Leftists/Left Wing Jews Created Andrew Anglin Because Of Their INSANE Commie Politics

Leftists/Left Wing Jews Created Andrew Anglin Because Of Their INSANE Commie Politics

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(The Atlantic actually digitized him a lot more handsome than he is)

Alt Right. Com wrote this:  Andrew Anglin was former anti-racist vegan, dabbled in hard drugs, homosexuality & pedophilia and linked up “The Atlantic” who wrote a piece about Anglin.   Seems that Alt right does not care for Anglin, saying:

EXCERPT:  Anglin has caused tremendous harm to the alt-right brand by associating it with degenerate, skinhead neo-Nazism. His troll antics have made a joke out of the movement and discredited any mainstream appeal it might have had.  Richard Spencer’s embrace of the freakish Anglin-Weev brigade, in addition to his open support for the anti-European Russian satanist Alexander Dugin and his Eurasian ideas, have sunk him further in the gutter.

Alt Right has their opinion & I have mine:

The reason that people like Anglin have turned to being Nazi’s & cyber Nazi-ism is because of Leftists.  Leftists are anti-founding fathers, pro-race violence, anti white,  open-borders, normalizing pedophilia, pro-feminist superiority, pro-abortion, pro-illegals, pro-foreign aid for everyone, infiltration of the press, Left wing breakdown of the family, anti-morality, anti-Christian…  Basically, a nation without an identity. Like Michael Savage says: “Borders, language and culture.”

All of this being said.. Many people like Anglin have sat down and observed their fondness for Leftism over the years, after they are long departed from Marxist colleges…   They have observed the chaos and disorder it causes. They have seen how white skin is hated.   They have been victim to their neighborhoods being barraged by the 3rd world.   They have watched how their fellow Americans have made flight from out of the cities.  They have seen how their tax dollars go to ‘minorities’ who hate them.  They are made to feed and house these same people.   They have seen their cities turned into a war zone, like Chicago.  They have watched their Supreme Court go to the can with the appointments of ‘minorities’ who are immoral & bigoted.  They have seen how the feminists have dragged their men through the courts and destroyed their lives.

The Communist/Marxist/Left is extreme.  Natures law of cause and effect is now creeping up on them and they don’t like it.   One extreme will cause another extreme.  When men are deprived of their own country and their own foundation, they will turn to the opposite side.  

But, it is what it is.  Like it or not..





You took away the American man’s foundation and identity.  Deal with the fall out. OR CHANGE.

I don’t condone extremism like Anglin’s..  He and his cyber buddies attack me on Gab with thousands of lunatic posts.. and before that, Twitter–For years.    I hate & loathe Nazi’s.  My Grandfather fought Nazi’s.  So did all of my Uncles. I will continue to fight these Nazi’s.  However, I am not, nor have I EVER been a Leftist.  I will fight you also.  Both of you are anti American filth.

  • William best

    It’s bad and getting worse. I remember these “stormer” types from years ago. Bad news for anyone that crosses paths with them.

    • People have to learn to fight them back
      Communism creates nazis
      Most people just wanna live normal lives

      • Dirty Dutch

        Good morning Mad.
        Happy thanksgiving

      • William best

        I guess you’re right. Laura Loomer showed up on gab and I welcomed her back. First down votes I’ve gotten. They’re dog-piling her over there. (there was a pic of her and Sharpton, egads!)

        • They wont leave her alone, probably. She needs to mute and keep them in spam or go nuts

          • William best

            No, it’s gotten real nasty. I love her work, but they will try to destroy her.They think they will get the President and other high-profile people on there with these types, they are nuts. Torba can stay quiet now, but he’s going to have to deal with it, or the platform simply won’t grow. People don’t want to be associated with that shit.

          • I know how nasty it is. Believe me. I do.
            I mute and keep going.

        • I was spending time with God this morning and it is impressed on my heart that terrible times are coming to Jewish people. We can thank left wing Jews for this.
          We are going to be taking the brunt of the persecution because the “Jewish” noodle leftists have everyone on block on Twitter. COWARDS

          • William best

            Yes. The leftists running Europe are creating a whole new legion of Nazi’s. All these people they are importing to turn the countries to shit, are having the intended effect. As with the last time, this turns into a circular firing squad.

          • Melvin Polatnick

            Terrible times have arrived for most of the Jewish people. Only a talented Jew can get support from the Goyim. The rest have to accept the barbs and isolation imposed on them.

      • Look at goy rule in Germany in the 30s, the only country not devastated by a decades long depression and coming from just prior, extreme poverty due to the WW I sanctions and banker inflation. The true meaning of nazis to me means ppl that believe in nationalism over globalism with the elected ppl there to keep the rich inm check. It’s normally the other way around in a demoocracy

        • QV3

          jsigur, suggest you read up on the Treaty of Versailles.

          • It’s hard to argue with what Germany accomplished after Hitler took power before he was forced into war

          • QV3

            The Anglo-American turds did not like Germany to rise at all. After their defeat in WWI, the British Monarch Victoria made sure cousin Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated.
            Rather a bunch of hypocrites. For her son married a German aristocrat, who in turn suffered one son killed off by British intelligence in the battle of Britain. and her eldest Edward abdicate as king.
            Churchill insisted, as he saw Germany a real and true challenge to Brittania that Germany never rise again after its defeat in WWII. It wasn’t Hitler responsible for indiscriminate bombings. It was Churchill with the Empire mindset.
            Germany’s most beautiful cities of Cologne and Dresden were bombed to rubble.
            The West, today, is finito. However, the Germans are Huns. They will rise again. With the Jesuits leading from behind.

          • right, The NWO won WW II

          • QV3

            YOu mean the Jesuits won WWII?

          • actually, I mean Jews but Jesuits were formed in 1540, by Mariano Jews to counter and make sure those pushing Jewish Christianity (Protestantism) had someone to fight

          • QV3

            Tell us, how did Jews, real Jews from the Tribe of Judah that is, not the Fakes that masquerades as Jews, set up the NWO, created WWI & WWII, and set up the Jesuits? The Tribe of Judah was expelled by Emperor Hadrian and scattered around the world for almost 2000 years.
            We have evidence that this hate/loathe Jews, Jews as scapegoats for the cowardice, failures of western nations, blame it ALL on the Jews only in Western countries, led by the Tribes of Israel.
            In India, China, and the rest of the Far East, there is an Israeli embassy. Jews who sought sanctuary and safety have lived in these parts for 2000 years. The Jews in India and China have contributed immensely to their foster countries.
            Today, it is India, China that have tied up billion $ enterprise and university exchange with Israel. The rest of the Far East has had NO problem with any Jew for 2000 years.
            India, China, and the Rest of the Far East have benefitted and continue to benefit greatly from Jewish participation.
            Today, Mr. Putin has set up an Automous Jewish Region, encouraging Russian Jews to return . He has openly said Russia could do without muslims, thank you very much, take them all in you stupid West, but he wants Jews brains back in Russia.
            Mr. Putin has established himself a WORLD LEADER.
            The West has established themselves TERMINALLY STUPID.
            As for Christianity and Islam, research WHY the Vatican created Islam.

          • As I recall, Churchill complemented Hitler before he was assigned the job of destroying him

          • QV3

            The British Monarch is still GERMAN. From George I onwards. The queen shares zilch DNA with the last plantagenet king of England, Richard III, whose skeleton was found in a car part, 5 centuries after he was killed in the battle at Bosworth Field. She’s more than 3/4 German. As is her husband is from the Nazi bloodline.
            The third in line to the throne is half Jew. Voila!

          • Let’s be clear, Brittish royalty is controlled by the City of London (Jews). They forced a Hitler lover to abdicate thr thrown – nevermind about the marriage, that was cover

          • QV3

            Bollocks. British royalty is part of the 13 families that rule the world, dumb ass.

          • I believed that before going deeper. Jews wNT US TO BELIEVE Queen Elizabeth is the most powerful person in the world. Interestingly, British colonialism started at the same time that Jews took over England. Read this short essay on how it was done
            I recommend the whole book. This read actually enabled me to see that the NWO is a JWO

  • kookooracharabioso

    When I listen to leftist radio they manage to openly sneer at nationalist types in any nation while saying nothing of the “immigrants” racism and cultural rejection of their host nations across the globe. They uniformly use the immigrants to break down every nation. Except maybe China.

  • Indeed, TMJ. The Communist/Marxist left are a nasty lot. They can fundamentally transform everything that they touch into a vulgar mess.

    Here’s wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Peace and blessings, to you all.

  • Don’t kid yourself, you are changing for the better, Jewess. You saw beyond simple black and white with me and you are seeing the simple black-white politics of both extremes serves to have us biting at each others heels.
    Of course when we are being bred to hate each other or act out weird there will be many that do. But are they convertible to the deeper, better point of view?
    Don’t enemyize your potential friends. I see this occurring on the left and right and it seems baby Boomers are the new evil, as if we didn’t fall for the elitest manipulation game like everyone else, just different time different place but we are the convenient no baddie on the block but who does it serve this bickering obsessive hate against peers?
    I can’t say it too much. Don’t enemyize your possible friends because make no mistake. It is us against them and “them” only wins by controlling us. Assert self control and pass it on!

    • I know, if it isnt boomers, its white, if it isnt whites, its Christians.
      I know their gig. they just want civility DEAD.

      • If you watch the nazi sites, boomers are the new evil and I saw Richard Spencer create it about four months ago in and article called “What does it mean to be alt-right

        • Man.. It sucks.
          All my life, I have fought the Commies/Libs b/c of their subversion. Since 1989.
          Now, I have to fight a whole new breed of younger people who hate Mom and Grandma.
          Im so tired.

          • William best

            I was brought up Socialist. When I “changed” they all abandoned me. Don’t speak to me anymore. Now these young rats want us dead also. Claimed it was all our fault. Just wait you bastards.

          • Im so happy you changed. 🙂

          • this may be a chronic issue every generation faces as they age but it does look to me as suddenly orchestrated into the agenda and I can only believe it helps the deep state, this sort of focus

          • Look up “Boomers”. A TON of left wing sites demonize all boomers.
            Its a left wing MO to demonize American people.

          • well, it’s true, they may have borrowed it elsewhere but it just reiterates this alt-right racialist group is same old same old engaging in ppl division politics. A true resistance would try to unite the 99% and look for the “true enemy leak”

          • it’s now a right wing but the fact is left and right connect behind the curtain, we need a third way

          • The ‘evil’ boomers were Reaganites. They also put Trump in.
            Both Prez are/were not the best ever, but, they are/were a site better than the Gen X Prez: Clinton and Obama, the Communist Muslim wack job.

            Im not saying that boomers are spectacular people, they are selfish. Narcissistic.

            HOWEVER: Most of the subverters were born in 1939-1948. HIPPIES/Marxists. They get a pass again.

          • true, the leaders were beat niks (usually Jewish)

          • QV3

            Ah, so FDR, Carter, Clinton, Bush, cocaine snorting, anus fucker Obama slotted in the Jews category?

          • No, I am complementing you but it’s also what makes your leaders our enemy. Your ppl are the master race but the numbers are so low, they have to rule through deception. The fact of that deception and the need to start wars for objectives that only suit them and never us, means their rule is bad for us. They admit it in the protocols as they also acknowledge doing this for a thousand years. A major ahah moment was when I realized Hitler is sold as evil because he was very good at fighting the NWO and his system showed in but a few short years to be better for mankind
            Forget the holocaust. Jewish leaders did everything they could to force Hitler to treat Jews as the enemy. The holocaust was necessary propaganda that is still sold to this day to assure no new Hitler’s or NWO adversaries arise that are effective.
            But yes, Jews are trained in high numbers to lead so whether or not there is a Jew front man, there is assuredly a Jew behind the curtain of any goy leader (except a Hitler) and many of the beatniks were Jews

          • QV3

            1. [[Your ppl are the master race but the numbers are so low, they have to rule through deception.]]
            First of all, I am not a Jew.
            The ‘master race’ BS is from the Jew/Israel envious turned to satanic hatred Leftists of the West. Who have proved they are not only Losers, but Cowards, snivelling , limp wristed wimps. Who are mainly the lost tribes of Israel still to be reconciled with the southern kingdom of Judah.


            It is NOT the Jews who Chose themselves as the Chosen Race. It was YHWH who chose them.

            2. The Protocols

            As for the Protocols, it is a FABRICATED document to demonise and the blueprint for future Jewish Pogroms. Written in Russian and translated by Victor Emile Marsden (8 June 1866 – 28 October 1920) He was a journalist and translator, known fortranslating what became the most read English language version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
            The English were still in their pompous arrogance state and immensely proud of Rule Britannia. And couldn’t bear the thought they were actually found to be wanting in many ways. There was a lack of a smidgeon of sympathy for those they colonised and ruled with satanic hands.
            3. Who pushes the LIE that it is the Jews who are at the helm of World Domination, World Conspiracy, One World Government?

            The 1000 year old ILLUMINATI/BILDERBERG groups of Insatiably Greedy, Incredibly Evil, Sons of Satan of the entire Western world.
            WHO practices Freemasonry? WHO holds the No. 1 spot for paedophilism and child pornography that earns hundreds of billions – competing with World Drug Trade where the US sits as Emperor and Drug Warlord of Planet Earth?
            WHO works with them? The JESUITS of the Vatican.

            THOSE INTERESTED: CHECK the Jesuit Oath so similar to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Jesuits obviously wrote the Protocols, because they have carried out every protocol in that little handbook. They have carried everything out. Indeed there are different Protocols, there may be as many as 20 or 30 Protocols. That is not so important as it is to understand that ALWAYS the Protocols further the agenda of the JESUIT ORDER
            The Protocols played a big part of the Jesuit, or Communist take over of Russia. After the Bolsheviks took over and killed the Russian Orthodox leaders, purged Russia of Protestants, and set up the gulag system, the Jesuits behind it all, could openly invite the Jesuits to take over. The Jesuits were given formal re-entry into Russia in 1922, after the Bolshevik Revolution and Civil War. The Russian College was erected in Rome in 1929, so they could prepare Russian Jesuits to rule Russia. And that’s what they’ve done. The Jesuit General rules through the KGB, just like they rule America through the CIA and the FBI. Fortunately, for Russia, Putin is identified as the Prince of Rosh . He has done what no other Russian leader has. According to Britain’s Independent newspaper, on May 11, the tax SWAT team descended on the Jesuit-run Inigo Center in Novosibirsk, Siberia, confiscating documents, videos and computer equipment. The Jesuits, who use the center’s TV studio to make religious programmes, were confined to a room for four hours while police searched the premises. Since then, none of the seized material have been returned, and the government has made no explanation for the raid, but many view the incident as a new outbreak of the 1,000-year-long hostility that exists between the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches since the great schism brought about a split between the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity. Would explain the 7 assassination attempts on Putin’s life. It would be interesting to see prophecy played out in coming days. The Prince of Rosh vs the Anti-Christ (francis has proclaimed he IS the anti-christ, and I believe it to be so – he fits the necessary credentials).
            And hey, its now America’s turn to be purged of its Protestants. The Only Jesuit pope in the history of the Vatican is now Supreme lord and soon, Americans will feel like Jews, hunted down and slaughtered. Obama was surrounded by Jesuits. As is Trump.

            Albert Pike, the most important of all American Masonic authorities, wrote in MORALS AND DOGMA (Pg. 213-214): “Every Masonic lodge is a temple of religion, and its teachings are instructions in religion… this is true religion revealed to the ancient patriarchs; which masonry has taught for many centuries, and which it will continue to teach as long as time endures.” Pike was a practicing SATANIST. And an agent of the Rothschilds.

            A prominent college president said of masonry, “It is a Luciferian religion. We are fully aware of its diabolical origin and purpose. I believe that any born-again Christian, when the facts from the lips of Masonic writers themselves are presented showing that masonry is a religion and is the worship of Satan, will immediately withdraw.”
            Freemasonry teaches that all religions are valid, are equally valid. Freemasonry “teaches us to revere every book of faith in which men find help for today and hope for tomorrow, joining hands with the man of Islam as he takes his oath on the Koran . Thus in the US today, christian pastors and priests push for CHRISLAM. The NEW AGE RELIGION OF THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

            To those who take heed, they know in their hearts, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only True and Living God, has clearly commanded Christians, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, and swear not at all, and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”
            The current pope francis is a propagandist for Lucifer. The pillars of St. Peter’s basillica ring with the sound of Lucifer chants. Freemasonry revelations show that they believe that Jesus Christ was not God in human flesh, but that He was an illusion, who lived, died, and was resurrected as an illusion!
            Pope francis called God evil. Francis exhorted: God was Destroyed and is a Failure and claimed himself to be god.
            1st time it was Jesus Failed at the cross 2nd time it was that the cross is a “scandal” 3rd time God was “destroyed” and ultimately is a failure in and of himself.
            But francis never fails to remind Roman Catholics he is the Vicar of Christ.
            So disgusting and revolting an enemy of God and a champion of Satan had the pope become, Mr. Putin condemned him and pronounced: francis is NOT a man of God.
            There are several youtubes on this subject.

            Ah, George Soros, you mean? Satan’s son who denounced his jewery and profitted from the deaths of the jews?
            WHO actually gained the most if not the Vatican from Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, Eichmann, Heydrich Holocaust of the Jews? Hitler, Goering, Goebbels were JESUITS. As is Joseph Biden of the USA.
            Hitler was Evil. He was Satan’s demon. Just as Obama is and continues to be Satan’s demon. Hillary and Bill Clinton are also demon-possessed. America is a demon-possessed country with evil so pronounced that God foresaw and commissioned the last Apostle John to write America’s fate in the Book of Revelation.

            Those who DENY the Holocaust are the DEMON POSSESSED on planet earth. Who worship Satan. Period.

            So, it is the Freemasons, the Bilderbergs, all controlled by the Illuminati who push for Wars. The Royal Houses of all Europe work together with the Illuminati and the Bilderbergs as much as America’s 1% elites. All work with the poop at the Vatican to bring mankind under One Government.
            And they have Satan, god of this world, protecting them – till the Second Coming of Christ.

            And, do not confuse the tribe of israel who represent America, Britain and their five allies with the
            JEWS AND ISRAEL.
            They have yet to reconcile.

            There are so many passing off as ‘jews’ and not israelites. Makes one question,

          • You believe your facts and I’ll believe mine.
            What is clear is the Jewish bolsheviks made owning a copy a death penalty offense as was anti-semitism which proves the Jewishness of that movement. Though, no absolute proof exists that I am aware of because “facts” are very hard to prove if you aren’t there, it’s clear to me that Jewish power operates with the same MO so that means in the end if it wasn’t written by them, it was written by someone who knew them very well.
            I’m not a christian so I could careless what ppl claim about yahweh and I must say that for a Christian, you are very friendly to the ppl that killed Christ.
            I ultimately do noit believe the Christ story like I stopped believing in Santa Claus. Christianity is a slave religion that comforts slaves in their hardships that things get better on the other side.
            Jews renounce themselves in front of the goy, strategically. The difference between Jews and goy is Jews have a different code of honor, IMO which actually prasises the art of lying to the enemy, all non-Jews
            When you say Lucifer, you might as well say Jews, the talmud is the Jewish holybook which allows Jews to rewrite the meanings in the torah to suit
            You might find this interesting, written by a Jew
            You understand, it was so im[portant to Jewish power to “prove” the protocols was not Jewish, the bought off a judge in Switzerland to make the ruling – reported in the press. What wasn’t reported , in fact, ignored, was the fact the ruling was overturned but this is normal for Jews to emphasis things as true, that their propaganda claims is, but isn’t. I see that MO all the time

          • QV3

            As you put it, you believe yours, I’ll believe mine.
            End of discussion.
            I have no interest to continue with a Rabid anti-jew .

          • Qv is not a Jew, he is Asian.

          • Yes, I understand that but he is using all the same lines I am used to hearing from them so I’m arguing the same.

          • QV3

            That’s because I am a student of the Bible. I come from Asia that has had jews live with us for TWO THOUSAND YEARS, in peace and harmony, and who are exemplary people, and who contribute to the national coffer. Not a single case of a Jew parasite in any of the lands in Asia for TWO THOUSAND YEARS.
            On the other hand, we have suffered filthy ‘Christian’ colonisation, extortion, murder, plunder.
            I am also used to hearing from Western scums the same Rabid Jew/Israel hate who have proven to be Wimps, Lily Livered, hand-wringing Pussies, FAILURES & LOSERS.
            Bottom Line: Israel, Russia, the East will fight to the last to keep their land.
            The West have already surrendered their land to Muslim Vermin and happily suck muslim cock and lick muslim mutilated cunt to enrich themselves, culturally.
            We defend our cultures and traditions to the last man/woman.
            The West opt for muslim cock sucking and muslim mutilated cunt licking as the New Culture Enriching Replacement.
            Big difference.

          • Obviously, the Jewish power structure has learned the art of secret subversion. I look behind the curtain, since that is where the action is instigated. Evil Muslims are herded by the deep state, as have been white racialists, as have been everyone obsessed with some goy neighbor down the street. I am not here to argue about your world view. 911 proved that a major hoax could be perpetuated on the world. It had been demonstrated before but there was no internet to offer up to those willing to look a contrary narrative. Jews cover all bases, they are the leaders in quibling about every already set up habit the host has and because they rule in secret, they will be the last to question an event as a false flag event. My rule of thumb when engaging in debate is to determine if my opponent is 911 aware. If he isn’t, he will never consider anything else I have to say. There’s a surprising number of ppl willing to ignore evidence to agree with their leaders and of course agreeing with your leaders in such important matters, is a matter of patriotism…..they say./ Free speech where it doesn’t disturb true power is the basic rule

          • QV3

            We see the Lies & Distortations of the West past 500 years history. The slatnt towards demonising Jews and Russians and Chinese for their own STUPIDITY AND FAILURES. While the dingbats of the West like to indulge the 911 hoax on the Jews, we from the other side of the world know its the Bushes who wanted to get their hands on the GOLD stored underground. We know of the many trips the elites and their neo-cons made in the Twin Towers who planted bombs with delay relay detonators and then blame the Jews, CONVENTIENTLY, as always. NO American is willing to talk of the fact Bush flew two planeloads of saudis out, immediately after the collapse of the Twin Towers. NO American wants to discuss, ever, Julian Assange found evidence in Hilary Clintons “lost” emails, that proves that 911 was planned, financed and carried out by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Julian Assange has never been proved wrong, not once! Even Trump buckled and let the Saudis off for their role in 911.
            NO American wants to acknowledge their own Supreme Court that judged the Saudis guilty of 9 11 and ordered Compensation and Damages to 911 victims.
            Instead we noted the FBI changed the 9 11 narrative.
            Disgusted with America’s LIES, and the stupidity of the American people,
            according to al-Shammari.
            “September 11 is one of winning cards in the American archives, because all the wise people in the world who are experts on American policy and who analyze the images and the videos [of 9/11] agree unanimously that what happened in the [Twin] Towers was a purely American action, planned and carried out within the U.S. Proof of this is the sequence of continuous explosions that dramatically ripped through both buildings… Expert structural engineers demolished them with explosives, while the planes crashing [into them] only gave the green light for the detonation – they were not the reason for the collapse. But the U.S. still spreads blame in all directions. [This policy] can be dubbed ‘victory by means of archives.”
            The impetus behind the attacks, writes al-Shammari, was to create “an obscure enemy – terrorism – which became what American presidents blamed for all their mistakes” and that would provide justification for any “dirty operation” in any nation.
            And the world saw the cocaine addict, Bush Jr. Moron invade Iraq for its BILLIONS & GOLD. And Afghanistan for the poppy fields the Taliban had destroyed. Today, America sits as Drug Warlord on Trillions of Drug Trade, being the sole supplier of Drugs to the world. A main reason why Kosovo was carved out of WWII ally Serbia.
            We also note the Loony, crap for brains Americans who scream “The Jews did 911” No jewish life lost.
            Well, there’s a list of Jew lives lost compled by the FAR EAST that proves the US and the rest of theWest are riddled with 99.9% muslim cock suckers!
            Grovelling, Snivelling COWARDS. FAILURES & LOSERS.

            We in the East go for the Cerebral. Students in China and Korea study Hebrew. Fascinated with the mathematical precision of the language.
            Admiring the Jews for their brilliance. We also note 0.5% of the world’s population, Jews have DISTINCTIVELY earned the MOST Nobel Prizes. Jews contribute, almost monthly, an invention for the Good of Mankind. Especially Jewish Invented Medical Technology.
            And Jews did not have 500 YEARS of Western Slavery by way of invasion, murder, plunder, colonisation to propel it . We are also mindful that, if not for its 500 years Brigand & Pirate Policy, the West today could not afford toilet paper to wipe their very sorry, stinking arse! And that’s the reality!
            Every magnificent building, every awesome structure that one sees in the West is from PLUNDER & COLONISATION. Nothing to admire except when we see theWest we MOCK & SPIT. More so now, we see the West fighting each other to be the BEST DHIMMIS.

            Your rule of thumb, so far, is: Jew Bash. Israel Bash. And to forever live in Denial that the Jews are NOT responsible for 9 11.
            To acknowledge that would send you into a comatose state from several strokes. Wish it would happen. I do not wish you well. I never wish anyone who is anti-Jew/anti-Israel to have a nice day. I wish Zechariah’s prophecy : May you die with your eyes burning in their sockets.,
            May your flesh fall off its bones.

            So all Jew haters/Israel haters can go suck muslim cock and lick muslim mutilated cunt.

            We in the East are the new Trend Setters. The West is kaput. Finito. Die slowly, but in agony!

          • Well, keep in mind he is the moderator here 😉
            In Asia, they do not have Jews in office.
            Nor do they really have Leftists.

          • Dirty Dutch

            Good morning Mad.

          • QV3

            Singapore is a prime example of how Jews were and are treated in Asia.
            David Marshall, who was a successful Jewish lawyer had served as Singapore’s first chief minister from 1955 to 1956. To this very day, on the anniversary of his death, many residents from a wide spectrum of the country’s different religions pay their respects to him.
            There are two active synagogues in Singapore for the Jewish population has increased. Rabbi Abergel and the Israeli Embassy in Singapore introduced the Sunday School, which is open to Israeli and Jewish students from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The curriculum focuses on Hebrew and Torah studies, Jewish holidays and tradition.
            Asia continues to be the SAFEST place for Jews.
            China’s GuanZhou hosts a vibrant Jewish population, with synagogues.
            And the rest of Asia.
            There is NO antisemitism in Asia.
            Indian Armed Forces trains its Indian Jews who later make their aliyah to Israel and join the IDF there.
            Jews have their synagogues in Japan, and have influenced Japanese life. It is not easy for any race to influence the Japanese.
            All today revealed as FAILURES & LOSERS.’
            It is only right for us in Asia to mock and spit at those who surrender themselves and their country to savage, muslim barbarians.
            ‘Nuff said.

          • all that wild youth stuff with Brando, backing the guy who wrote “on the road” all deep state subversion creating issues when previously there were none

          • It’s killer to realize your heroes as a youth were supporting the deep state agenda aND NOW, THE PPL YOU THOUGHT WERE GODS ARE GOING THROUGH ALTHEIMERS AND SHIT LETTING YOU BE THAT MUCH MORE AWARE OF YOUR MORTALITY (sorry for the caps)

          • I trusted politicians for a very *few* years.
            They do not ever mean well for humanity.

          • I was for Reagan because I bought his “libertarian” charade

          • Dirty Dutch

            Good afternoon Mad.

          • Not really! I just woke up!

          • Dirty Dutch


          • Sowhat

            We thought that we would be patriot and enlist rather than become a drafted “grunt” and come back in a body bag. We shouldn’t have had to make the choice e. We’ve had No Just War since WW2

          • 58K boomers are dead.
            I agree about WW2 and endless war

          • Sowhat

            The U.S. has a history of choosing VERY poorly which wars to fight. And, after their poor choices, the MSM gets behind their decision and forms public opinion to sway the People to back the government’s decision. Since Eisenhower warned the People about the potential power of the Military Industrial Complex as he left office (see his farewell address on Youtube), we’ve had decades in Wars in which we should have never participated. We are a Warmonger Nation…exactly what The Framers DIDN’T want. We’ve lost individual RIGHTS to privacy and the MIIC has grown exponentially. I forget the exact number but, I believe The U.S. has been engaged in war for something like 224 of the 241 years that we have been a nation.

          • Tommy
      • https://altright.com/2017/08/11/what-it-means-to-be-alt-right/

        “18. The ‘68ers
        The generation born between the years 1945 and 1964 abrogated its duty to safeguard and pass down a civilization to its children. The so-called “‘68ers” engage in childish narcissism of the most extreme kind; they bear responsibility for today’s lamentable state of affairs; and they are seemingly unable even to recognize their culpability.

        A new generation of leadership is desperately needed.”

        See I would even say “the great generation wasn’t so great. All generations are maneuvered uniquely by the elites to push an agenda. I compare the hippy era to the early internet era. It was a wild west phase intentionally created in order to bring up new questions and paranoias to the public that the deep state is called upon to keep us safe from. We were the first generation to refuse to fight in goofy wars (yes, the cold war was fake because the elites owned both sides) but we were also guiven permission to do so and then encouraged to do so by the true creators of the project. (No wars are accidental)

        • The WW2 gen screwed up with their kids. They let them have whatever they wanted and that was the biggest mistake

          • Sowhat

            I respectfully disagree, there. They grew up during the Depression and had little or nothing and made it stretch. My parents were workers and savers and frugal and, most importantly, had integrity and made sure that we children grasped that. I’m a boomer… 1948. Vietnam Vet. Then, corrige. (sp ) Then, life. Boomers take a rap and many deserve criticism. No two people are the same.
            I dislike generalizing. I could say, “I hate Jews.” But I have friends that are Jewish. I probably have Ashkenazi genes but, I despize The Israeli Government and The U. S. Federal Government’s treatment of middle class people. I know that not all Democratic voters are libtards but 80 % of all voters, based upon their cognitive cognitive abilities, should be allowed to vote. So, I’ve rambled. Not everyone is the same.

          • That is the only thing I mentioned where they went wrong.
            Its HIPPIES that are the problem. COMMUNIST Hippies.

            Boomers voted in Trump and Reagan. Gen X gave us Obama and Clinton.

            NO gen is innocent.
            Fine, you hate Jews. Great. You’ve me all of them I presume?

            My husband was born in 1948

          • Sowhat

            The Jewish People are innocent of the deeds of the State, just as the case is in this country. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. I don’t hate ALL Jews like some do. I simply know that the secular State of Zionists that have their tentacles of influence in both State and Federal U.S. Governments is what I have come to despise. They’ve been allowed to meddle in our Governments (State and Federal) for decades and we should throw them out, dissolve the FED, and NOT allow dual citizenship.

          • No duals here.

          • QV3

            How about checking on the Jesuits instead of blaming the convenient scapegoat – israel and Jews, Sowhat?
            Research on How the Jesuits planned and carried out the sinking of the Titanic, and why they did it.
            All the wealthy and powerful men the Jesuits wanted to get rid of were invited to take the cruise.They had to be destroyed because the Jesuits knew they would use their wealth and influence to oppose a Federal Reserve Bank as well as the various wars that were being planned.
            Watch for the Jesuit poop francis machinations to increase in America in coming days. WAKE UP!

          • QV3

            WHO were the Masterminds behind the sinking of the Titanic?
            Fr. Francis Browne Franz Xavier Wernz

            Fr. Browne is the Jesuit Provincial Superior in Ireland

            Fr. Wernz is the Jesuit Superior General

            These men are the masterminds for deliberately sinking the Titanic ship To create the Federal Reserve Bank as part of their long time plan that will finance Russian Communist Revolution And
            The Second 30-Years War (1914 – 1945) And other wars to come under the expense of the innocent American people’s money and resources

            The Jesuit poop Francis says Jesus is Satan
            And Lucifer is god.

            Full Blown Lucifer Worship At The Catholic Vatican

          • Sowhat

            American Jewish influence in our Federal Government and their Leftist agenda are despised by Israelis in Israel, as well. There is blame to be spread, everywhere. I don’t deny the designs of the Jesuits. Israel is NOT a scapegoat. They are easily implicated in many manipulations within the U.S. Governments, both State and Federal. If you believe that the Private Banking Cabal- the Federal Reserve Bank has been good for America, you’re painfully misguided. I also do not deny the manipulation by the Roman Catholic Church, a hugely influential entity, historically. There is enough blame to go all around and it reflects very poorly on the lack of intelligence in many circles within the U.S. government, over decades, as well.

      • Melvin Polatnick

        Bouncing around between left and right ideologies solves nothing. The playing field of America makes it impossible to navigate sanely.Only a society based on merit can lead its citizens out of a madhouse. The retards left behind can be offered castration and a monthly allowance to survive.

      • Tommy

        You make my balls ache

      • thanks, looking forward to this!

  • Melvin Polatnick

    My Jewish lady friend married a Nazi. At first he was kind and then Anti-Semitism poked its ugly head. He beat her daily. She fled to Israel and joined the army. NEVER MARRY A NAZI.