Archive | August 11, 2017

Digital Art: “Princess Of Europe”

“The Princess Of Europe”  TMJ, P. AsheDina 2017

Very different from its original canvas…I found the background on Pintrest and the ‘fair maiden’ from the net.  I put the 2 together.  It is sad that this is what is happening to Europe.  What is even more sick and repulsive is the fact that the Communist left keeps calling the whites of Europe, ‘racists’ as they continue to be flooded with savages from God knows where.  Worser still: All of the people that went and ‘saved’ the whites in the past cannot save them now & people are too busy on their Iphones. Hitler murdered a total of 50 million whites and ‘white’ national Socialist traitors love that fag.  The earth is sick.

We’re all doomed. If you are white or look white, the end of your people, ethnicity and race is here.  Only God can save whites.  Most Whites refuse to save themselves.