I’m Taking Off For A Couple Weeks, Merry CHRISTMAS & Happy Hanukkah

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Time for me to take a couple weeks off.  I know I don’t blog more than 2-3x a week anymore but I just dont want to answer any questions or chat.  I’m tired of the news and need to get the hell outta here.

Ya all have a GREAT Holiday season.  I know I will since I do both a little Hanukkah and a little Christmas 🙂


My FAV Hanukkah song:

Below is my favorite Christmas song.. It will drive lots of fellow Jews nuts that I love this one best but it makes me cry like crazy.  Reminds me of when my Nana was alive and we had an antique shop.  Nana would play this song.  Nana was an ethnic Sephardic Jew, but she loved Christmas and so do I.  I love the tree, everything.



  • William best

    Ah, I hadn’t seen you around the neighborhood. All the Best!

  • QV3

    Have a much needed rest, MJ. It might be the last Xmas for the Western world.
    Best Wishes and a Happy Hanukkah to you and David.
    Loving Metta, QV

  • kookooracharabioso

    Me too, you too, us too . . .

    • QV3

      Hi Koo, have a wonderful Xmas with your loved ones.

  • God bless you, TMJ. This year has been overwhelming on many levels. Wishing you the best.


  • Steve Pini

    Stopping by to say Merry Christmas Paulie! I still love ya!

  • lostlegends

    Merry Christmas and a Joyous Hanukkah to you and your family.

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  • QV3

    Hi MJ, returned home yesterday after a wonderful holiday wit darling wife and sons.
    Singapore is GREAT! Amazingly, so!

  • QV3

    Happy New Year, MJ & David.

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