Some Are Saying TX Shooting Is A Hoax & Massacre Was Predicted Before Shooting

Some Are Saying TX Shooting Is A Hoax & Massacre Was Predicted Before Shooting

Because our government is so corrupted, maybe it’s best to not believe or put your trust in the media??   And, since the government is rotten from the head to the tail, there will be theorists who look into alternative news.  Who can blame them…?

In this video below, (start at 2.00 minutes) see the stamp from a website called “4 Chan”.   Posters on 4 chan have actually predicted many events.  

The stamp claims: “Watch the news in TX tomorrow, something big is coming”.  How did this person know?  Discern for yourselves and sift it out yourselves.

Here is a screen cap from 4 chan and it is being removed off the net.  So, keep it:

First video above was taken down by Youtube.  This person on Youtube has an array of videos:  JYW 420  (Youtube account deleted after we posted this)

UPDATE:  Here is another video that shows the 4 Chan post warning about the event in TX:

I retain, I don’t know what happened in Texas..

This is because I don’t ever believe the media.

  • Dirty Dutch

    Idk either.

    And no I don’t believe the media either.

  • QV3

    Another move by the LEFT for Gun Control!
    Another point driven home: Masculinity is toxic.
    Masculinity means: Mass shootings. Besides domestic violence, rape culture.
    We will , in coming days, hear the amoral, anti-religious, anti-tradition individuals and institutions, nearly all leftist and liberal leaning, use to redefine, isolate and eradicate traditional masculinity of Males in Western society.
    Peoples of the West will be made to understand why.

    • kookooracharabioso

      I remember your warning to me recently and for me it’s been starting – a certain group is acting out through their places of employment for the most part although one tried to run me over in a store parking lot the other day & maybe didn’t complete the job because everyone knows that place has lots of cameras? I can’t walk so well anymore and it’s pretty obvious with a limp so I couldn’t jump out of the way so I ended up stopping & staring her down. Anyways too many incidences to be coincidences.

      • QV3

        It would appear No One is safe in America anymore. With Killery, John McCain walking free and working with George Soros, everyone in America has to look over the shoulder,
        Rand Paul was attacked by his neighbour, a fellow physican, named Boucher. Rand Paul was so viciously attacked he is in hospital with 5 broken ribs,and lung contusions.
        A U S Senator gets attacked, in his home, by a well educated man, BUT who is a LEFTIST.
        The judge ruled it was a misdemeanor , charged Boucher with one count of fourth-degree assault” and released on a wholly disproportionate $7500.00 bond.

        Soros Purple Revolution is underway. Every leftist, every liberal are involved .While they are around, No One in America is Safe.

  • kookooracharabioso

    Was in a long wait situation the other day & a friendly guy around my age was talking with me. Eventually I commented on the “Lone Wolf ” gun store t-shirt he was wearing cuz that fast & furious place is close to my residence & I know a young dumsh*t that did time for being a straw buyer plus alot of my younger co-workers were wearing the t-shirts which was totally incongruous to me at the time cuz of who they were – so I think that many people in my area were straw buyers & never got caught & that the whole situation must have gone on alot longer than ever exposed. . . .so the conversation of course went to the topic of this post of yours & I told him how recently the news seems dead to me – don’t know why for sure & I was making it about me but this total stranger spoke a thought that had been tickling the back of my consciousness & he said no “they” make it that way. . . . Don’t know how “they” could do that but there it is.

  • Steve Pini

    I heard this morning on the way to work that the church is already open as a memorial to the victims. I’m tempted to drive down there and take a look for myself. I hope your’re doing good Paulie!

  • William best

    Now another one in California…can’t keep up with it

  • Assume all this crap is fake until they cover it honestly and investigate crimes like they did in the old days