Altering Images.. Steve Bannon Dracula &The Mad Jewess As A “Super Model!” (Lol)

Lol….Sometimes, the net is so much fun.. altering images.. 

Or this:

An art collage from November 2013

Me at present:

Speaking of altering images…

See this:  Hmm…CBS Denies Altering Bannon’s Camera Appearance – Despite Compelling Evidence

Just look how the main stream lyin’ media messed with Mr. Bannon’s face.. They were going for the “Dracula effect”

Image result for steve bannon, altered image


Image result for dracula

Leftists never make ‘rightist’ look good.

  • kookooracharabioso

    Was wondering about that.

  • QV3

    You are fascinating MJ.
    With Bannon gone, followed by the resignation of Sebastian Gorka, the Trump presidency is OVER.
    Woe to Americans.
    Its Judgment Time in America.,

    • Its all over QV. Everywhere in USA is going to be hit.
      God is merciful, however. He COULD have allowed much loss of life.
      He must see something in people that may repent…

      • QV3

        As always, Biblical history shows evidence God saves HIS Remnant.
        16 years on, after 9/11 America lapsed into Sodom & Gomorrah LBGT, letting off criminals and paedophiles, murderers allowed to roam the land (Clintons) , seeking every opportunity to kill the unborn to earn $$ from its body parts with a strong group ready to buy God’s tiny creations.

        With the election of Donald Trump, so-called ‘prophets’ hailed him as the Moses delivering Americans to Repent & Redeem themselves. The months that followed is the same when Americans elected a muslim into office. America might have been in the mood for religion and prayer, but it was not in the mood for repentance from sin. Oh no. That would mean OBEYING GOD’S LAWS. What the heck! Obey? Jeez, that’s too much God is asking, they say. They reason they are sinners so God should understand.
        Like the mood after 9 11, Americans held prayers when Harvey struck the land. They prayed and called on God to ‘heal the land’. Then Irma struck. And Americans are aghast and peeved. President Trump as with President Bush Jr called for Days of Prayer. BUT NEVER, NEVER REPENTANCE.

        ALL THE WHILE IGNORING BLATANTLY 2 Chronicles 7:14

        “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

        The Israelite Tribe America (Mannasseh) REFUSE to turn from their wicked ways.

        And so, God says that He refuses to hear the wicked but hears the prayers of the righteous (Proverbs 15:29).

        And so, only a REMNANT’s prayers reaches the ears of God.

        Wait a while. And you will hear the gnashing of teeth, the rain of CURSES against the Living God as Americans die slowly, agonisingly, Accusing God of being Satan for letting them die horribly. America First , America the Exceptional, will never, never understand nor want Redemption.

        God is NOT a Liar. His Prophecies regarding America is being fulfilled..

  • Dink Newcomb

    Mad, truly mad! Look at how the sparkle in her right eye is off center. That is caused by looking for enemies in two directions at once.
    The pic ruins my image of you as the ascetic, consumptive acolyte of Satan but I guess that will not drop you from the list of the few sites I read on a regular basis.

    • Lol 🙂
      Im just a sweet gal. Until you f with my country.

      • bobofkake

        Hi , True !!

    • Dink, I lost a little testosterone after my hysterectomy 🙁

  • Judging from your photos, TMJ, you are as beautiful as ever.

    Charlie Rose couldn’t make Steve Bannon look bad in the 60 Minutes taping so they gave the job to the videographer. Disgusting.

  • Dink Newcomb

    Oh my word MJ! What are you doing to my self image as a shrewd viewer of human nature? I first saw your website and it invoked a tormented half spirit (well, OK, she was a Christian AND a highlander but heck, you gotta go with what you know) but then after reading your blog I started to see a calm resolute Michael Corleone launching his nuclear response to the NYC five families (carried out as he attended his son’s christening– what is it with you and rogue Christians and my perception?). It rested there uneasily for a while until this post of you as a 20yo model on a runway in Paris and then just as quickly, a runway model who has matured and moved on to perhaps the fragrance marketing department of Chanel, SA in furtherance of your idol worship of Coco.
    Before the dust settled on that thought your comment on excess testosterone sent my mind to reeling and spinning off on your MAD life of extreme diversity and I need to ask– what had you morphed into then? A tough get the job done thug who served as a global “problem solver” for a very active militant women’s group AND was that last pic with blood dripping from the lips really an incognito pic of you in that incarnation AND just how hysterical was the loss of the testosterone anyway?
    What a complex human! I am afraid to ask if there is a completely different personality connected to each one but the best part of that is how you can have entire conversations in your mind without talking to yourself!

    • Its awful losing testosterone 🙁
      No groups here! Nobody wants me!

      • QV3

        Only effeminate, giggling ‘males’ will not tolerate you, your website. For to acknowledge is to acknowledge COURAGE under Fire. And THAT the so-called ‘males’ simply do not have. And so must indulge in infantile tantrums .
        Besides, hating Jews is the IN thing for LOSERS.
        Females lose testosterone. So-called males suffer flaccid, limp, can’t-get-it-up wrinkled, withered penis.
        Which is worse?

        • Dink Newcomb

          QV3== ** “Which is worse?” **

          But you forgot the third of the multiple choice answers in your little quiz.

          #1 worst reply to the quiz– When you unwrap that hot chick who was all over you down at “JOSE’S CANTINA where true love begins!” and you find that this “So-called [fe]male is suffering flaccid, limp, can’t-get-it-up wrinkled, withered penis.” I don’t know about y’all but that’s a little excitement I would prefer to skip in this “gender is an attitude” Obama reality world we live in

          • QV3

            I ‘m NOT American. Idiots elected a wanker in Obama who had the US Armed Forces wear RED HIGH HEELS! LBGT is a hallowed activity in America.
            Its BANNED where I come from.

          • lostlegends

            Where do you come from??

          • He is from Asia.

          • QV3

            I’ve told lost legends that sometime ago when he queried. Does he have dementia?

          • NO!
            He is nice. He’s been posting here for several years also

          • QV3

            I know. Snippets . And the reader left to decipher .

          • Are you all ok up by your place, QV?

          • QV3

            So far. Though there is evidence the US wants to islamise Asia (Pence in Indonesia agenda of further radical islamisation) , Terror in Myanmar as US Faces Off Against China’s “Belt and Road” Like the Uighur of China’s Xingxang province, Myanmar’s Rakhine Muslim minority, known more widely as ‘Rohingya’, include insurgent groups BACKED by Western political interests. Playing the role of agents provocateur in the latest round of psy-ops, reports from locals accuse these radicals of burning their own villages and killing their own people in order to incite violence. Additionally, their violent crimes against the local Buddhist population have provoked brutal counter attacks against ethnic Muslims across the country – violence which the “international community” blames on the Burmese authorities.
            As I said, the Rohingya is a British problem. All Rohingyas should be accepted by Britain as their own country, now Bangladesh, does not want them.
            The CIA’s two FAILED assassination attempts on President Duterte resulted in sending in US created ISIS to arm the muslim terrorists in Mindanao and terror bomb the Philippines, Which is ongoing. Like in Syria — pretend to bomb its ISIS while killing Philippines military and police. US foreign policy, wot. Syria was the blueprint. US terror-bombing in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria killed tens of thousands of defenseless civilians, injuring many more, displacing hundreds of thousands, causing the most severe refugee crisis since WW II.
            During America’s 1899 – 1902 war, Mark Twain wrote:
            “…I have seen that we do not intend to free, but to subjugate the people of the Philippines. We have gone there to conquer, not to redeem…And so I am an anti-imperialist.”
            “I am opposed to having the eagle put its talons on any other land…We have pacified some thousands of the islanders and buried them; destroyed their fields, burned their villages, turned their widows and orphans out-of-doors, (and) subjugated the remaining ten million by Benevolent Assimilation…”
            And Philippines is a christian nation. But not to Satan America, worshipping Baal. The CIA wants Duterte out. Just as US bitch ( the US creates BITCHES) Nikki Haley opined that the Syria situation is ongoing till Assad is out.
            Can any American tell us in Asia, WHO/WHICH GOD gave the fuckingly evil US, continent of Satanic psychopaths, planet earth?

            So, Asia is today the target of DESABILISATION, DEPOSITION, ISLAMIC INSURGENCY. All to PREVENT Asia from prospering with China and Russia.

            The Middle East effectively KICKED the US out . Asia, too, will.

      • Dink Newcomb

        I like your website and sarcastic apocalyptic humor is the one way I have been expressing it and showing appreciation of the fact that you aren’t some 2 dimensional tight ass PC Liberal zombie.
        And, on the contrary, you have a group you created.

    • See this DINK, I made it

      • Dink Newcomb

        Cheeses Minnie! You a hunnert yeahs old? Yeah, me too. What cooks my taters is dat 70 yeah old out in da street tryin ta tell me he he nose more den me! Kids! They won’t last long I tell youse, toots. Anudder twenny yeahs an he’s toast, yeah gone wid de udder mutts like Goofy. ‘n’ Mickey. Who missses dem guys? They always tought they was bettern me cause my name wasn’t in no title. An I tell youse Palooka Jim don’t take no dive fa nobody!
        Youse is a what? A femist? Zat like a fascist? Yeah, I always liked that Mussolini kid too bad dey killed him he mighta been sumbody!
        Hey toots, while youse is just layin round here in bed bein annoying how bout youse go make me a sanwich and don’t put no maynaise on the ham, ya hear me! You want a star on a walk? Put maynaise on my ham an I’ll give youse a star, all round ya right eye. An bring me a lager wid dat sanwich an hurry it up cause I ain’t got all day waitin on youse! I think I’m getting the urge again too an youse better be here for dat when it kicks in!
        ******Great doll and dialog, but with that insidious 21st century attitude in an almost 19th century body all I could think of was what kind of relationship Minnie had with her new plumbing contractor now that Mickey wasn’t around for maintenance jobs anymore.
        Oar has she switched battin to the udder side of da plate in this new world of commie values? Commies, I tought Mcarthy chilled dem but theys still round! Faugh!

  • QV3

    Heads Up! This video is SERIOUS. The Muslim Brotherhood is in CHARGE of America’s Foreign Policy. The Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated every department, every sector, of America’s Government. Encouraged and aided by both Obama and Clinton, americans who mock what Jamie Glazov is revealing, tell your wives to get their cunts ready for mutilation, and train your toddler boys to enjoy sodomy and your toddler girls to open their legs wide for Muslim Cock.

    Glazov Moment: Gorka’s Departure – A Troubling Sign of Brotherhood’s Grip.

  • lostlegends

    Go with long hair.

  • If that picture is “You At Present” as you claim it to be then you are indeed a Goddess!