Do We Want US Military To Become A Human-Eating Monster?

It ALREADY is…but so many people dont know it because they’re stupid.

 “My people perish from lack of KNOWLEDGE”.     -Hosea 4:6

For Roscoe..

  • QV3

    Well, the USA has John Bolton and Nikki Haley playing musical chairs in WDC. Trump’s new foreign policy means that the State Department now has diplomats that do not believe in diplomacy.In the Trumpean world of all-the-time-stupid, there is, however, one individual who stands out for her complete inability to perceive anything beyond threats of unrelenting violence combined with adherence to policies that have already proven to be catastrophic. Ain’t Americans fed daily vitroil by Nikki Haley in blasting Russia, threatening North Korea. Supported by the US barking dog in the person of Bill Kristol.
    She has declared that Russia “is not, will not be our friend” and has lately described the Russians as having their hands covered with the blood of Syrian children. In the wake of the US cruise missile attack against Syria, she announced that the action was potentially only the first step. She declared that Washington was “locked and loaded,” prepared to exercise more lethal military options if Syria and its Russian and Iranian supporters did not cease and desist from the use of chemical weapons. In her fluoridated cranium she envisions Mr. Putin in a corner quaking and shivering from ‘fear’.
    How many of the American people know that Haley had no foreign experience of any kind prior to assuming office? Who are her foreign-policy ‘experts’? Why , the NEO-CONS, of course. It is a known fact neo-cons doe not need clearance from the State dept.

    As for John Bolton, the world is well acquainted with the Hawk.
    John Bolton’s hawkish credentials laid bare

    The American people are so proud. Exceptional Americans thumping their chest and shouting rah rah. Who’s doing the dying? Oh, slit eyes, sand niggers, etc. No bombs are falling on American soil.
    And they support their hawk and feminist.

    • QV3

      Gee, does Trump’s screaming shrew at the UN know the history of America and Russia as she viciously threatens Mr. Putin and Russia?

      • Hi QV. Nice to see you. Im busy the next few days. Haley and Bolton just want to bomb all the humans

        • QV3

          Hi Paulie, back from Hanami (viewing sakura – cherry blossoms) in Japan and S.Korea. Beautiful as ever. War in a fortnight? I shall have the sakura in my mind’s eye.
          Haley and Bolton are supported by the Neo-Cons. How far Trump is controlled by the Neo-Cons?

          • I don’t know, I just know better than to trust th us govt!

          • Cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Lucky you

          • QV3

            Japan’s sakura (cherry blossoms) are the most beautiful – compared with Koreas, Taiwan, Chinese. And Hokkaido the most pristine, most natural piece of God’s paradise.

  • kookooracharabioso

    My husband says amen – agree from a war veteran, former SEAL, former POW.

  • QV3

    MJ, surfing and scouring the internet, opinions of America’s neo-cons, hawks, chest thumping ‘exceptional’ Americans living in ‘exceptional’ America — the MINDSET is in the 20th century COLD WAR.
    So, YES! The US Military is supported by its politicians and majority people to continue as a Human-Eating Monster.

    Nothing’s changed. Remember this? As it was then, so it is now.

    Madeleine Albright justifies the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children as “worth it”

    BUT only in the ME, and small countries that don’t have a military to fight back. Although Vietnam showed , 40+ years ago, that modern weaponry is no match for fierce nationalism as they beat the Crap out of Mighty USA .

    The US military is in NO shape to take on Russia or China. That doesn’t stop them from having their nightly Wet Dream of defeating Russia and having Russians live on bended knees. For sure , we know it will be Americans who will suffer that fate.

    • I know about the ppl here QV. Ive never seen such robots. Ya cant tell anyone anything. I have ONE couple I know that ‘knows’ what is going on. Just one.

      • QV3

        Americans will go to their deaths in askance when Jeremiah 50 hits them. And curse God with their dying breath.

  • kookooracharabioso

    Today’s bright spot (yesterday’s but it’s a really lasting bright for me) and I hope to see someone put it together better than me but it’s 2 black women still cleaning up other people’s messes but this time in D.C. Yay Diamond and Silk! I pray that you can get this done! I don’t even Facebook but am dismayed, disheartened & disgusted at what is going on.

    On the eve of Arizona’s special election I perused the Twitter feed of each candidate & the Republican candidate’s site was full of trolls – haters and the Democratic candidates’ site was full of supporters. The Republican candidate is not defensible in many ways to be sure but the Democratic candidate also has problems. Some of the haters made good points that I agree with and probably don’t have anywhere else to express it. It was also painful to read the pundits trying to stay relevant in explaining the outcome without touching any of the 3rd rail real issues & I can draw a really straight line for them but comments sections are now mostly eliminated.

    • QV3

      Koo, Diamond & Silk had to testify under oath. Mark ZuckerCyborg did not. Just imagine if Diamond & Silk had been on the panel on BBC QT last night as the likes of Caroline Lucas and Diane Abbott yet again labelled President Trump as racist and misogynist. Leftist, Liberal, Feminist controlled and ruled Britain do NOT like white MAN Trump. They prefer giggling, girlie, limp gay Black Macaque Obama.
      Diamond and Silk Opening Statement At House Judiciary Committee Hearing 4/26/18

      • kookooracharabioso

        Sad – everyone seems to be snickering at them – even children. Disgusting. I love them.

        • QV3

          Koo, must be leftist/liberal/feminist slime slugs and their malformed offsprings.

  • QV3

    Do Americans have the guts to ask their Media: Why is the Media Complicit in America War Crimes?
    Your American media gives so much LYING coverage on Assad, Douma, Russia, but zilch on war crimes committed by the Western-backed Saudi regime on Yemen over the past three years.
    Just this week an horrendous massacre of up to 50 women and children at a wedding party in Yemen, carried out by the US, British and French-backed Saudi air force.
    Two wedding halls in Hajjah Province were obliterated in the air strikes. Body parts were strewn among the debris in a hellish scene. ZILCH reporting by Western media criminals. BUT we did see the agonizing, pontificating faces of Trump, May, and Macron about the “human suffering” in Syria. On Yemen, they say nothing.The Western media are propaganda cleaners for their criminal governments. This week’s distortion about a false flag in Syria and the horror in Yemen is the proof.
    In the face of Russia, Syria to bring 17 eyewitnesses of events in Douma to OPCW, western media charlatans have all but disappeared with their LIES.


    • I hear this ‘deal’ with NKOREA SKOREA is bad, Q.v. I was talking with a Japanese person about it.
      What say you?

      • QV3

        It is the Best ‘deal’. Paulie. it means both brothers of the Koreas are now united as One Family – the Koreas. Since the Unresolved Korean War ended in stalemate in July 17 1953, PEACE could not be allowed by the US.

        Attacks on defenseless civilians In North Korea were specifically to create anger and prevent negotiation. For a government to sign a peace treaty under such conditions is essentially unconditional surrender. For two years of negotiations at Panmunjom, every time it appeared a peace settlement was near there would be a massive air raid, a ground offensive, a naval bombardment, or all three.

        When it appeared the Chinese were willing for a cessation of hostilities at the 38th parallel where it all began, three defenseless North Korean port cities were subjected to 41 straight days and nights bombardment by the navies of three nations and America’s Air Force. (same tactic was used on Serbia)

        That most intense naval and air bombardment of any city in history, against totally defenseless women and children, went totally unreported in the Western press. Instead of dictatorial powers planning to overwhelm the West militarily, those we were told were a dreaded dictatorial enemy were making every effort to return to peace and were being bombed and shelled to prevent a peace settlement.

        the United States never built the light-water reactors promised in the Agreed Framework, never followed up with serious economic engagement, never worked toward diplomatic recognition, and never reduced in any way the huge array of weapons pointing in North Korea’s direction. When Washington assures Pyongyang that it has no intention of launching a pre-emptive strike, Pyongyang can’t get images of Serbia, Iraq, and Libya out of its mind.

        Former S.Korea president Park was ready to fight alongside the US to ‘attack” North Korea, while the vassal state allowed military drills provoking North Korea. The very day the current President Moon Jae-in took office, he categorically told Trump ‘there will be no war with its northern brother’. From then on, both koreas planned meeting between Moon Jae-in (President of South Korea) and Kim Jong-un and opened up new possibilities, given the good will of the leadership of both countries to resolve their long-standing problems. Proceeding according to the timeline presented , the meeting between the two leaders should take place in May, paving the way for the much more critical meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in a place yet to be decided, but one which would have high symbolic value.
        We have learned in recent months that the incumbent of the Oval Office has little influence over the dictates of the foreign-policy establishment, the deep state — a toxic concoction of industrialists, politicians, think-tank experts, former politicians, soldiers, and philanthropists dedicated solely to the preservation of the role of American primacy, with aspirations to global hegemony, dictated by the (wrong) belief that America is an exceptional country. As highlighted by the Nuclear Posture Review, Washington has to deal with two peer competitors (China and Russia) and two minor opponents (Iran and North Korea) and plans its actions in the long term. The US troops stationed in South Korea reflect the desire of policy-makers to surround the Heartland and its periphery to contain the two powers that occupy this geographical space: Russia and China.

        The presence of American troops in South Korea is part of this geostrategic project and is crucial to the balance of power. All of these factors, in addition to the need to keep the flow of South Korean money into the coffers to US defense companies, indicate how the talks initiated by DPRK, South Korea and the United States are anything but straightforward.

        What appears to be emerging is very similar to a strategy cleverly developed by the North Korean leadership over a number of years. As Pyongyang needed to bring the US to the negotiating table, while at the same time guaranteeing its survival, it pursued its nuclear-weapons programme. Since Washington seems to have understood that a military solution is not practicable, especially given the pressure brought to bear by its allies all too cognizant of a nuclear-armed DPRK, Pyongyang is now willing to display its good will, deciding to surprise the world by embarking on negotiations, with the renunciation of its nuclear weapons as a major bargaining chip. Under these conditions, Pyongyang is willing to cooperate, and South Korea welcomes the initiative with open arms, accelerating the meeting between the two leaders and paving the way for peace on the peninsula. The People’s Republic of China applauds the diplomatic efforts and encourages South Korea, and later America, in these diplomatic efforts.

        Sophisticated North Korea Diplomacy has rewarded Kim Jong-un. Should the May meeting result in US belligerency or bullying, or even uncooperative, this would free the relevant parties, including allies, from taking the US into consideration. Beijing would easily take the place of Washington as a mediator between North and South Korea, starting tripartite talks, taking into account everyone’s interests but Washington’s. The focus of the US will be on achieving the least negative outcome for itself, given that it knows it has one of the weakest hands to play at the negotiating table.
        Thus, the difference between the minds of the ME (Libya) and the minds of the Far East. We are, indeed, superior! but do not flaunt it. But rise to the occasion as and when needed.

        • kookooracharabioso

          That 2nd to last paragraph was what I was thinking.

          • QV3

            koo, the region is also thinking same. The US will fuck up. As usual.
            And NO. North Korea is NOT going to de-nuclearize. Kim made no mention of the nuclear weapons and missile programmes that have led to a state of high risk in his relations with the US. The region are holding the breadth to see how the Empire of Chaos and its lackey the unrepentant war criminal Japan to carry out their shenanigan and put the Koreas back on the warring path.
            The US has proved, again and again, time and again, that its Word is worth nothing, that it can never ever be trusted. The US is a Deceiver and a Liar.
            Look at Syria.

          • I just dont trust MY govt QV. I have no thoughts on Im Jung. I do not trust MY govt

          • QV3

            Well, so does Kim Jong Un, and President Xi. They don’t trust the US govt. Not after President Trump told the whole world he was withdrawing US troops from Syria. That was on April 4, 2018. On April 11, he promised strike on Syria –
            that missiles fired at Syria “will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’” and telling the Kremlin that it should not partner with a “Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!” Russia shot back it would riposte if any of its soldiers were killed. The Allied armies were therefore tasked with the mission of being careful to spare them.The Allies claim to have fired 105 missiles, while the Russians counted 103.
            When the Syrians became swamped by the number of allied missiles, the Russian army deployed its system for inhibiting the commands and controls of NATO, which paralysed most of their launchers. This was the first time that the French were confronted with this system, which had already caused problems for the US and the British in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and Kaliningrad. And the Syrians shot down 71 US missiles with 30 year old Soviet Defense System! Whither US superior missiles?
            What did the rest of the world envisage? The US and its allies operation turned out to be the greatest military fiasco since the Second World War. And the world woke up to witness the armies of the US and its allies are not what they used to be.
            Today, we read reports US generals complain:Russians Are Jamming Our Gunships, Knocking Down Our Comms in Syria.
            As I said: the vietnamese beat the crap out of the US way back in 1975. The US has yet to upgrade its armed forces, its missiles, etc. Keep having Wet Dreams Amerikaners. We love it!

          • jimmy

            We aren’t going to be leaving Syria until we hand Syria to Turkey that’s why when Trump announced he would be withdrawing US troops from Syria and let those “other people take over” those other people are the Turk’s. Yes I did hear that Russia told the US where it could and could not bomb and none of the red lines drawn were crossed when we bombed the science research facility that was allegedly housing chemical weapons. And one of the biggest reasons we lost the Vietnam War is we weren’t trained in guerilla warfare and the Vietnamese were.

          • QV3

            The US’ determination to maintain its presence in Syria is primarily about crude and pipelines.The Syria affair was and is a proxy war. The United States just challenged Syria, Russia, and the world to either throw them out, or be prepared for more energy warfare. This is about oil in the east of Syria, pipelines, vested interests, and other subjects Secretary [of State Rex] Tillerson is intimately familiar with.Tillerson also insisted that Iran’s influence in Syria needs to be diminished and advocated the necessity of Bashar al-Assad’s departure from power.
            As for Turkey, Russia is till very much in charge. A day after the March 18 Turkish capture of Afrin from the US-armed Kurdish forces, Erdogan told the media he was even going to appoint a governor, other bureaucrats, and staff from the ministry of education to the Syrian Kurdish town. In steps Russia;
            “We always proceed from the fact that the easiest way to normalize the situation in Afrin, now that Turkish representatives say that the main goals they set there have been achieved, would be to return the territory under the control of the Syrian government,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.
            Moscow’s demand from Ankara to hand Afrin over to Damascus leaves Erdogan’s administration in a predicament.
            Not only will Erdogan have to explain such a move to the public he mobilized behind the assault on the Kurds, but he will also have to withdraw the Turkish army’s proxy Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions from Afrin, an order the militants seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad’s rule may find unacceptable.

            Vietnam: The US is incapable of learning. They should have taken cognizance of Dien Bien Phu where the French were slaughtered like pigs. The Cold War mentality of the Americans revolved around the simple belief held by America that communism was threatening to expand all over south-east Asia
            Vietnam was one of 3 countries, along with Germany and Korea, that got divided due to the Cold War.
            Viet Minh forces won the Battle of Dien Bien Phu and ended French involvement in Indochina. This victory led to the Geneva Conference where the French and Viet Minh negotiated a ceasefire agreement.

            Under the terms of Geneva Accords, France agreed to withdraw its troops from Indochina while Vietnam was temporarily divided into North and South Vietnam, led by Ho Chi Minh and Bao Dai respectively, at the 17th parallel. Civilians were able to move freely between two states for a 300-day period. General elections were to be held within two years, by July 1956, to unify the country.

            However, the accords apparently did not please the United States. And so Hell was wrought on Vietnam , and its surrounding neighbouring lands were turned into the KILLING FIELDS by US PSYCHOPATHS.

            Important to note: America LOST the War. Defeated by FIERCE NATIONALISM. Vs most sophisticated weapons.

        • This is what I received:

          America’s football mentality is celebrating a ‘victory’ because two leftists have just signed an alliance to end American hegemony in Korea.

          ‘Some naive westerners that think North and South Korea are coming together for peace make me sick. Such hypocrisy needs to stop, NOW.’

          • QV3

            Why should it be interpreted that Kim Jong un’s moratorium on nuclear and ballistic missile testing as ‘dark purpose” The world was witness to many ‘dark purpose’ of the US and its allies after WWII and from 1945. 100 million people DIED. More than 120 sovereign countries were invaded and plundered.
            By US ‘dark purpose”.

          • Dont believe anything our Govt does, Qv.
            Hopefully, this all turns out ok

          • QV3

            No one, Not the Chinese, NOT Kim Jong un, NOT Russia, Not the region trust the US. Kim – leading a state that is a master at playing competing powers against one another – was also likely assured that Beijing has his back if the Trump talks end badly. “Kim went to China to say, ‘Please protect our country’,” said Tanaka Hitoshi of the Japan Research Institute.

            Japan, US vassal state, is also in a fix. Japan is truly worried about North Korean threats: It conducts civil missile defense drills and is stretching its defense budget by investing massively in a land-based Aegis missile defense system. Tokyo may have made a strategic error when it declined to even discuss going nuclear in 2006, following Pyongyang’s first nuclear test that year. Had Tokyo moved in that direction, Beijing would likely have cracked down hard on Pyongyang.
            A key domestic agenda is the issue of abductees – Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korean agents. This week, Seoul presidential officials announced that Moon will raise the issue with Kim. That was a surprise: liberal Moon and conservative Abe have an adversarial relationship, particularly with Moon hammering Abe over comfort women.

            BUT if talks or reconciliation with North Korea gets underway, Tokyo may hold the biggest economic carrot.
            US officials have talked themselves into a corner and look unlikely to offer material concessions. South Korea can offer only limited incentives – a return of tourism, humanitarian aid and possibly joint industrial zones. But if Tokyo were to normalize relations with Pyongyang, it would likely offer a package of soft loans and colonial era reparations – similar to the US$800 million it offered South Korea in 1965. Those funds kick-started South Korea’s transformation from agrarian backwater to economic powerhouse

            For Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, following a meeting with North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho, stated Russian support for upcoming talks. Some pundits expect Moscow to sponsor a multilateral security guarantee.
            And Russia has an economic incentive to see inter-Korean reconciliation. The Russian Far East, which shares a narrow border with North Korea, is an underpopulated, undeveloped backwater. Since the mid-1990s, Moscow and Seoul have floated plans to pipe Russian natural gas, as well as electricity lines and a rail link, through North Korea to the prosperous South.
            That plan, if achieved, would be worth billions for Russia. For South Korea, a net energy importer, it would cut energy costs and spread supplier risk, while a rail link to the Trans-Siberian Express would slash export times to Western Europe by up to six days.
            Will Kim agree to give up his nukes?

            Given North Korea’s long obsession with nuclear weapons, now spanning three generations of supreme leaders, and its range of clandestine allies that sustain its WMD programs, it seems unlikely that Kim Jong-un would give up the bomb in exchange for promises that Trump may or may not uphold.
            As previously, the talks will likely focus on what North Korea needs here and now – money, food and time – but its long range nuclear vision will remain the same.

            America is a Continent of INGRATES.

          • Melvin Polatnick

            War economy of the US cannot be ended without vast unemployment and domestic unrest. World peace is unaffordable to those needing those war bucks to pay their lifestyle. Korean friction must continue along with bombing in Afghanistan. No peace in sight.

          • QV3

            And so America must suffer several EMP attacks resulting in millions dead.

          • QV3

            That’s Yoko, a Japanese. Someone tell the Japanese female to worry about her dying Japan. The Koreans, both north and south, have not forgotten the colonisation of their respective countries by Japan.

      • kookooracharabioso

        Yes the mango mousse decorated with a map of unified Korea including islands disputed with Japan. Huge tell.

        Yes could be very bad for Japan and US.

        • We just cannot trust anything right now.

          • Melvin Polatnick

            Trust Mother Nature to watch over your body until she leaves you alone. Hopefully you were gifted with good health and longevity. Mother Nature and God are the same.

          • jimmy

            You’re right about that.

          • We can trust God, though 🙂

          • jimmy

            Yes that’s true only by god’s grace will we be able to discern through this web of lies and not be deceived.

        • QV3

          Koo, I just returned from Japan, one of my most favourite holiday destinations in april for hanami which means “viewing flower” , in this case, viewing the absolute beauty of the cherry blossoms. S.Korea has the sakura but lacks the beauty of the Japanese variety. Japan is literally dying. An accelerating ageing population, barren wombs, and the effects of Fukushima is every where.
          A united koreas can take on a dying Japan. No love lost. Koreans very much remember Japanese colonial rule (1910-1945) was a deeply ambivalent experience for Koreans. On the one hand, Japanese colonialism was often quite harsh. For the first ten years Japan ruled directly through the military, and any Korean dissent was ruthlessly crushed. After a nationwide protest against Japanese colonialism that began on March 1, 1919, Japanese rule relaxed somewhat, allowing a limited degree of freedom of expression for Koreans.WWII saw the Japanese use Korean females as sex slaves.
          The Japanese surrender to the Allies on August 15, 1945, which ended World War II, led to a time of great confusion and turmoil in Korea.
          The country was divided into zones of occupation by the victorious Americans and Soviets, and various individuals and organizations across the political spectrum from Communists to the far Right claimed to speak for an independent Korean government. The Soviets and Americans failed to reach an agreement on a unified Korean government, and in 1948 two separate governments were established, each claiming to be the legitimate government of all Korea: the Republic of Korea in Seoul, in the American zone, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Pyongyang, in the Soviet zone.
          On June 25, 1950, North Korean forces invaded the South. The Korean War drew in the Americans in support of South Korea and the Chinese in support of the North.
          In July 1953, after three years of bloody fighting in which some three million Koreans, one million Chinese, and 54,000 Americans were killed, the Korean War ended in a truce with Korea still divided into two mutually antagonistic states, separated by a heavily fortified “De-Militarized Zone” (DMZ). Korea remained divided ever since. till now.

          Every American should wake up. The US is finito. It is no longer a superpower but FAKES it. US is very good at LYING & FAKERY.

          • Melvin Polatnick

            China will never allow a US politically influenced North Korea on its border. The best outcome would be a politically independent unified Korea. But the US will never allow South Korea to abandon being an American puppet. It looks like a stalemate.

          • QV3

            Well, Russia shares the border with North Korea as much as China does.
            The US tried to prevent the unification of north and south vietnam.
            The world has seen the result of that prevention.
            A united North and South Korea, with China and Russia backing them, can stand up to Trump silliness.
            Trump wants and needs a win in Korea as a badly needed foreign policy achievement.
            Indications are he will be a one-term potus.
            Trump’s legal problems could blow up in his face this summer, right in the peak of the midterm election fever, where many see a shift of power in the House, which would allow the new Democratic committee chairmen to begin launching new investigations of the Trump administration.
            Its going to be one long, hot summer for the US.
            The East will carry on, as usual.

        • QV3

          Koo, here, YOUR americans MINDSET.
          Shut UP after I gave them the link.

          QV3 • 13 hours ago
          Finally, it takes big brother and small brother to re-unite. Peace was NOT allowed in the Koreas by Evil America.


          Hass Mchasserson • 17 hours ago
          That little fat bastard is up to something…Those people have given 0 fuqs for past 60 years…now all of a sudden little fat boy decides to play nice? Something is definitely up.
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          ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ Hass Mchasserson • 15 hours ago
          Maybe he finally realizes that, while he might be able to hit a city or two over here, in the same time frame we could turn his entire country into a glass parking lot.



    • Melvin Polatnick

      Over twenty million American jobs are for producing explosives and packing them into warheads. Many millions build fighter jets and war boats. Most of these hard working people belong to families that send their kids to expensive colleges. Shutting down these jobs will cause an economic disaster, breaking up vibrant families leading to millions of divorces. The war on terrorism protects American values and jobs, it must go on.

  • Melvin Polatnick

    Threats by the US to block oil tankers on their way to China are powerful. A frightened China will easily give into American demands. The first demand will be to open up its borders to American entrepreneurs. One billion Chinese can pay dues to Blue Cross health plans. American participating doctors can reap a fortune.

    • QV3

      You live in la la land. Trump has already LOST the First Round of the Trade War.
      China has all islands armed with nukes.
      the sighting of Chinese spy boat within Australia’s exclusive economic zone during Aussi-American military drills, although legal, is not common.European Russia and Oriental China will likely be inseparable for decades to come. While the western world is suffering a clash of civilizations, Russia and China complement each other.
      FOR STARTERS, tell you stupid Corporates to stop using Chinese companies to manufacture US miliatary component parts.
      America is DONE!