The MASK Of Evil…

The MASK of evil.

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Evil does not have a face like you would think. It is not snarling with teeth.
Evil often times has a smiling face.
Many times evil comes across as sweet, likable and fancy.
Evil will swindle you and you don’t even see it.
Evil steals from you with an innocent face.
Evil has big, swelling words. Evil comes across as a minister of light & life. Evil is only ‘in it’ to appear good. To appear holy and saintly.

Evil says: “I am poor and needy”
You give evil your possessions. You give evil a TV, you give evil a car.  You give evil whatever it asks because it declares “I am good!”  But, evil has stolen from you and you do not see it because of it’s pure-looking face.

You believe evil is good because you have not verified.

Evil often has a trail of hurt people behind it. A person will perhaps check this out and when he/she does, they will not believe the hurts inflicted because Evil smiles at you and says: “Me? NEVER”.

So, you take the side of the evil because of its mask and face. You have joined the evil and now are an accessory in its offense.

“Woe to them that call good….evil and evil…good”

  • William best

    Remember those old cartoons with an angel on one shoulder, and devil on the other? Sometimes I wonder if they knew my thoughts…

    • So true, William.
      I hope you are well today 🙂

      • William best

        Yes, trying to be one and not the other…

  • QV3

    MJ, you have described America’s Darling for Years: Killery Clinton!
    She Walks Free despite her Evil on America, Americans, and Libya.
    Not even a Trump could have her in Orange Suit.

    • Melvin Polatnick

      Hillary has enough dirt on high level Americans to silence them. She protected her husband and now protects herself from criminal indictments. The Pedophile Files have over one thousand names with pics of naked political leaders. Hillary keeps them for her protection.

      • QV3

        So it is really Satan America. Satan looks after his own.

  • Trolldaddy

    The Snake Oil Salesman, promising salvation in a bottle with a smiling face…for a price, he is the poster child for evil and an icon for modern politicians

  • the only good news I have heard in 25 years

    Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, issued the following statement:

    “America is proud of our immigrant heritage and our long-standing moral leadership in providing support to migrant and refugee populations across the globe. No country has done more than the United States, and our generosity will continue. But our decisions on immigration policies must always be made by Americans and Americans alone. We will decide how best to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter our country. The global approach in the New York Declaration is simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty.”

    • Dirty Dutch

      Good morning Mad.

    • John Taylor

      Never forget though that Nikki Haley betrayed her SC constituency repeatedly.