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son.”

            I can go on and on.

            Those above quotes are not ‘deep state.’
            WHERE do you get your version of the Talmud? Mike Hoffman? Who died and made him the interpreter?
            Sorry, but some of the most excellent quotes used by man are FROM the Talmud.

            Come with a VALID argument. This post is NOT about Israel. It is about MR JARED TAYLOR.
            PS: AND: Mr. Jared Taylor likes my website. We respect him here. there is NO reason for you to come and harass people.

          • QV3

            MJ, you asked jsigur

            Deep state Jews do not follow the Talmud at all.
            Where are you getting your info on the Talmud??

            From Jew/Israel haters like David Duke, ALL the Leftists and Liberals of America who will be the first to commit mass suicide , hopefully. Maybe with the Solar Eclipse on Aug 21, 2017 . Said to split America into three parts.

          • He is a jackass, QV.


            “No labor, however humble, is dishonoring.”

            “Who is a wise man? He who learns of all men.”

            “The end result of wisdom is… good deeds.”

            “The burden is equal to the horse’s strength.”

            “The deeper the sorrow the less the tongue has it.”

            “Sin is sweet in the beginning, but bitter in the end.”

            “Silence (in court) may be equivalent to confession”

            “A quotation at the right moment is like bread to the famished.”

            “He who is without a wife dwells without blessing, life, joy, help, good, and peace”

            “When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son.”

          • You know how I know that is true, because if I was in Europe now, where Jews are flooding the country with Arabs, I could get arrested for stating this opinion here and might get arrested in the near future’
            If it ‘s not true, why you got to chain up ppl’s ability to speak?

          • the EU and the US Govts are the ones flooding EU.
            Take responsibility for your own assholes

          • QV3

            It was Hardcore Leftist Tony Blair who opened the floodgates to muslim immigration ; and as a spite legislated white native Britons should work to an early death to feed a muslim allowed 4 wives + and his brood of 20 children and increasing.
            It was Stasi/Communist Leftist bitch Angelika Merkel who welcomed filthy muslims who demonstrate they are nothing but Rapists, Parasites, Thugs, and Evil.

          • you feed goy illusions and then arrest any goy for crying foul, face it

          • Surak

            Look, you’re mentally ill, let’s be honest. Your micropenile hero sh!+|er killed himself. I think that would be a good choice for you. Blocked.

          • haha!

          • QV3

            Ooooh, a John McCain arselicker is jsigur!

        • He’s an idiot. The people I mentioned in this post are NOT nazis.

      • Oh, so now its only Jews who were the Colonists!
        Do you understand now why people do not take you Progressive Nazis serious?


  • Denver Gal

    Taylor is a good one. Articulate, knowledgeable, unshakable. He smartly keeps the Jew-hating rabble types far away from him.

  • Denver Gal

    I love your candor. I need to visit this site more often.