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The Mad Jewess Interview On Youtube: Black On White Crime, #GeorgeZimmerman, Liberal “Jews”

The Mad Jewess Interview On Youtube: Black On White Crime, #GeorgeZimmerman, Liberal “Jews”

Well, after 3 massive, major surgeries that tore right through my poor tummy and taking off 50 plus pounds (I still have 20 or so more to go) & after laying on my duff recovering, I finally decided to do an interview with a very nice young, Jewish lady who is 25 years old with her head on.  I was very nervous and fidgety, so, please excuse me.   We cover a few subjects, including Zimmerman, black on white crime, white flight, etc.

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We will be doing many more Youtubes in the upcoming weeks, since I don’t feel so fat anymore  😀   Thanks. Shalom and God bless..


DALLAS MASSACRE: Libs AND Cons Called Me Racist For YEARS Re. Black/White Race Wars/Crime. IDIOTS!

DALLAS MASSACRE: Libs AND Cons Called Me Racist For YEARS Re. Black/White Race Wars/Crime. IDIOTS!

‘Black Lives Matter’ – domestic terrorist organization which has been given encouragement by the MSM and the Obama administration.

*The tables have not ‘turned’.. Black males have been murdering white people and cops for decades.  It is encouraged by Liberals and by Conservative apathy.


For years this blog and my other blog reported black on white crime.   See my old blog: The Mad Jewess black on white crimes, race wars @ WordPress.  [And here on the tab above.]

I have been banned on any number of blogs & websites for only reporting race crimes and being honest.  Honesty in the late, great USSA is ‘racism’.     Reporting and talking about racial crimes perpetrated against white people is ‘bigotry’.     Blogging about my own experiences being ‘white’ in a city taken over by violent Mexican/Hispanic gangs is prejudiced.  

Now, there are dead Police officers all over America.  5 in the latest slaughter in Dallas.  Dead whites in the thousands, nationwide.   The white person is becoming hunted like a Jew was in the early 1930’s.     White-hating propaganda fills air-waves, television shows, magazines.   Openly talking about how all whites should die is not even an ‘outrage’, it is an accepted form of speech.    Publishing books about ‘evil’ satanic white people is encouraged and admired.  

Liberals and Conservatives alike are the powder magazine in the guns of the young, black, militant males.   This is why you can go to hell and I will  not EVER join either of you.    You are culprits in murder.   Face it: You are either killing yourselves & others because you believe in the lie called ‘white guilt’, or you believe that these criminals are just as tolerant as you are, Conservative person.

The Police are on to this mess but the Liberals call the Police “Nazis” merely for exercising self defense.  A Police man has every right to defend his/her own life.

I don’t even blame these miscreants anymore, I blame you conservatives for being  damned suckers.  Believing the hype that we’re ‘all the same’.   We’re not.  When you wake up and start to realize that you are taught to ‘love all humanity’ as these militant blacks are taught to hate whitey, maybe we’ll talk.


Until then: Fock you for calling us ‘racist’ merely for warning you.   That means you big, mouthy, do-nothing Conservative pundits that have banned me, blocked me etc.. IDIOTS!

PS: We already know ‘they’re not all like that.’    So, dont go there, we’re all sick of this shit.   And, sane Jews are sick of you Liberal assbag Jews that people are not allowed to criticize because it’s ‘anti semitic’.  What bullshit. All of it.


Update On Ohio Pool Party. Young Blacks Complain Of Fake “Hate Crimes” Perp’d By White Cops

Update On Ohio Pool Party. Young Blacks Complain Of Fake “Hate Crimes” Perp’d By  White Cops



….I posted about this pool party in Ohio last week:  OH: Phoney, “Racist” Swimming Pool Party ‘Beatdown’ By Cops.

Now, the young black militants are complaining that they suffered broken bones, etc.  Thing is–nothing is broken & they were only pepper sprayed.  Liberal-Communists never bother to look at the behavior of these miscreants.

..From BizPacReview


I want you to remember, (so that you don’t end up hating all black people)…. It was the white Communist/Liberals that destroyed their community.

#SPLC White Author Murdered In Race/Hate Crime By Blacks. #WhitePrivilege Killed Him

#SPLC White Author Murdered In Racial Hate Crime By Blacks. #WhitePrivilege Killed Him


This dead, white moron from SPLC, ( David Ruenzel) taught on ‘tolerance.’     It’s too bad that the people he preached this garbage to were not taught tolerance for ‘evil’ whitey.     A very few in the black population care about whites.    I feel bad that a life was snuffed out–but this is…..unfortunately--poetic justice for Reunzel.

‘As a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of this favorite topics was rooting out racism. And how white racism is permanent. White racism is everywhere. And white racism explains everything.’

From American Thinker (Colin Flaherty)…

(Who I do not follow on Twitter or anywhere because he thinks nothing of meMyself and a very few Jews speak out against this insanity and we are ‘unlinked’ off of blogs and treated like garbage.  Even if a Jew is fighting the righteous cause—they are still a fucking, no-good kike with ulterior motives for the “ZOG”.

More on this idiot:

David Ruenzel | Teaching Tolerance

“Hiring Whites, Dating Whites=Wrong”. “Antifa” Is Hunting/Watching Whites Like Nazi’s Hunted Jews

“Hiring Whites, Dating Whites=Wrong”. “Antifa” Is Hunting/Watching Whites Like Nazi’s Hunted Jews

Behind the face of every ‘anti fascist’ is a fascist.

I came across these Tweets of a chap named “Jack Pesobiac” who is a patriotic Vet.

 Here are these Tweets/Posters that are posted in cities by “Antifa”, a left wing Nazi group of modern terrorists.

The Nazi’s of today are leftists.  

Leftists are perfectly o.k. with hunting whites and not hiring white people.  You see… our relatives were racists in the 1860’s and we all have to pay for that today in 2017.  So, in the left-wing brain (or lack of brain), this is their thinking… 

Bottom line is this:  Every leftist is a denier.  They deny all wrong-doing.  Much like an old Nazi will do as they tell you: “There vere no work camps!”, “There vere no gas chambers!”  A Soviet will tell you: “No Gulags”, “No Holodomor”.    They’re deniers..

   Leftists deny that white replacement is taking place..  As they deny, we watch the news.  In Europe, EU’s are being forced out of their countries.  God only knows where they live now.  Here in USA, we see whites fleeing to the country to escape leftist, violent cities.  We watch black on white crime, illegal on white crime and we see the truth.  We do not deny what is happening to white people.  

Like it or not, you are the misery of the earth, Leftists.  You are the ones that will be cast into the lake of fire for your crimes against humanity.  You will not win in the end.  

God will destroy you.

9 hours ago on Gab, I said:

9 hours: “Here we go again, the left has their white supremacist monster:

MEANWHILE, blacks are murdering whites all over the nation: