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Roy Moore Has Been Convicted Of NOTHING. This Is The USA: GUILTY With Thumbs Down

This is the society you live in people:  No justice. No due process.  Just ‘get whitey’:  defame, demonize, destroy.  And, the GOP & DEMS love it this way.

ROBOCALL seeks ‘damaging’ information on Roy Moore:

With a “Thumbs down”, a man’s life is destroyed.  And, this is a big reason I didn’t jump on the Weinstein bandwagon.  Because I believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty.  Don’t ya’all find it odd that all of these accusations were never exposed in all the time Roy Moore served as a Judge?  Suddenly,  Moore is running for Senate and the crooks, thieves and liars find a bunch of lying bs and say it’s the truth..? Why didn’t they release this supposed issue, say…last month?  

   “This is Fake!”: Body Language Expert Says Judge Moore Accuser Was ‘Acting…Not a Real Victim’,   IT’S A FAKE! Analyst Says Judge Roy Moore Signature Inside Gloria Allred Accuser’s Yearbook Was FORGED,  “I Don’t Even Know the Woman”: Judge Roy Moore Denies Allegations By Gloria Allred’s Accuser (VIDEO)

Is this the type world you people want to live in?  Where the main stream media decides who is innocent or who is guilty?  So far, Moore has been convicted of NOTHING.

Is this the type of country you want……………..?

Will this type of ‘justice’ work for you Liberal gasbags as you get arrested for dope, indecent exposure etc?

Some Are Saying TX Shooting Is A Hoax & Massacre Was Predicted Before Shooting

Some Are Saying TX Shooting Is A Hoax & Massacre Was Predicted Before Shooting

Because our government is so corrupted, maybe it’s best to not believe or put your trust in the media??   And, since the government is rotten from the head to the tail, there will be theorists who look into alternative news.  Who can blame them…?

In this video below, (start at 2.00 minutes) see the stamp from a website called “4 Chan”.   Posters on 4 chan have actually predicted many events.  

The stamp claims: “Watch the news in TX tomorrow, something big is coming”.  How did this person know?  Discern for yourselves and sift it out yourselves.

Here is a screen cap from 4 chan and it is being removed off the net.  So, keep it:

First video above was taken down by Youtube.  This person on Youtube has an array of videos:  JYW 420  (Youtube account deleted after we posted this)

UPDATE:  Here is another video that shows the 4 Chan post warning about the event in TX:

I retain, I don’t know what happened in Texas..

This is because I don’t ever believe the media.