@VulgarEconomics: In My World, BOTH You Communists & Nazi’s Would be DEAD.

@VulgarEconomics: In My World, BOTH You Communists AND Nazi’s Would be DEAD.

Victims of Communism are over 100 million in the last century.  

Communists always murder patriots, Christians and religious Jews.  In my world, you would no longer be a person walking on this earth, Mike Isaccson.   You’re a traitor to this nation:  ‘Antifa leader is professor who jokes about dead cops and executing students’

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 Communists are murderers and you proved last night on Carlson’s show that you are a murderer also.   What are you doing defending Communism?  You live in AMERICA, the ANTI-Communist, ANTI-Nazi country and this is how you treat this nation?  By calling people who are opposed to totalitarian Communism this way?   “Anti-Communist is a ‘code word’ for Fascism?”   I see you are Jewish also.  Maybe you should take your theory to all of the Jewish people’s descendants slaughtered in Ukraine by Communists:  Full text of “The slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919. 1921 book written by Thomas Seltzer

This very depraved, sick, maniacal ‘Jewish’ Communist, Mike Isaccson also says:

So, not only does this piece of chit want to murder cops, Mike the Commie, ugly, long-necked freak wants to kill Nazi’s also….? Well, where was he when John McCain was fomenting a revolution in Ukraine that installed over 30 fascist, Nazi types into the Ukrainian parliament?  

The real Nazis were killed by people like my Grandfather and thwarted by people like my Great Grandfather (and Uncles):

My Grandfather and Grandmother in 1943:

I’m sick and FN tired of the Communist filth calling everyone a Nazi. Our Grandfathers FOUGHT the damned Nazis.  SHUT THE FK UP!

Both you Nazi’s and Communists are G’d-damned, FN Traitors.

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  • Another day, another armed #Antifa group advocating for communist revolution.https://t.co/gg6ubV7IMG— Far Left Watch (@FarLeftWatchOrg) September 11, 2017

    • QV3

      Antifa rally — shades of China’s Cultural Revolution.
      When will the dragging of old people onto the streets begin?
      When will the killing begin?

      • kookooracharabioso

        The culture has devolved to where it’s already happening in an informal way every day. Why I’m so proud of my husband – so far he has been able to make them think twice. Had a great uncle the same way. You robbed some of his senior friends he spent a lifetime with – old and frail looking as he was – still turned the perp into a pavement spot with just his arms and a stick. Both men the athletic type that looks like they’re moving slow but it’s really economical and quick. Seniors need to carry.

        • QV3

          Not very encouraging when incidences of American soldiers , both on furlough and retired, are set upon and beaten by cops at airport, in town, War veterans are hated and loathed. Something is very, very wrong with America, the people, the country.


          Police Officer Slaps and Beat U S Soldier News Cast

  • kookooracharabioso

    I see that the mayor was forced to take the right side for once. The anti-social (w)ijit has been placed on leave. He’s prolly gonna be calling 911 soon . . . .bye Mike!

  • QV3

    Unless the leftists and its derivatives communists, cultural marxists, antifa et al are eliminated, will this be America’s future for its White children?



  • Mike Isaacson, a putrid human being. Vassarbushmills said it best about this man, two words: #PreeningMaggot

  • kookooracharabioso

    Meanwhile. . . .


    Maybe I missed it but I didn’t catch any of the outlets that covered this make the correlation between illegal immigrants & loss of jobs to our youth. Nobody filed child labor charges.

    Frank Giaccio – doing the job immigrants no longer want to do?

    We’re feeling the heat here – lots of African American youth making problems with their privilege & yesterday my local supermarket had a new employee – one of the “Lost Boys of the Sudan” (of course they are now middle aged men) but the line was long & I got to watch the hostility towards him from everyone ahead of me in line. How much is racism and how much is cause it’s another foreign born with a job when their kids can’t find one – hard to know but we fear it’s going to burst into overt acts of rage soon.

    • QV3

      The Demise of America will be like that of Rome that imported barbarians and savages.
      It was different in Rome, though. They had their oligarchs who slid into decadence.
      Overexpansion and military overspending like America is doing today to protect its hegemony.
      Corruption, of course. And Murderers. That are allowed to walk free. And do more harm, more mischief, more murders.

      America has Leftists, Liberals, Progressives, and Feminists to bring the country to its knees.
      You speak of racism.
      The American people permitted racism to explode.
      Trump spoke out against the neo-Nazis. It did him no good.
      For the American people, by and large, had embraced their Black Simian Obama Mau Mau movement that is BLM.
      It is not BLM, Antifa that is under attack. They rule, while the American public choose to be apathetic. While the MSM whores are given free leeway to write lies and propaganda.
      And allowing the country to fall into Trotskyism.
      Who made the Americans of today the DUMBEST?

      • kookooracharabioso

        Let’s write a screenplay called “Dear Globalists! “

        • QV3

          Globalists succeed where Leftism, Liberalism, Feminism thrive. Globalists succeed with their Lie of Democracy as best form of government.
          One has to ask why Russia and China succeed in spite of globalism.
          Democracies have a natural tendency to demand turnover: turnover of ideas, turnover of wealth, turnover of governments. Always experimenting — with two party system. Consorting with evil like Soros. Working with islamic jihadists.

          Russia threw out Soros & the Rothschild and Dragged Russia out of the near collapse of the 1990s, and built it in back to the world stage, as possibly the world’s 3rd most powerful country–in less than two decades. Russia is NOT a democracy. Russia took on the globalists — namely the Anglosaxonscums and its 5 eyes allies. Russia fights for Christianity, its Culture, its Traditions.

          China is NOT a democracy. China thwarts the globalists mischief , nearly every day. China’s One Party System has proved itself as successful. After the Cultural Revolution, China did not break up. China rose to the great heights it has to today.
          America, for all its democracy, is today, a Fascist nation that has embraced Cultural Marxism, Godlessness, Corrupt, Divided, and where Deranged Minds and Mad Dogs of the Military rule the country.

          IN SPITE of the Rothschilds and the Globalists and the Bilderbergs, both China and Russia have worked and succeeded in giving the rest of the world to bypass the dying US$ and trade in new financial instrument.

          The US and its globalists and elites work to have both China and Russia defeated and on bended knees.

          China and Russia work for mankind. With the One Belt One Road, Silk Road, and the Eurasian Economic Union. Every participating country will benefit. The East lay great emphasis on education (science and maths) and hard work.

          The US offers nothing but War , Death and Destruction.

          Americans have to ask why they allowed themselves and their offsprings to be the most over-entertained, uninformed people on the planet – mostly know-nothings about domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

          Jim Nelson Black wrote in his 2004 book, Freefall of the American University: How Our Colleges Are Corrupting the Minds and Morals of the Next Generation, “Even as traditional learning is dismissed in many classrooms as reactionary, tainted by sexism, racism and the legacy of authoritarian hegemony, the students’ ability to reason, question or challenge ideas is subverted, and efforts to think independently are everywhere undermined.”

          Mr. Jim Nelson Black summed up the mentality of the American people.
          It is NOT globalists — it is the American people who are dumb enough to allow those they elect to deem the American Constitution irrelevant.

          As your founder said: I give the American people a REPUBLIC….if you can keep it”
          The American people prove they can’t. So don’t blame the globalists.

          We see China and Russia fighting daily against the machinations of the globalists, every day. Fighting to keep their sovereignity, culture, traditions, religions.
          Why can’t the so-called, Democracy America????

          • kookooracharabioso

            OMG Q, we were taught to question if Shakespeare was one man or many people writing under name of one man. You always have so much information at the ready that I sometimes wonder about you the same way – but we have had this conversation before. You are correct. It didn’t happen in a day or a year but still amazing how quickly.

          • QV3

            Dear Koo, our education involved the classics. Science and Maths were top priority. We were taught to question, debate, and above all, THINK! We didn’t allow ‘foreign’ muck like leftism, cultural marxism to turn our brains into mush.
            We were taught discipline, even today. An American who taught in South Korea for a decade praised the discipline, the respect students showed him. The appreciation. The obedience. The politeness. Which he sorely missed when he returned to the US and faced the disgusting behaviour, attitude of students.

            Most of us are READERS. There is no excuse nor room for ignorance today.
            Instead of wasting time if Shakespeare was the real author we dissected his work. Like the Asian classics of Confucius or the Mahabarata, the classics of Shakespeare allowed me be persuaded that his chief value laid in his capacity to enculturate. Admittedly, the ability to read the society we live in to interpret the web of meanings in which we all find ourselves enmeshed is not a minor advantage. We read Shylock, Malvolio’s heavy-handed arrogance, or the brilliant Olivia who gives us an insight into Malvolio’s character by saying that he suffers from self-love or is arrogant and vain.
            Thus, Classics, not only exhibit distinguished style, fine artistry, and keen intellect but create whole universes of imagination and thought.

            We see the utter folly of America in Afghanistan trying to tame a people through violence. Americans certainly have not read or deliberately prefer to forget the British were defeated by these proud tribesmen 150 years ago. That Briton Rudyard Kipling so succinctly summarised:
            “A scrimmage in a border station –
            A canter down some dark defile –
            Two thousand pounds of education
            Drops to a ten-rupee jezail……”

            And so, though oceans separate nations, as do borders, books are the only means of understanding a people, a country, their culture, traditions, VALUES.
            That is why, in America, you see it is Asian parents, ordinary parents, who take keen interest in their children’s progress in education. Asian students outdistance their American counterparts. Ditto in Britain.

            What surprises us most is: How on earth did Americans ALLOW their freedom to be taken away ? The Patriot Act after 9 11. The sword of damocles NDAA. How and Why did the American people allow a slew of changes to the American mindset and to the legal framework which governs the contract between the State and the people?
            Why are the American people so poorly informed about basic constitutional provisions?
            Why are the American people allowing their country to become a PRISON COMPLEX????? The world’s largest Prison Country?????

            We see the decline and coming demise of America.
            Americans do not. The latest gallup poll shows 79% of Americans want war with NKorea. America will have to fight North Korea, China, Russia and Iran.
            All these countries have to do is EMP America to the Stone Age.

  • Dink Newcomb

    It may be more common knowledge lately but Nazis were not right wing critters, at least originally. NAZI is an acronym for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NDAP= Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in German). Originally socialists organized against communists, its mission became more confused as it sank deeper into fascism (IMNSHO) and has always been presented as Right Wing. I see it as an excellent example of Left Wing fascism.

  • Melvin Polatnick

    It is almost impossible to detect a Nazi, they keep their opinions secret. The best way to get them to blow their cool is to invite them to a party with mostly Jewish and black guests. The Nazi will quickly panic and immediately leave. Visiting the home of the Nazi will see a collection of books written by Hitler and Mussolini. But with a little patience you can change the views of the Nazi and make them accept Jews and blacks