“#Weinsteins Private Sex Life Is None Of Our Business.”

#Weinsteins private sex life is none of our business.”

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Isn’t that what the left would say if Weinstein was harassing Conservative Hollywood ladies??

Justice will probably be served to the Communist, Hollywood leftists because Weinstein harassed Leftist starlet’s.    Justice is not applied on behalf of ‘evil’ patriots, and right-wingers.

Let’s take Take Anita Broaddrick & Paula Jones for eg.  When they came forth, it was all a lie according to the Left:  Even though Bill Clinton was impeached and STAYED IN OFFICE after his impeachment.  No justice was served.  Just paperwork.  Just talk.  Just a President!!! No biggie..!!!  His sex life is HIS ‘private life’ and it’s none of our business.  

Juanita Broaddrick Tweet yesterday, Oct 10th:

It suddenly becomes our business when it happens to left-wingers.  That’s when it all matters.  

Through Obama’s Presidency, the IRS monitored Conservative activity & harassed Conservative women.  Justice for thee, not for me..

That didn’t matter. Because the above lady is an ‘evil’ Conservative..

IRS Official Lois Lerner Pleads The Fifth, (in a long winded monologue) & was dismissed from the IRS Scandal Hearing:  

After Lerner took the fifth and was dismissed, the Communist Left attacked Conservatives relentlessly.

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Now Weinstein is wanted by the Leftists, they want justice.  And, because they want justice, so must all of we?  Justice is not only for your Left-wing traitors to this nation.  You need to repent to America. You make me sick.  Why should Weinstein be thrown in the can but not Clinton, Bill, Hill & Obama?  F-ck you.

  • kookooracharabioso

    So humanity is assigned only to those with the proper acceptable belief systems. Nothing new. Just as disgusting as ever.

  • QV3

    Were those feminists who claimed they were sexually harrassed, groped, and ‘raped’ by Weinstein pre-puberty? Were they not adults? With a choice? To walk out, scream, and report to the police at the first instant? Looks to me it was consensual.
    Malia Obama recently interned at Weinstein’s during her college break. What gives?
    All the while, PIZZAGATE is pushed to the backburner.
    Why is John Podesta walking around free? Why is he protected? His victims have been 3 – 11 year old boys and girls.
    And the motion to legalise sex with 12 year olds be termed consensual is mounting and gathering support. Britain already has passed the bill.
    Paedophilism is as rife and rampant even with Pizzagate.
    And these poor dear feminists are so outraged?

    • Yep, who gives a damn.. Leftist women being harassed. Boo hoo

      • QV3

        MJ, Leftist sluts can’t bring themselves to say NO to guys like Weinstein. Who are the whiners? Jaded actresses. All near their ageing 50’s. Who remembers them?
        Its their last ditch to get two minutes fame as they are thrown into the dump.
        But during my parents’ time, they were truly entertained by the ultimate beauties Garbo, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn , to mention a few, who had CLASS, DIGNITY.
        THEY were NOT feminists!!!!

        • All of the beauties were not uber feminists. They just entertained.
          I feel nothing for these losers, QV.

          • QV3

            NO sane female should ape the very UGLY feminists in the West today.
            Bare, drooping papaya breasts walking the streets to make a statement!
            In the East the women are very mindful they are the Neck. That makes the Head turn whichever way they want!

          • Melvin Polatnick

            Wealthy Jews must be on guard for ladies that target them. Juries will stereotype a Jewish man and convict him of touching the ass of a non-Jew.

    • I know! Pizzagate! Podesta!

  • lostlegends

    It’s amazing how many feminist females will act like Roman slave girls for a big paycheck and a screen shot. So much for the equality of men and women. Just like the old days in old Jerusalem.