45 Minutes Before Mass Shooting In LV, “Hispanic” Woman Warned: “You’re All Gonna Die Tonight”

45 Minutes Before Mass Shooting In LV, “Hispanic” Woman Warned: “You’re All Gonna Die Tonight”

Listen to Paul Joseph Watson’s video at 2.30 minutes:

So, who was the Hispanic woman warning people they were going to die?  HOW did she know this 45 minutes before this attack?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Before it gets taken down:  http://metro.co.uk/2017/10/02/woman-told-people-they-will-die-tonight-45-minutes-before-las-vegas-shooting-6970815/

This is the Front Page from Metro UK:




    October 2, 2017


    • QV3

      Nothing Strange. Agenda GUN CONTROL . Another warning to Americans that their guns will be removed.

      • Thats where we’ll all die

        • QV3

          The Leftists and Liberals of America wait in abated breath to see their Gun Grab dream realized. Hillary, the hard core leftist along with Obama and their ilk are already out pushing their political agenda . So are the whores of the MSM. Gun Ban. Silencers Ban. All the while knowing well armed Antifa is at the ready to slaughter as many of their American fellowmen.
          Well done American Conservatives. Keep hiding under the bed.

          • I dont think the “Generation” Z is going to put up with this shit, QV.

          • QV3

            Generation Z have an attention span of 8 Seconds! Less than the minutes the current generation have.
            So far, no American MSM or Republicans or Conservatives have asked these questions.
            How is it possible an elderly senior citizen, a WHITE, carried as many as 10 rifles to his hotel room on the 32nd floor, with no help from anyone.?
            And thousands of rounds of ammunition to his room all by himself?
            Without any hotel staff spotting his activity?
            His room was on Floor 32 of the hotel. He fired from a machine gun. Very heavy. He manhandled a full-auto weapon for many sustained minutes — an act that requires tremendous physical stamina all by itself. (Full auto weapons are VERY difficult to control and take tremendous endurance to fire for any length of time.)
            Sounds very much like the Lone Gunman narrative who killed President Kennedy as everyone in the MSM and law enforcement and DemocRats rubbish there were multiple shooters?
            I speculate it is a CIA operation though some blogs are already screaming:
            Its the Israeli MOSSAD that is responsible!!!!!
            Coming days will have more fog and narratives.
            The only chorus Americans are going to hear is: Gun Control. Shooter was a White from the leftists and Congress.
            Americans who own guns have to keep their wits and ask: Why is it when a gun owner commits a crime, the government says blame all gun owners and take away their guns?
            Americans lost their freedom with the Patriot Act.
            Americans are daily threatened of being killed at home or abroad with the NDAA.
            Americans must never trust the Left or the Liberal, ever eager to take total power and total control over the people.
            Even China does not have the draconian laws America has. And China is Communist! BUT China puts Country and People first. Be reminded!

          • NO, that is Gen X.

          • This whole story is ALL f’d up!!
            Israeli mossad? Of course!!!


          • QV, here, from a Slavic man, at least we know a Slav will tell the truth:


          • Yogiguy

            MFW: 3 videos are enough to prove the narrative is wrong, I believe it with the second alone. Great video link~!

          • Ty

          • Question EVERYTHING

          • A BUNCH of info:


    • jimmy

      It is strange, I’m not even sold on paddock being the actual shooter yet, it’s possible he was setup so many things just don’t add up, an AK fully automatic would be lighting up like a fire cracker in the night yet from all the footage I’ve seen from cell phones there didn’t appear to be anything lighting up from the hotel also those are hurricane proof windows in that hotel hence bulletproof, how did they get broken out? has anyone even bothered to check the hotel surveillance from the days leading up to the horrific attack to see how those expensive weapons and all that amo were being brought into the room and who brought them? because obviously this was not the work of one man there’s more players involved you can bank on that.

      • I dont believe the actual story. I am sure people lost their lives, though.
        I think that many others were involved.
        I rarely believe the MSM, they lie all the time

        • jimmy

          yeah I think the deaths and injuries actually happened but I don’t think it happened exactly the way it’s being told. I guess we’ll know more in the days ahead from reliable sources.

          • you know, we’ll NEVER know the truth about this because our news LIES

          • jimmy

            I don’t rely on the “news”. but perhaps something somewhere will leak to bring the truth more to the surface. I ran across this earlier I have no idea where it came from or who this John is the meme may have just been made up by someone seeking attention and clever enough to think up this scenario or this John may in fact know something about the Vegas attack that the public doesn’t know. so while the meme may be real or fake I find the contents very plausible. What’s your thoughts? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f4e4c16fcf60a0ee0b2ef94c533edfa788b148ecea90580e50d501dc3e5b81e9.png

          • I saw that!
            You know they just want our guns!

            Evil Communist pigs

          • jimmy
          • QV3

            THEY are not going to stop MJ. THEY will continue till they get Americans get so sick of the shootings (more will come) they will hand in their guns. So the elite estabishlishment of America and their globalist allies can implement the NWO. Note how the leftists, from DemocRats to Anchors with their Liberals
            demand ‘sensible gun controls’ without any question being answered?
            The Las Vegas operation is CIA I am certain. To get rid of Donald Trump. Right from his inauguration day.

            Those Americans who exercise their rights to own guns and refuse to give in should always bear in mind of certain American cities in which gun control has been tightly imposed have become “Gun Free Zones”, enabling shooters to pick a soft target in which no guns will be firing back at them as they take the time to accurately aim their guns.
            Baltimore, Chicago and Washington, D.C., three Democratic political fixtures, are responsible for more than half the 13.3 percent hike of gun-related murders seen in the nation’s largest cities last year, and the fault lies with local policy, rather than national influence, the Brennan Center reported.

            Baltimore, as Breitbart noted, has a ban on “assault weapons,” along with Chicago and Washington, D.C.In 2015, Baltimore saw 344 homicides, the Baltimore Sun reported. In Chicago in 2015, it was 488, according to the Chicago Tribune. And in Washington, D.C., the murder rate for 2015 stood at 162, which represents a 54 percent hike over the 2014 rate, Breitbart reported, citing police statistics .All DemocRat controlled cities saw a Spike in gun violence despite strict gun laws.


            //This infallible argument for armed self-defense presents real stories of Americans fighting back against criminals – and surviving because they were armed. “America Fights Back: Armed Self-Defense In A Violent Age” is a must-read for anyone who has ever wondered if concealed carry can actually save and protect.//


            America Fights Back Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age by Gottlieb & Workman

          • QV3

            I forgot to add. Gun Owning Americans should heed why Mr. Putin urged them NOT to give up their guns.
            Oct 22, 2015 – Uploaded by America 2.0
            Putin gives a history lesson from Russia on why when the final hour comes and the US government TRIES to .


      • BUNCH of info today:


        • jimmy

          “I swear to god if this country music festival wakes me up one more time…”
          suggest he just woke up and decided to take out his fully automatic that he modified himself and got into the room without security noticing and started to fire into the crowd because they woke him up in his room he had booked weeks in advance Plus had cameras in the hallways for some unknown reason ¯_(ツ)_/¯ therefore deflecting all attention off islam, antifa or any left movement and focusing it on mental illness and guess who determines who’s crazy and who’s not? the lefts “experts” and if you disagree with them you’re crazy and shouldn’t own any guns. see what I did there? folks need to use critical thinking before they make websites because the left is playing everybody for a fool and will have you pushing their anti-gun agenda without you even knowing it.

  • “What is the MEDIA hiding?”


  • Yogiguy

    There is a photo out of the Paddock’s suicide, gruesome but some of the details are off, like his “13” tattoo on his throat is missing and the a potentially small amount of blood pooled below his skull. There are other details that make this picture highly questionable. overall this whole event has too many anomalies and being pushed for major media exposure, there’s an agenda being pushed here for sure.

  • QV3