Front Page News: “Confederate Flag Harassers Get 35 Yrs” Channon & Christian Got ZERO Front Page

Front Page News: “Confederate Flag Harassers Get 35 Yrs”  Channon & Christian Got ZERO

This morning, I woke up to this news on my feed:  Twitter front page news IS Fake news. 

“Couple sentenced to 35 years for harassing child’s party with confederate flag”

First of all:

 Many neo nasi’s, White Supremacists [or whatever they call themselves] are the biggest idiots in the planet.  To actually go and harass a kid with Confederate flags is beyond ridiculous.  But, 35 years for some flags?  FLAGS?  This no-news-news receives front page.  To actually go to prison for waving flags is insane.

2.  Meanwhile, Obama’s rotten sons, who are sick, white-hating bigots received hardly any news for the torture and gruesome murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome.   Which was a serious race crime.  The leader of the black gang below called for the deaths of ALL white people before they went and murdered 2 young, white people:

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This is our America:

3.   A place where black skin is worshiped.  A place where young, black males can rape, sodomize, torture and murder young white people and it’s not an outrage to our FAKE NEWS ™ media.   It’s only an outrage when Confederate flags are involved.  A flag over torture.  A flag is more of an outrage than a gruesome, double murderer..

Again:  Confederate flags that harass get front page news but homicide, racial crimes perp’d against White Americans get zero front page news.

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I’m not into “alt right”, white-pride, white anything movement.   I am my own person with my own thoughts.  My problem with today’s society is priorities.   I have a real problem with people thinking that black skin is more important than other skin.   I have issues with Jews who are far-leftists and cry over anti semitism when they created it with their love of European Socialism, the same Socialism that murdered almost 6 million Jews under the Nasi’s.   I have a real problem with Mexicans who think they can carry their flag and harass Americans with it.  Priorities are a real issue.  Mr. Trump is right about the FAKE NEWS ™.

.An Open Letter To @Cernovich: Dump Spencer & All Of ‘Em & Just Report On White Genocide

An Open Letter To @Cernovich: Dump Spencer & All Of ‘Em & Just Report On White Genocide

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Dear Mr. Cernovich;

I came across a website, namely ‘Red Pill Me On Mike Cernovich‘ ran by ‘Hunter Wallace’.   These people are not your friends and neither is “Richard Spencer”.    They will never be your friends because you are not a Nazi & they are.  Our Grandfather’s fought Nazi’s and these aforementioned Nazi’s are traitors to their own Grandfather’s.

At any rate, for a decade, I posted on  my old blog:  The Mad Jewess, re black on white and Hispanic on white crimes.

I also posted here about the same issue: The Mad Jewess. Net

Between the years of 2010-2015, Bill O’Reilly had my website linked many times (almost 3X a week) regarding the realities of black on white crime.   This is a very real issue as is white countries being flooded with foreigners.  



Europe, America and (also Israel) are being flooded with foreigners, mostly Mexican and Muslim.  These foreigners are terrorizing and having many babies which is causing Caucasian numbers to become lower.  In America, 1 out of 3 people is a foreigner.  

Donald Trump was elected because of this.  Someone has to be brave and get this issue ‘in the open’, talk about it, non-stop.  People who address this must remain monotone.  Because the nation is so brainwashed, white people do not care if other white people live or die.  It is serious.

I will not post on this subject anymore until someone with ethics addresses it for this simple reason: I will not ally myself with Nazi’s who hate Jews more than they love their fellow white people.  All I did was report black on white crime and was attacked for years on Twitter by Nazi traitors for trying to get the seriousness out there.  I’m out of energy.  I’m 52 and I have been fighting  leftism since 1989.  

Please address this. Please.  And, do it without the idiot race epitaphs so that all people will listen. It is a very real issue.  White people (especially white males) are treated like dogs in the nations their Grandfathers built.  Treated terribly BY minorities.  Jared Taylor is a good, ethical man.  Meet him and have an open conversation if you can.


Paulette AsheDina, The Mad Jewess.