Communists “Got” Mueller On ‘Before Trump’ Tax Fraud. The Communist Planned US GOVT Overthrow Is Here

Communists “Got” Mueller On Before Trump Tax Fraud. The Communist Planned US GOVT Overthrow Is Here

Roger Stone believes the President’s “only chance for survival,” is to appoint a special counsel to probe the Clinton-Uranium One scandal. Otherwise, Stone believes, Donald Trump’s days could be numbered as President.

This is how the Communist cabal of lunatics rock and roll.  Trump may be next.  While many may not be fans of Trump, an over-throw is absolutely un-Constitution and treason.  Mueller could most certainly put this nation into utter chaos.  This is what our government did in Ukraine.  Observe:

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    • QV3

      probe the Clinton-Uranium One scandal

      We read America’s Prostitutes and Whores of the MSM now claim it is a CRIME to investigate their dead meat walking Killery Mass Murderess in the Uranium-Russia scandal.

      The painful fact is, Trump allowed too much time to pass. Trump had said during the presidential campaign to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, would join crowds of his supporters in chants of “lock her up!” and said to her face during a debate that if he were president, “you’d be in jail.”
      Immediately after that, he did a U-turn and said hewon’t make good on his campaign pledge to pursue a new criminal investigation into his political rival, Hillary Clinton. He didn’t feel ‘strongly about it”.

      A little too late. Killery has the full support of Soros and Antifa. Trump failed to act after it emerged Killery worked with British intelligence agent Christopher Steele that Russia did something to meddle in the elections.
      It was the sole basis for James Comey’s unprecedented FBI investigation of Russian influences on candidate Trump which commenced in July of 2016. It was the roadmap for the entire fake affair. Its first memo claimed that the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Committee computers, a fabricated claim first put forward by British intelligence as early as 2015. It was used by the Clinton campaign to paint Trump as a Manchurian candidate controlled by Putin, claims made by Steele and allied Ukrainian intelligence agents working with the Clinton campaign. The British fabrications about Trump’s Russian ties were widely circulated to the news media by both the Clinton campaign and the official Obama intelligence community.
      Trump allowed Comey and Clinton to walk the streets, safely!. WHY?
      How much leverage has the British Empire on Trump? That is now distancing themselves from the fracas they helped create to rid Trump.

      Trump , instead, rid the strongest ally in his cabinet – Bannon. And lost strongman Gorka who resigned in DISGUST!

      If its any comfort, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board issued a statement calling upon Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign based on his conflicts of interest. The editorial was entitled, “Democrats, Russians, and the FBI.”
      Look it up.

    • QV3

      MJ, if only the American people would be interested enough to see and stop the traitors within.
      As it is, the war dogs are out in full force in the Asia Continent and South East Asia

    • Melvin Polatnick

      Trump will pardon Manafort and all on his former team. The president will soon show he is rightfully the most powerful man in history. He could send out Confederate Militias to lock up the opposition. Nothing can stop him, even loud squawks from the Yentas in NYC.

      • QV3

        Trump should have exercised his power days after he occupied the WH by having Killery, Comey, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Huma Abedin & husband Weiner, and a host of others. He did zero! Instead we saw him ‘accept’ General Flynch’s resignation.
        Four dead Americans in Benghazi have yet to get their justice.
        All the above mentioned are walking free, and working with John McCain and Soros .
        We see it is Mr. Putin of Russia that stung the queen bee Killery with Uraniumgate.
        Which will be her ultimate downfall and prison.

  • QV3

    Mueller is a Fraud! Works with Comey and Clintons.
    CrossTalk on Manafort: Let the Games Begin!

    The Games Reveal: All roads lead to Ukraine. USD5 billion spent to spring Ukraine’s Nazis, recall?

  • Melvin Polatnick

    Age of consent laws are being broken by Alpha Males. Millions of 14 year olds are coming forward to nail the rich and powerful. Expect the swamp to be cleared by pervert hunting police. Mothers are using their children as jail bait. Extortion and blackmail is common practice.