Archive | November 25, 2017

The MASK Of Evil…

The MASK of evil.

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Evil does not have a face like you would think. It is not snarling with teeth.
Evil often times has a smiling face.
Many times evil comes across as sweet, likable and fancy.
Evil will swindle you and you don’t even see it.
Evil steals from you with an innocent face.
Evil has big, swelling words. Evil comes across as a minister of light & life. Evil is only ‘in it’ to appear good. To appear holy and saintly.

Evil says: “I am poor and needy”
You give evil your possessions. You give evil a TV, you give evil a car.  You give evil whatever it asks because it declares “I am good!”  But, evil has stolen from you and you do not see it because of it’s pure-looking face.

You believe evil is good because you have not verified.

Evil often has a trail of hurt people behind it. A person will perhaps check this out and when he/she does, they will not believe the hurts inflicted because Evil smiles at you and says: “Me? NEVER”.

So, you take the side of the evil because of its mask and face. You have joined the evil and now are an accessory in its offense.

“Woe to them that call good….evil and evil…good”