• Well Twitter and all the rest of them are bedroom spies now … It is to be expected …. It is the normal progression of tyranny …. The manifestation of Orwell …So my thing is that I am probably too insignificant a human being for anybody to develop an animosity toward … I mean in all reality when it comes down to it I am nothing but cord wood for the bigger fire …It is an egregious state of affairs to be sure but like Tony Soprano always said, “What’cha gonna doo?”

    • I know, right? The whole world seems to have turned tyrannical with Commies and Nazis

      • QV3

        Pauli, it is not just twitter. It is also youtube. I received a notification from youtube that a German had lodged a complaint that my comments on the current state of Germany where Germans increasingly vent they do not feel safe with Merkel’s horde of Muslims who threaten and deprive German women’s rights in their own land was against German law. I researched and this is what I found.
        In Germany, a new law, the Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, requires social-media companies to remove hate speech and fake news within 24 hours or face fines of up to €50 million (US$63 million).

        So, what faces the peoples of the world is the Internet and social media, once viewed as powerful tools for democratic progress, have been captured by authoritarian regimes.
        And Merkel’s regime is indeed authoritarian, deceitful, and causing grave harm to the German people. What does one conclude when Merkel bans more than 500,000 Muslim Rapes from being reported?

        • WOW!

          • QV3

            Looks like America is the last bastion of the West with a President Trump .
            All Europe are now DHIMMIFIED.
            Passing laws that makes any negative reference to islam and muslims verboten.
            So far, God is still protecting President Trump as he battles with the Deep State and its evil institutions.