Roy Moore Has Been Convicted Of NOTHING. This Is The USA: GUILTY With Thumbs Down

This is the society you live in people:  No justice. No due process.  Just ‘get whitey’:  defame, demonize, destroy.  And, the GOP & DEMS love it this way.

ROBOCALL seeks ‘damaging’ information on Roy Moore:

With a “Thumbs down”, a man’s life is destroyed.  And, this is a big reason I didn’t jump on the Weinstein bandwagon.  Because I believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty.  Don’t ya’all find it odd that all of these accusations were never exposed in all the time Roy Moore served as a Judge?  Suddenly,  Moore is running for Senate and the crooks, thieves and liars find a bunch of lying bs and say it’s the truth..? Why didn’t they release this supposed issue, say…last month?  

   “This is Fake!”: Body Language Expert Says Judge Moore Accuser Was ‘Acting…Not a Real Victim’,   IT’S A FAKE! Analyst Says Judge Roy Moore Signature Inside Gloria Allred Accuser’s Yearbook Was FORGED,  “I Don’t Even Know the Woman”: Judge Roy Moore Denies Allegations By Gloria Allred’s Accuser (VIDEO)

Is this the type world you people want to live in?  Where the main stream media decides who is innocent or who is guilty?  So far, Moore has been convicted of NOTHING.

Is this the type of country you want……………..?

Will this type of ‘justice’ work for you Liberal gasbags as you get arrested for dope, indecent exposure etc?

  • In addition to all that you have said above, TMJ, I suspect that this is a trial balloon that will be used in future elections.

    The establishment will levy scurrilous accusations to take down candidates the establishment and deep state ordains unacceptable, meaning non-beneficial to their agenda, of the swamp and for the swamp.

    What are the odds that the allegations levied against Weinstein and others, many of which are true, and you’re right (about being judged in the court of opinion and their lives destroyed) by pink-pussy hat feminists who don’t give a damn about women’s rights or the rights of victims but a tool to forward the Communist agenda.

    Crazy, TMJ, but Progressive feminists are hypocrites, they claim that they support women’s rights but align themselves with jihadi, Linda Sarsour.

    Sexual allegations have become a weapon to neutralize others and the Progressive establishment in both parties love it and are going to wield it to take down good Americans.

    This is giving all new meaning to the Salem with trials.

    • I just think it was silly as shit re. Weinstein. I mean, I hate the gross pig but why did those women all come out of hiding 20 years LATER?

      • Melvin Polatnick

        Armies of elderly Commies are ready to accuse wealthy Capitalists of groping them as teeny boppers. They expect the rich and famous to flee the USA in shame. Bolsheviks will seize power to celebrate the 1917 Russian Revolution .

        • QV3

          Bolsheviks have been controlling the US since 1913.
          Bolsheviks were created by your Wall Street and your oligarchs.
          And Russia suffered because of America’s Bolsheviks.

          • Russia suffered because of their own Bolsheviks at the turn of the century.
            I dont see Russia suffering. In fact, I am glad they are doing ok!!

          • QV3

            MJ, isn’t is damning proof to the Leftists, Liberals, et al in the West it took a Conservative, Russian Patriot Mr. Vladimir Putin who dragged Russia out of the near collapse of the 1990s, and built it in back to the world stage, as possibly the world’s 3rd most powerful country–in less than two decades.
            There is no Western politician to be found that compares to Mr. Putin and his achievements. This man saved Russia from the collapse projected and instigated by Western politics. Russia in 1999 and Russia now – compare and judge.
            Where is the West today? Living on bended knees as they surrender their country to the savage and barbaric muslims.
            Where is America? Keen on killing its legally, democratically elected President and threatened , daily, by its Leftists, Liberals, Feminists, Progressives, Cultural Marxists, Blacks, etc.
            Point: Russia speeds ahead to progress, prosperity.

          • QV3

            Russia’s military today is 2 million strong. Russians’ patriotism is demonstrated by hordes volunteering to defend their country.
            America does not have that. It is reported, just a couple of days ago, the US military is now accepting anybody, people with drug and mental problems.They were also talking about scouring the 3rd world for anyone willing to do military service in exchange for a green card.
            Why? Because the US army is 476,000, well below the target of 540,000.
            Who to blame? The two Communist presidents — Bill Clinton and the Black Simian Obama – put into power by LEFTISTS, LIBERALS, FEMINISTS.

  • William best

    Indeed, it’s getting crazier and crazier. Just came over from gab, speaking of crazy…

    • Im on Gab also, you follow me?

      • William best

        Yes, I do. That’s where I got your web site from. Getting ready to delete my account over there. It was ok for a while, but I’m getting tired of it.

        • I wish you wouldnt leave!

          • William best

            Everyday, same thing, Jew, Jew, Jew. Today I got told I was beta. I don’t want to be associated with that element. Wanted a forum where I could get friends who were conservative, not insane. They are no better than the antifa.

          • It was the same thing for me on Twitter. Same on Gab. Im so used to the Jew hate now, I just brush it off

          • William best

            True, I’ve seen the hate directed towards you. But, doxing is soon to follow, and I can’t afford that. Maybe I should open another acct?

          • Ive been doxed many times. Im just used to it.
            I get hundreds of shitty meme’s posted at me.
            If you want to open an account, sure. but, if you really are cautious about doxing? Well, get a proxy

          • William best

            I’ll probably try and limit my posting over there. Went back earlier today, had a look around. I really appreciated a forum where we could talk openly and criticize leftists without being banned…but…I’ll stay on though, Thanks.

          • Ok 🙂 Send me a message sometime if you need me.

          • William best

            Thanks! I will.

      • QV3

        Sent you an email on Trump’s visit to China. Did you see it?

  • QV3

    ‘Tis the Season of old hags wanting 2 minute fame and paid for by Soros & the DemocRats to get at Trump. Moore, a Trump ally, was leading substantially in the polls going up to the election against Leftist Democrat Doug Jones. And Leftist Wapo drummed up allegations from forty years ago that Judge Moore, single at the time, had ‘initiated an encounter of a sexual nature’ with a minor of 14… just after the Post endorsed Doug Jones, of course.
    BUT, the OAS Network reportedly aired a segment that there are recordings that show WAPO reporter Beth Reinhard bribing women with offers of $1,000 to smear Judge Roy Moore. And that the recordings have now been turned over to the Etowah County Sheriff’s Department.
    Its not over yet.
    As it stands, it is his own Republican Party that is aligning with the DemocRats to oust him.
    Didn’t you read Mitch McConnell practically tripped over his own feet in his haste to say that Judge Moore should withdraw? And he also saw to it that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) pulled all funding from Moore’s campaign.
    Roy Moore is undergoing a ‘baying of the jackals’ phase. Seems to be the trend in America.
    The people of Alabama know who Judge Roy Moore is, and that he is a Godly, honest and principled man. And they’re not stupid. This baying of jackals will fail, and Judge Roy Moore will be Alabama’s next senator.

      • Hi MJW, long time no see. Ever since setting up my first Disqus channel ” Not the Jerusalem Post ” I have been very busy using Disqus for commenting on & now own 8 Disqus channels & am a moderator on 8 more . I would like to invite you first of all to drop in on NtJP which you are following & say hi to the gang, we are now 1 year old ( on 27th Nov.) & have 2,514 followers and I invite you to check out my general News & feature channel called News which covers news, gossip, movie & music clips, jokes, fashion, sport, recipes.

        • New York

          –> “Get the **** off of my channel anti-semitic stalker, you are banned!”

          Nothing I said was anti-Semitic, meanwhile the other guy was implying Russians
          are primitive for having Mongolian blood, and you didn’t ban him for racism. When you’re this openly biased you can’t expect to be taken seriously, scumbag.

          • Englewode (New York)

            Mahatmacoatmabag, you’re such a coward for deleting your post.

  • QV3

    My goodness. how does America and its people expect the rest of the world for respect?
    Your leftists , liberals and progressives are being mocked and laughed at by Asia, and especially China that accorded Mr. Trump a never-before-welcome to the potus. History was made when China rolled out the red carpet from the airport where Mr. & Mrs. Trump descended on red carpet lined steps, to red carpet inspection of the military, red carpet entrance to its historical Forbidden City which now houses the Palace Museum, the former imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
    No other US president has ever been accorded such honour, respect, and love by the Chinese people who have been impressed with the First Lady and President Trump.
    They cringe and remember with utter disgust at America’s former potus and his ghetto wife. China showed its contempt by making Obama arrive on Chinese soil through the Exit Door.

    And then, you America, allow your DemocRat sewer rats, your leftists, liberals, progressives to make a disgusting spectacle with Roy Moore. And undo all that your President did in uplifting your image in the eyes of Asia’s largest country. And the other countries of the Asian Continent.
    Especially his own Republican party that acts so ‘kiasu’ (me, me, me) as they turn their backs on Republican Moore who only appears to be in trouble. Cowards filled with fear of losing their membership in the Congressional club with its prestige, position, power, pay, perks and pension. When we remember Bill Clinton and his many women that came to accuse him of rape, and his famous lie: “I did not sleep with that woman” All forgiven and forgotten with much aplomb!

    We question the mental state of the American people . Don’t you people understand that the world has become a very, very small place? .Everyday your leftists, liberals, progressives, politically correct tell the world you are a nation of cowards, clowns, war mongers, liars, corrupt to the core.
    And you elect those who would destroy you and your country in power?

  • Mr. agitatorX

    Leeann Tweeden KABC interview re: Al Franken, edited for brevity. With me, Al Franken

  • lostlegends

    I was the star defense witness in an harassment case on the job. A male co-worker was accused. His lawyer was a woman. She interviewed me at length, and said she would put me on the stand first thing in the morning. I worked side-by-side with my co-worker, a married man. The woman who accused him was single, and had lots of half-naked men on her cubicle walls. His lawyer after talking to me phoned her lawyer and said I would be on the stand next. Plaintiff heard that and dropped the charges like a live grenade. The plaintiff filed charges due to jealousy at getting rejected by him.

    Myself and a co-worker at another job were accused of sexual harassment after we declined to meet 3 young women at a dance club. They got mad at being rejected and charged us. Our manager interviewed us and they dropped the matter.

    I was accused of sexual harassment while a state internal auditor in Cal. She invited me to go on a 3 day trip to San Diego with her. She played in a musical group. I declined. She discovered I had a girl friend, and to add insult to injury my girl friend was Malaysian. The young woman accuser was Vietnamese. The Malays and Viets hate each other. The investigation concluded the case was about jealousy,anger and rejection. I was cleared of any wrong doing. But what a load of shit to wade through. It took several months of bullshit.

    Won-Lose Record: Men 3, chicks 0.

    “Hell hath no fury like a bitch scorned.” Shakespeare, “The Taming of the Shrew.” The more things change the more they stay the same.