No War With North Korea: Let the Asians Deal With Jung Un. STOP FALLING FOR PHONEY WAR PROPAGANDA

No War With North Korea: Let the Asians Deal With The Man Child Nut


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This is not our concern.  The North Korean crazy sets off his rockets…these fireballs land 500 miles out in the ocean and dud-out.  And, we’re gonna take this dude to war because of it?  Are people insane?  WHY do Americans fall for war all the time? Can’t you see you’re being used?  Can’t you see that it’s about money and/or oil?  How many countries do we want to kill off and destroy?

Here we go again:  Mattis Warns North Korea of ‘The End of Its Regime and the Destruction of Its People’

Excuse me…But, we need the end of the SWAMP regime here at home.    We do not need to go to North Korea.  It’s all propaganda.  I ain’t buying it. Ever again.

And, I never thought I would play this song because I abhor Communist Hippy losers… But, here is the song for the day:


  • Good morning, TMJ.

    I believe that Trump is being set up.

  • QV3

    So, MJ, let the Asians deal with it. WHO gave USD5 billion to Kim il Jong tthat enabled NKorea to become a nuclear nation?
    Trump needs a war badly, very badly, as his ratings are very low. The 52 Tomahawks sent to Syria made Trump a darling of the neo-cons, the American MSM of prostitutes, pimps, whores, liars, sex traffickers, and the majority of the American people cheering. Trump’s ratings shot up, impressively.
    As one of your commenters said: Have a drink. Don’t be wrought. Things are not as bad as they seem. After all, its the South Koreans who will immediately die, including parts of Japan. Americans , by and large, conclude Asians and Russians as untermenschen — not human at all. What’s the worry?
    And the American soldiers based in SKorea will equally perish. BUT America will be safe. And that’s all that matters. Fat boy is a nut. America that daily threatens NKorea, Russia, and China, provoking war, is populated with compassionate, democratic, human rights, God fearing people.

    BTW, North Korea has two satellites, the KMS-3 and KMS-4, presently orbit over the US. on trajectories consistent with surprise EMP attack.According to the Congressional EMP Commission, a single warhead delivered by North Korean satellite couldblack-out the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for over a year—killing 9 of 10 Americans by starvation and societal collapse.
    Nothing to worry. Have a drink. All’s well as it can be .

    • Clintons.
      QV: The Boy child has been setting off his rockets for a few years and his father before him.
      You think we SHOULD go in there?

      • QV3

        The boy child, had his sole education in Switzerland, and returned home when his father died. North Korea should give up its nukes and go the way of Gaddafi/Libya, Saddam/Iraq? America has an established track record of Lies , Betrayal, Treachery — since its 634 broken treaties with the various American indian Tribes. NKorea sees Trump breaking his campaign promises, as does all Asia. And astutely keeps its nukes as Deterrent. You think a sovereign nation should not defend itself? Most Americans are impervious to the crimes their country commits against sovereign nations.
        To your question if the US should attack NKorea, would Americans welcome thousands of body bags? The North Koreans are prepared to die fighting in the trenches to the last. Is America? And as North Korea is close to the borders of Russia and China, do Americans think China will keep quiet. The memories of the 1950 Korean war is still very fresh in the minds of the North Koreans and the Chinese.
        You think NKorea has not put in place mechanisms to EMP America should the first shot be fired at that country?
        Q: WHY is peace NOT allowed in the Korean Peninsula? WHY is every peace effort by NKorea mocked, spat at and thwarted by America?

        • QV3

          For your info MJ.

          According to Heritage expert Bruce Klingner, NK has the capacity to carry nuclear SLBMs. These Romeo class submarines have a range of 9,000 miles and the distance from Pyongyang to New York City is 6,783 miles. These submarines could be refueled, for instance, in Cuba, Therefore, it is not inconceivable to find a North Korean submarine offshore New York City equipped with a ballistic nuclear missile in a showdown at the O.K. Corral with Washington D.C.
          NKorea ALREADY is in possession of these SLBMs as well as land-based nuclear capacity, acquired through the black market.
          So North Korea is already a de facto nuclear power .

          Is the US prepared to murder its ally South Korea’s population of 30 million too?
          Maybe the Western World of Fools wish not to see, or prefer living in denial, BUT All Asia, the Russias, are seeing the US as an emperor with no clothes.

          The Brzezinski doctrine — to prevent the emergence of any peer competitor, not to mention an alliance of peer competitors such as the Russia-China strategic partnership — is collapsing all over. Nuclear North Korea is just the latest visible sign of the collapse.

          America is ripe and ready for Revelation 18, and Jeremiah 50/51.
          WHEN? Maybe when Trump is impeached, assassinated. During the coming Civil War. Which is Inevitable.

          • Yes, Trump has become a major disappointment.
            I just ignore him now for the most part

          • QV3

            I gave Trump the benefit of the doubt, tried to excuse his broken promises , but that meeting with the First Beast that rises from the sea — the First Jesuit pope Francis proved that soon America will be swallowed by the Jesuit francis who has already declared himself the Anti Christ.

          • So, they hit NYC or Cali?
            Adios 1/2 of the left wingers who love war, right?

        • I’m trying to STOP a mess over there, QV.
          I know lots of people that are educated, does not make them brainiacs.
          In the Asian papers, they dont even like him over there.
          Its THEIR problem. If he is even an issue.
          I agree with you re. our govt and these people.

          • QV3

            MJ, believe you me , all Asia is behind North Korea, protected by China.
            Which Asian media is disparaging about North Korea? US occupied territories called ‘allies’ — South Korea and Japan.
            BUT how many in the West know that South Korea is having behind doors meetings with China? SKorea and the rest of Asia know that the actual target is CHINA. The main problem in the relations between South Korea, China and North Korea is represented by American influence and the need to prevent a rapprochement between these parties. Asia knows the US needs the DPRK to justify its presence in the region, aiming in reality at Chinese containment. Pyongyang has been isolated and sanctioned for almost 50 years, yet serves to secure China’s southern border in the form of a protected friend rather than an enemy. This situation, more than any UN sanction to which the PRC adheres, guarantees a lasting relationship between the countries. Beijing is well aware of the weight of isolationism and economic burden on North Korea, which is why Beijing is symmetrically increasing pressure on SKorea to negotiate. Asia does NOT need the US. Asia NEEDS China. How does Americans feel paying NKoreans 5 trillion for the damage and deaths they caused for last 60 years should a peace treaty be signed?
            The Chinese are already asking: “Can Trump Win The Game Of Chicken With North Korea?
            Asians are NOT untermenschen.
            Untermenschen, savages, barbarians, mass murderers are the American people who elect Psychopaths to terrorise planet earth!

          • I like Asians, Qv.
            I am AGAINST any war that our govt and people want to perp on ANY country.


          • QV3

            I wanted to continue after the comment above, but family obligations came first.
            Asians can’t understand why the US and the West are on suicide mode. For war with NKorea is suicide. As America’s very own retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper said:
            “The Kim regime’s only trump card against those foes are their nuclear weapons. Because the survival of the Kim regime is dependent on their nuclear capability, Pyongyang will never give up those weapons under any circumstances. Thus, America’s best response is containment and deterrence. “We need to have dialogue with them,”

            Asians see the vast opportunities offered by China with its Revived Silk Road that will uplift the living standards of every Asian, making the wealthy ones wealthier, great progress, unifying nations and peoples the road and belt cuts across. Global co-operation for the good of all. On Land and Sea.
            Similarly, Russia offers Eurasia that consists of the lands that lie between what is undeniably Europe and what is clearly Asia—roughly the territory long occupied by the Russian Empire (except Poland and Finland) and then by the Soviet Union (except for the Baltic republics). Greater Eurasia now embraces the entire landmass of the world’s largest continent, from Korea to Portugal and from the Arctic to the Indian Ocean.
            Geographically, Russia is well-situated. It stretches all the way from Norway to North Korea. It has a long border with China and relatively easy access to Germany. It connects to Turkey across the Black Sea and to Iran across the Caspian, and India and the Gulf are relatively close. Berlin is only two and a half hours by air from Moscow; and Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo can be reached even faster from Vladivostok.
            The animosity and sheer hatred of the US and its equally filthy Western allies towards Russia drove the RF closer to China and vice versa.

            The Asian Continent has the largest population. China and India alone account for almost half the world’s population. These are people with brains, the capacity for hard work, tenacious in their ambitions to achieve.
            They see Europe as tired, old, and uninterested in living.
            Asia sees America of 70 years of Death & Destruction. To protect its petro$ , consume 25% of the world’s resources, invade sovereign nations for its natural resources. And expanding its hegemony. To the detriment of other peoples to the drumbeat and trumpet of Democracy, Human Rights, Right to Protect.

            President Xi addressed the One Road One Belt :
            Belt and Road Originates in China, Belongs to Whole World

            A tectonic geopolitical shift has taken place, but has hardly caused a ripple in the dumb US and West.

            Is this how one dies with a whimper and a sigh?

          • All empires come to an end, Qv.
            IMO, USSA has enough issues but as usual, they want to start another war.
            Hopefully a war HERE starts and that will stop them from destroying another country

          • QV3

            Very laudable of you to try and stop a mess re the US-NKorea-China-SKorea-Asia region MJ.
            May you succeed in your attempt where Mr. Vladimir Putin has clearly failed with his words of despair: How do I reach these people? meaning the psychopaths sitting in WDC, the Military Industrial complex who think NKorea is Somalia, the dumbest American hoi polloi who think its cowboys vs indians.


            Putin Issues Desperate Warning of WWIII

  • QV3

    The President of the Russia Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, told the world that has ears to listen earnestly, the following.
    “The country (North Korea) has between $6-10 trillion in untapped natural resources.According to Quartz, below the nation’s mostly mountainous surface are vast mineral reserves, including iron, gold, magnesite, zinc, copper, limestone, molybdenum, graphite, and more—all told about 200 kinds of minerals.Also present are large amounts of rare earth metals, which factories in nearby countries need to make smartphones and other high-tech products.Estimates as to the value of the nation’s mineral resources have varied greatly over the years, made difficult by secrecy and lack of access.North Korea itself has made what are likely exaggerated claims about them.According to one estimate from a South Korean state-owned mining company, they’re worth over $6 trillion.Another from a South Korean research institute puts the amount closer to $10 trillion.”

    THIS is what the INSATIABLY GREEDY Elites of the US and the rest of the Western World want to covet. And they have the full support of their parasitic populace. Brainwashed, useless cretins..

    North Korea does NOT have Western-controlled banks. They don’t depend on the US dollar.

    And this knowledge gnaws the vitals of the Corrupt, Most Evil West of Insatiable Greed.

    Mr. Putin KICKED out the Rothschilds and Soros.

    The US and the West arselicks the Rothschilds and Soros. The very Soros who is funding the radical leftists to Civil War and death to all American conservatives. Virginia is only the start. News on CCTV is Seattle, Baltimore, and Kentucky is next.

    Russia has a man. America has a man with orange hair! Who breaks his campaign promises.

  • QV3

    For TMJ Readers. Stop being force-fed with LIES.

    What We Saw in North Korea Goes against Everything Western Media Wants Us to Believe

    By Tim Anderson
    Most seem proud that their country is standing up to an imperial power that has occupied their country for a lifetime.

    In the current stand off between Washington and North Korea, western governments and media almost invariably present the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) as a crazed aggressor.

    Yet the recent confrontation comes 72 years after Roosevelt and Stalin divided the colonised Korean people at the 38th parallel, and 60 years after the US brought nuclear weapons to the peninsula. The US military still occupies southern Korea and, in the current climate, the reunification summits of 2000 and 2007 seem a distant memory.

    RARELY , do we listen to the North Korean side.

    Popular western history blames North Korea for starting the Korean war (1950-53). By this story the US is said to have intervened (killing more than 4 million, according to the DPRK) to ‘protect’ South Korea from ‘communist aggression’.

    With two colleagues I visited the DPRK in late August. It is a beautiful, lush country with warm, friendly people. I was struck by the confidence and self-assurance of the many well educated North Koreans we met, in particular the women. That self-confidence seems to reflect the state slogan ‘we envy nothing in this world’, linked to an official _Juche _philosophy which stresses human creativity and self-reliance.

    Between visits to schools, hospitals and farms we visited meticulously documented history museums. Amongst other things they show that, in the 1950s war, Pyongyang was hit by 428,000 US bombs, at a time when its population did not exceed 400,000. The capital’s museums display evidence of Washington’s use of chemical and biological weapons against the Korean people, and of 8,000 US breaches of the 1953 armistice, notably the captured US spy ship USS Pueblo.