TN: 2 ‘Oppressed’ Black Males Rape Suicidal Girl In Mental Ward (#NFL Knee-Fags Are Full Of SHIT)

Nigel Johnson (l) and Jarvis Beck

2 ‘Oppressed’ Black Males Rape Suicidal Girl In Mental Ward (#NFL Knee-Fags Are Full Of SHIT)

I’ve read the news the last few days about the NFL multi-millionaire football players who refuse to stand for the National anthem because their black kin bro’s and ho’s are being gunned down in the streets by white cops.  The bro’s and ho’s are innocent.. Yep, here in America, white cops are gunning down blacks for no reason…


Police were alerted and they discovered that Nigel Johnson, 30, and Jarvis Beck, 31, took turns raping the victim on a few occasions.

The rest:  Two nurses take turns raping 15-year-old suicidal girl in hospital (World Wide Weird News) 

The NFL bosses and CEO’s are lily-livered cowards who have no loyalty to their nation but an awful lot of commitment to the almighty buck.   Blacks are not oppressed by anything but themselves and their Democrat Plantation Masters.  


Black males in America are SO oppressed that they are raping suicidal, mental patients in psychiatric wards..

New Film Exposes Takeover Of South Africa By Communist Terrorists

New Film Exposes Takeover Of South Africa By Communist Terrorists

If you read “Master of the Game”, it is also filled with Communist jargon regarding how the white man is evil.  Nothing about how black people can be very evil also.  Our world is filled with worship of black skin color. If America does not halt the influx of illegals and stop the worship of black & brown skin color, white people will be targeted en mass like South African Caucasians are.


A new documentary by the South African civil rights group AfriForum exposes uncomfortable truths about revolutionary Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC), including the fact that much of the Soviet-backed party’s violence was directed at black people who refused to fall in line.  Written by  .  WHOLE POST:  @ New American

WHY Are You Twitter Nazi’s Using RUSSIAN History? YOURS Murdered White, Christian Russians In The 10’s Of MILLIONS!

WHY Are You Twitter Nazi’s Using RUSSIAN History? YOURS Murdered White, Christian Russians In The 10’s Of MILLIONS!

#1. I am one of the first bloggers who even blogged about the evils of the Communist/Bolsheviks in Russia:  (Many posts, too many to count).


#2. A bunch of young, infantile, apathetic, Twitter, pussy Nazis from Daily Stormer  (a short, 20 something year old putzy, girly-looking, metro-queer, who banned me on his blog of bullshit and muted me on Twitter)  helped hijack a ‘hashtag’ (group) called the “Alt Right” on Twitter.  (I am not a member of “Alt Right”)  Leaders don’t join a pack.

These Lilliputian pussies have taken to task to attack The Mad Jewess on Twitter (daily) to make her pay for the crimes of the Bolsheviks.   (I am Native American and Portuguese/Sephardic, not Russian).    Alas, I must pay for the Bolshevik murderers (even though I am very right-wing & against Commies and Nazis).    

Most important:  Excuse me, but my Grandfathers were in the US Military and they fought WITH the Russians.  

You FAGGOTS were on the side of the murderers OF the Russians you stupid dolts.

#3. My question to you pathetic, little, simple-minded, cowardly, uneducated people is this:  Why are you using Russian history?  You hate Russians and always have.   Your mad-man hero, Hitler – called Russians “Subhuman”.    Your ilk shot RUSSIAN CHRISTIAN White people in the back and murdered 10’s of millions of them.   Who the hell do you think you are now? Using their history to try to prove your idiotic, childish, immature talking points to people like me who support America’s WW2 Vets &  Russian Christian white people–to this day?  See:  Russia vs. Ukraine

#4. Below is one of the fairy boys that sends his pussies out to attack me, (a woman old enough to be his mother, or even Grandmother).   Imagine a movement of Nazis that are SO TOUGH, they attack females.  Their sick parents probably beat women like many white trash ‘males’ do. 

Scottie Spencer

PS:   Smoke-balls above blocked me like most Nazis do after I add them to my list of: Menstruating Females or Twitters Biggest PUSSIES.   He can’t even be 25 years old.  

You are blocked from following @Smoloko123 and viewing @Smoloko123’s Tweets.

#5. Smoke-Balls buddy, Andy (The Daily Fag) cant even be 30 years old:

Image result for andrew anglin

Andi the pretty, little, queer-boy kinda looks like a white ape…

Image result for lol graphic


This is what your heroes did to Russian, White, Christians:

“Seen by Russia”  

Image result for German firing squad shooting civilians in the back

Nazis HANGED Russian FEMALES by piano wire:







National SOCIALIST TRAITORS  (“Nasis”)  You have NO moral authority to use any Russian history—at all.  

You sick, demented, stinkin’ vagina’s.

It’s ALL The Mad Jewess’ Fault That SWEDEN Is A Mess

It’s All The Mad Jewess’s Fault That SWEDEN Is A Mess

Dear sweet, Swedish, nazi assholes:

 The reason Sweden is a mess is not because of me, an American.  The reason Sweden is a mess is because of the apathy of Sweden’s patriots–if there are any, which I doubt.



*This morning, a pussy male from Sweden attacked me on Twitter.   So, let me get this straight.. A Native American, D.A.R. and Sephardic JEWWWW is responsible for the downfall of Sweden…? Eye-roll..

In fact, my attacker was ‘pro white’.     Most of you know that my husband and I  have been pro-white for decades.  It plainly says I am pro-white on my Twitter page.   Anyone can look at our tabs here:  Click to see.   Can these white rights people no longer read?  Or is that Israel’s fault also?  

There are 2 reasons I am not in the pro-white fight that much anymore:

  1.  ‘Pro whites’ attack me on Twitter all the time – for years.  (It gets tiring, exhausting)
  2.  Most Whites do not care if they live or die.

When the  people that are supposed to be on your ‘side’ are  attacking you, the fight is over and the battle is lost.   When the majority of the people you are fighting for do not care for their own life and the survival of their people – there is no fight, you have already surrendered.

Go fight for yourselves, you don’t need me.  Even though it was THIS JEWWWWW  blog that Bill O’Reilly caught wind of regarding black on white crime and started reporting it & was gaining traction – go battle for your own survival, I am tired of your childlike lunacy.  

Go fight for yourselves.  

ANYONE willingly attacking a friendly is a LOSER, a piece of shit & deserves to die.

BTW:  40 Sexual assaults in SWEDEN at a festival, MUSLIMS and ONLY Muslims are the culprits.

80 Year Old White Woman Robbed & Beaten For 17 Hours By 4 Black Males

80 Year Old White Woman Robbed & Beaten For 17 Hours By 4 Black Males

(In the above video, black on white crime in an everyday occurrence)  The media would have stupid dolts believe that only whites are the culprits of race crimes when most of the racial crimes are perp’d by young, black males.

Florence "June" McKayThis happens all the time but you never see it because only black lives matter in USSA:  (White) 80-year-old woman shot and beaten during home-invasion robbery (by pack of 4 blacks) that lasted 17 hours

2 of these animals have been arrested:  Two people arrested for shooting an elderly woman during a home invasion robbery