USA, Israel, Whoever: I Am Always Going To Be ANTI War.

USA, Israel, Whoever: I Am Always Going To Be ANTI War.

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Lots of people screaming at me yesterday because of this post:  NO War With #IRAN. Israel Has Nukes And The Strongest AF In The East. They Do NOT Need Us

This post (above) had nothing to do with Israel, per se.  I do not want MY country, AMERICA in another war.  It’s as simple as that.  If Israel wants to go to war with Iran, GO for it without America.  We’re broke.  War bankrupts countries.  And, we are 21 trillion in debt.






People accused me of being an ‘anti semite’ (LOL) for not wanting to go to war with Iran just because Israel and Iran are ‘at it’.    I’m not going to make an exception for Israel or Iran.   I am ANTI war.  American Jews, in my opinion, should not want a war in the middle east.  Why more war anyway..? Will that not embolden the east against Israel even more?  Selah..    Because of Obama’s mess in Libya, Egypt and Syria, the east is on fire, Christians are being murdered by ISIS who Obama armed and exiled out of their own countries.  WHY would we want another war?  Are we INSANE?

I am not going to be ‘for’ war just because Donald trump is President and I hope he does not take us into any war.  

Don’t like the way I am? Take it up with Obama who dropped 26K bombs in 2016 without ONE declaration of war:  America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016.  The Guardian UK

War is for when we are ATTACKED.

…Not for when we feel like going on offense for John McCain and the war-hawk murderers.

  • QV3

    MJ, ask the peoples of the world. They DO NOT WAR.
    Then ask the globalists, the oligarchs, and the elites.
    THEY want war. PM Teresa May drooled over Britain selling billions of Pound Sterling worth of arms to Saudi Arabia.
    The US worships the dollar and measure everything to the dollar. They lost touch with humanity and what life is all about. To protect and expand its hegemony. To save its dying Petro$. The Military Industrial Complex does not want peace. The US Congress , a couple of days ago, approved of $150 billion for the manufacture of more weapons. And wants more arms sales to nations.

    Matt. 24 defines Jesus last words to His disciples.
    The Tribulation is yet to occur.
    It is the time and the season for individuals to live according to God’s Commandments.

    • Im against all war.
      Im sick of the war, war war.
      I dont care who’s going to war, Im against it.

      • QV3

        I sent you that on email.

        • I see! Thank you.
          More Russia and stupid US govt wanting war, war, war, war

          • QV3

            Matt. 24. Wars and more wars.

            Russia will defeat US in ONE HOUR.
            Jeremiah 50.

            What do we do? Have faith, full trust in God. And PRAY. Psalm 91 is very comforting, and balm for my soul.

          • QV3

            the US is not fundamentally motivated in its “race for Deir Ezzor province” by defeat of ISIS terrorism, but in truth by control of the eastern province’s oil fields. Whatever oil fields the SDF can gain control of in the wake of Islamic State’s retreat will then used as powerful bargaining leverage in negotiating a post-ISIS Syria. The Kurdish and Arab coalition just this week captured Tabiyeh and al-Isba oil and gas fields northeast of Deir Ezzor city.
            The race is underway for Syria’s most oil rich province. Syrian War Report (9/22/17) courtesy of SouthFront.

            Now, we sit back and watch how the US will fare .


            Russia Is Now Sending ‘Terminator’ Tanks to Syria

            Earlier, the Syrian Arab Army’s elite Tiger Forces launching the largest tank and infantry assault of this war, under superior Russian airpower, to liberate the remaining areas of northwestern Deir ez-Zor province—and that .caused the key American military base in Syria’s southwestern desert region (Zeqaf Base) to be rapidly abandoned and destroyed by FLEEING US military forces and their Islamic terror allies

  • QV3

    Recent Gallup poll reveals majority of Americans want War . They are supported by most of Congress and Senate – for North Korea to be annihilated.
    Since 1945, America has embarked on War Against Humanity with the Invasion, Wilful Murder of Millions. America is not going to stop now. It wants to remain Top Dog even as both its hind legs are cut and is dying.

    • Most Ameri’s are fn nuts

      • QV3

        y Aaron Kesel

        The U.S. Senate voted 61-36 to kill an amendment proposed by Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) which would repeal the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMF) in Afghanistan and Iraq.

        Senators elected into office by Americans. Who to blame?

        Pentagon Delivers 200 Trucks of Arms to Kurds for US’s Next War Against Syria and Russia
        “These weapons are not intended for fighting Daesh (ISIS) which is on the verge of being eradicated – rather, for the next war against Syria.”

        And American ‘prophets’ ‘men of God’ who labelled Trump as God’s Anointed has just initiated
        Looking to Make It Easier to Kill More People in More Places
        actions that will pale what Mass Murderer Obama did!

        The world, according to Trump, the Deep State, the Pentagon, the Congress, the Senate, the people is America’s Hunting/Killing Fields.

  • QV3

    Watch your back MJ. Especially at a time like today when the US wants WAR, with full support from Congress and the majority of the American people.
    Bear in mind neither the Patriot Act, nor Obama’s NDAA are repealed.
    ‘Tis a time to be cautious, diplomatic and discreet.
    You live in America.
    I DO NOT.

  • lostlegends

    A man named Kim is planning to attack us. The first salvo will take out the Left Coast and an EMP will detonate over Kansas. You should have a ring side seat for the destruction of Phoenix. As someone who has fought real gunfights, sometimes you have to shoot first or you die first. Draw.