Ocean & Desert


TMJ, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I went to California.  I live in the high desert here in Arizona, way up in the mountains and it is quiet here–bigtime.  Now, I love the ocean, the green grass, etc.   But, I really leaned something when I was in Calif:  The desert is no BS, either spiritually or physically.   For eg:  A little bush I have in my backyard is dwarfed.  Water is scarce up here, so ya can’t just water everything day in and day out.  The reason this little dwarfed bush stays so green is because it’s roots are deep.  The deeper into the earth, the more water.  

The same can be said for God.  The deeper you dig into the Torah/Tanach, New Testament, (what have you), the more colorful and deep in spirit you will be.  

In Calif, everything is there at your fingertips: Restaurants, shops, Doctors, you name it.  Everything you rely on is down the street.  Not up here in Arizona.  Many things that you want or need are not always handy.    I believe that God draws people into deserts (spiritually, even physically) to cause them to think more about life and HIM. 

In order to live in peace and joy in a desert situation, one must have peace and joy in the things of God, or one gets bored, depressed, desolate feeling–and HOT.

♥ Hans Zatzka ♥, Another Fav Artist/Painter I Love From The Past (‘White Devil’ Painter)

‘Evil’ white man, Hans Zatzka was a technicolor artist before the film technique was even invented.  He also had a wonderful knack of seeing & painting the sweetness of a virgin. Amazing:  Zatzka painted always without sketches freely on the canvas.


Hans Zatzka (originally Johann Franz Čačka), * 8. March 1859 in Breitensee, today at Vienna; † 17th December 1945) was an Austrian painter.

Hans Zatzka Paintings - Austrian artist

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Great “White Devil!”  😀