Communist College Florida Kicks Man Out Of College: He Stood In Front Of R. E. Lee Statue With His Confederate Flag

Communist College FL Kicks Man Out Of College: He Stood In Front Of R. E. Lee Statue With His Confederate Flag

The polite young man on the right was kicked out of College.  Hat tip,  /Gab

This young man stood in front of a Robert E. Lee statue in Virginia with his Virginia battle flag and this is what happened to him:

This man politely stood there as Communist, treacherous, left-wing losers screamed in his face.  They bullied him because he loves his flag & history.    Communist, Liberal filth hate anyone that does  not appreciate their anus-sucking ways.  

Then, this happened: He was removed from College for saluting the Robert E Lee statue

As long as the communist cancer keeps bullying people, Americans will become more resentful of them.  

The good news is:


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Just so we all understand things.. 

Mexican flag OK:

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Confederate flag and American flag, NOT ok.

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Chili chopping filth

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  • QV3

    So! WHERE are the American patriots? WHERE are Conservatives? How many American millions must die?
    Take a tip.

    • They’re not funded by Soros. Plus the land is vast, over 3k miles wide. Its going to be up to bikers and truckers to do something.

      BUT, Qv, what I find amazing is Putin. Shit, he should take over here and be the Prez, he’s doing Trumps job:

      • QV3

        If Putin or Xi takes over America, the first thing all Americans would see is Leftists and Liberals rounded up, corralled, with re-education camps set up.
        Neither China, nor Russia has much patience, let alone tolerance for the brain-dead zombie Left. No grain of rice nor a handful of wheat is to be wasted on those who do not contribute, positively, to the nation. America has vast tracts of desert for those who are stubborn and fail the test of re-education. It can turn out to be America’s Siberia. Within a week, thousands of leftists and liberals will die — no need for burial — the natural elements of the desert will do that job.
        China has the population to fill up America’s lost millions. No Problem!

        • QV3

          Oh, btw, China has not forgotten its Cultural Revolution. Mechanisms are in place to ensure it does not rear its ugly, destructive head.
          That goes for the rest of the Far East, too.
          I am proud to say we are proud of our ancestors, their contributions to the nation, and the monuments of recognition; our ancient scolls, books, music, musical instrumentsm – for this is our heritage passed on to future generations.
          Woe to anyone who tries to tamper with it let alone destroy.

        • Nobody listens to us QV. We just talk to the walls.
          I wrote this today:

          • QV3

            That’s because America is controlled by Leftists. The Media is Leftist. The Institutions of Higher Learning are helmed by Leftists. Who were allowed free rein by the American Conservatives to brainwash generations of American children to be leftists. They made their way to the DemocRat party of Marxists and Communists.
            Two years ago, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe called the giant statues of Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson on Richmond’s Monument Avenue ”parts of our heritage.”
            After Charlottesville, New York-born-and-bred McAuliffe, entertaining higher ambitions, went full scalawag, demanding the statues be pulled down as “flashpoints for hatred, division, and violence.”

            Trump asked: Where will all this end?
            It doesn’t. GOP Republicans have not come out in full force to take up the defense of the monuments and statues that have defined their history. RINOs are ever ready to betray and capitulate to the icon-smashers. The DemocRat Leftists and Liberals are there to cheer them on.

            Its the New Age and Era of the American Taliban Left.

            As Steve Bannon so succinctly concluded: The impact of the Trump presidency is “OVER.”

            The future Americans, including those who fought and won for Trump, is , the reign of Donald would be one dominated by Leftist infiltrators and Establishment cucks.

            Get ready for Civil War and Race War.

            I wrote a long time ago: The American People Are INCAPABLE of learning .