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TN: 2 ‘Oppressed’ Black Males Rape Suicidal Girl In Mental Ward (#NFL Knee-Fags Are Full Of SHIT)

Nigel Johnson (l) and Jarvis Beck

2 ‘Oppressed’ Black Males Rape Suicidal Girl In Mental Ward (#NFL Knee-Fags Are Full Of SHIT)

I’ve read the news the last few days about the NFL multi-millionaire football players who refuse to stand for the National anthem because their black kin bro’s and ho’s are being gunned down in the streets by white cops.  The bro’s and ho’s are innocent.. Yep, here in America, white cops are gunning down blacks for no reason…


Police were alerted and they discovered that Nigel Johnson, 30, and Jarvis Beck, 31, took turns raping the victim on a few occasions.

The rest:  Two nurses take turns raping 15-year-old suicidal girl in hospital (World Wide Weird News) 

The NFL bosses and CEO’s are lily-livered cowards who have no loyalty to their nation but an awful lot of commitment to the almighty buck.   Blacks are not oppressed by anything but themselves and their Democrat Plantation Masters.  


Black males in America are SO oppressed that they are raping suicidal, mental patients in psychiatric wards..

USA, Israel, Whoever: I Am Always Going To Be ANTI War.

USA, Israel, Whoever: I Am Always Going To Be ANTI War.

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Lots of people screaming at me yesterday because of this post:  NO War With #IRAN. Israel Has Nukes And The Strongest AF In The East. They Do NOT Need Us

This post (above) had nothing to do with Israel, per se.  I do not want MY country, AMERICA in another war.  It’s as simple as that.  If Israel wants to go to war with Iran, GO for it without America.  We’re broke.  War bankrupts countries.  And, we are 21 trillion in debt.






People accused me of being an ‘anti semite’ (LOL) for not wanting to go to war with Iran just because Israel and Iran are ‘at it’.    I’m not going to make an exception for Israel or Iran.   I am ANTI war.  American Jews, in my opinion, should not want a war in the middle east.  Why more war anyway..? Will that not embolden the east against Israel even more?  Selah..    Because of Obama’s mess in Libya, Egypt and Syria, the east is on fire, Christians are being murdered by ISIS who Obama armed and exiled out of their own countries.  WHY would we want another war?  Are we INSANE?

I am not going to be ‘for’ war just because Donald trump is President and I hope he does not take us into any war.  

Don’t like the way I am? Take it up with Obama who dropped 26K bombs in 2016 without ONE declaration of war:  America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016.  The Guardian UK

War is for when we are ATTACKED.

…Not for when we feel like going on offense for John McCain and the war-hawk murderers.

NO War With #IRAN. Israel Has Nukes And The Strongest AF In The East. They Do NOT Need Us

NO War With #IRAN. Israel Has Nukes And The Strongest AF In The East. They Do NOT Need Us

It is not ‘anti-semitic’ to not want another war.  Sorry. But, that’s the facts.  

I really am sick of war and so are most Americans.  Iran is not our problem.  Lefty Valerie Plame says:  “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars” .  

[If Jewish people loathe Jew-hatred, help keep us OUT of another war.]

Sad what Plame says, but true.  YES, there are many non-Jew, war hawks…. BUT: Anyone knows that Netanyahu wants to rid the east of Iran.  If he wants to do this, he has the strongest A.F. in the east and 1400 nukes.  American AIPAC wants a war all the time.  They are disgusting.  When it came to Jews (2005) staying in Gush Katif  in their homes they inhabited for over 50 years, AIPAC was there to make sure that Jews were exiled & became refugees in their own country.    American AIPAC Jews have no business wanting to take this nation into a war when we are broke, broke, broke.  We have a war here at home: Patriots verses Communists & the border.  We do not need a war with Iran.  Israel:  You want to rid Iran, you do it.  OR, have faith in God who will protect Israel if Israel will have faith in HIM.

I don’t ‘like’ the way Plame says what she says but it cannot be refuted that many American, AIPAC Jews DO want to obliterate Iran.  

I do not and I am not one of them.  I am a Jew against war. I am against all wars & have been for YEARS.

Israel should deal with their real enemy, the Palestinians without interference.

From the Torah:

Jeremiah 29:7

7 Seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray unto the LORD for it; for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.


The Jewish people are supposed to crave PEACE not war.

“Dream Beautiful Dreams” Digi-Art

An art collage from September 2017

 I made this the other day with several different elements off the net.  Combined watercolor flowers, added new eye color, lips, eye-lashes, butterflies and ‘made if my own’ 🙂   What else is left to do in a world gone mad but dreaming beautiful dreams.  I thank God that I have HIM or this current insanity would drive me mad.  
I am trying to be more open regarding these Left wing “Jews” who make me nuts and frankly miserable.  It’s a fight daily.  I wish these secular ‘Jews’ would repent and see the err of their ways.  Recently, some moron “Jew” wrote an article accusing ‘right wing’ Jews of collaborating with the enemy.  What the hell are they talking about?  The 98 armchair national socialists in my list on Gab?  Or Trump being “Hitler” just because he will build a wall to keep borders secure?  Fact: There are no Nazi prison camps, NO Jews in stars on their arms and no gas chambers.  Left wing “Jews” are insane.



I try to pretend they don’t exist!


@VulgarEconomics: In My World, BOTH You Communists & Nazi’s Would be DEAD.

@VulgarEconomics: In My World, BOTH You Communists AND Nazi’s Would be DEAD.

Victims of Communism are over 100 million in the last century.  

Communists always murder patriots, Christians and religious Jews.  In my world, you would no longer be a person walking on this earth, Mike Isaccson.   You’re a traitor to this nation:  ‘Antifa leader is professor who jokes about dead cops and executing students’

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 Communists are murderers and you proved last night on Carlson’s show that you are a murderer also.   What are you doing defending Communism?  You live in AMERICA, the ANTI-Communist, ANTI-Nazi country and this is how you treat this nation?  By calling people who are opposed to totalitarian Communism this way?   “Anti-Communist is a ‘code word’ for Fascism?”   I see you are Jewish also.  Maybe you should take your theory to all of the Jewish people’s descendants slaughtered in Ukraine by Communists:  Full text of “The slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919. 1921 book written by Thomas Seltzer

This very depraved, sick, maniacal ‘Jewish’ Communist, Mike Isaccson also says:

So, not only does this piece of chit want to murder cops, Mike the Commie, ugly, long-necked freak wants to kill Nazi’s also….? Well, where was he when John McCain was fomenting a revolution in Ukraine that installed over 30 fascist, Nazi types into the Ukrainian parliament?  

The real Nazis were killed by people like my Grandfather and thwarted by people like my Great Grandfather (and Uncles):

My Grandfather and Grandmother in 1943:

I’m sick and FN tired of the Communist filth calling everyone a Nazi. Our Grandfathers FOUGHT the damned Nazis.  SHUT THE FK UP!

Both you Nazi’s and Communists are G’d-damned, FN Traitors.

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