We stand before God for OURSELVES only

Almost every day, I am blamed for ‘my people’.  I thank God that collective ‘Great white throne judgment’ is for individuals only.

  • kookooracharabioso

    One of my consistent battles is questioning why I feel shame for those that have none for what they have done. It hits me & then I have to cast it off. Why? They have no connection to me. So good reminder.

    • QV3

      Its called conscience. God put a little voice called conscience that rears its head and throbs a person when injustice or evil is done. But it is a tiny voice. Batted down to complete and total silence by Evil people, including sociopaths and psychopaths, God-haters, Devil worshippers.
      Example: The demons at the Vatican, politicians like Killery and Obama, paedophiles like Bush and Podesta, child abusers/killing like the Royal House of Europe and their paedophile loving /supporting governments, news channels of which the British Buggering Children stands out.
      Like Monsanto that is heavily involved in de-population, and Big Parma eager to kill children and adults with now mandatory vaccinations. Note, this only happens mainly in the West..

      • kookooracharabioso

        Well said. I’ve got a huge battle coming up directly with the minions of Satan for my very survival & nobody has had a conscience towards me or people like me who suffer the effects of cost shifting – been hitting a brick wall for a decade. Oh just another white collar crime. Well this one deprives me of my citizenship & guarantees voicelessness all in the name of helping.