Trump Releases Bannon. Soros Is Still Alive, Funding Radicals & Creating A MESS. HANG SOROS.

Trump Releases Bannon.  Soros Is Still Alive, Funding Radicals & Creating A MESS. HANG SOROS, HE IS THE PROBLEM


Here in America, we witness people accused of being a “Nazi”, “Racist” being fired from jobs, their lives destroyed, etc.  And, they are not even practicing what they are accused of.   Trump fires everyone but rarely does he go after the main culprit (Soros).    George Soros is the one who needs to be investigated, shamed, and then hanged for treason & sedition for undermining our republic.

Does Trump go after Soros? No, he fires Bannon.  For what? Why did he fire Bannon? What reason?  He fired Bannon because the “Deep State” hates Conservative people and the Republicans are just Pinkos.

When #POTUS Trump gets the cojones he once had, then I will support him–fervently.
Today, he ‘released’ Bannon because the Communists and the Neo cons forced him to do so.
The ONLY person that Trump needs to go after, shame and hang for sedition of this republic is SOROS.


  • However, those arrested have something other than potential big fines in common. It turns out that at least three of them are members of the Communist Party. This seldom-reported fact is inconvenient to the narrative that the protest were spontaneous. The protests were in fact organized in large part by the communist Workers World Party, which the arrested members belong to.

  • QV3

    There is a Method of Madness of America’s and Trump’s demise, after all.

    • Yeah, the whole nation is fn nuts

      • QV3

        MJ, the whole nation of America, 99.99% are not nuts! They are Evil. Today we read Trump has decided to invade Africa. Africa where China has invested heavily , brought hope to Africans long under the yoke of Western Imperialism and degrading poverty.
        America now scrambles to ensure Africa remains in that cesspit.
        There are thousands of US special forces and other military personnel carrying out up to 100 missions at any given time in some 24 African states – in Niger, Chad, Mali and Sudan which all run along the southern Sahara desert. Further south in sub-Saharan Africa, US military are operating in Nigeria, Central African Republic, Uganda, Ethiopia and, of course, Somalia, where they are involved in a state of war against Islamist al Shabab militants.
        The deployment of US troops in Africa was first stepped up under President GW Bush when his administration formed AFRICOM in 2007, a whole US command dedicated to the continent. Subsequently, under President Barack Obama, the American deployments increased further. Now under President Trump, the US force presence is reckoned to be at its highest level yet.
        Supposedly to fight terrorist groups.
        FUNNY THING is, China does not encounter terrorist groups to pull out of Africa.
        Though China has agreement with the African states it invests in that China must be left alone to fight the terrorists.
        When the US of oh so great democracy, human rights, right to protect EVIL invaded Libya, China had to send its warships and airplanes to evacuate its 32,000 Chinese personnel from Libya!!!!!!!
        American PARASITES are so looking forward to Trump’s investor piranhas to “make a lot of money” quote from Trump’s speech to several African leaders he hosted in NY last month.
        Typical of EVIL SATAN AMERICA, everything is reduced to FILTHY LUCRE.
        Filthy Lucre the American hoi polloi look forward to have their food stamps increased and more dole.
        So, will the world see a US-China confrontation in the African continent owing to its prodigious and still untapped resources?
        Is it surprising the rest of the world pray for the Demise of America?