“Lights Out In The West” (Digital Art Piece) By The Mad Jewess

Big social media censoring speech they dont like

 This is a piece I created called “Lights out in the West”
It makes me sick to see so many people suspended, black listed and more for their political/religious beliefs, online.  Left-wing totalitarians and Islamo-fascists are turning the west into a merry hell.  
In the piece, you can see Marx, Ramadan on England’s “Big Ben”, the Commie star on the Statue of Liberty, Censored on the torch, the recent fires in Paris.  What you are witnessing in the west is fascism induced by ‘Liberals’.    The ‘anti fascists’ ARE the fascists.    They can say they’re not, but it’s not us demanding they are silenced.  It is not us beating up political opponents.  It’s not us threatening to murder the President every day. It’s not us demanding Swedish women endure rape.

This is our world:  A place where you cannot criticize the obvious fascists.  The only man doing anything about it is Donald Trump and the Leftists are demanding his impeachment & even death.  

In Nazi Germany, they burned books.  In the present west, they suspend our commenting on the net AND books written by patriots exposing Liberal evil.   In Communist Russia, they forced your silence (Present west; you cannot criticize Liberals, Muslims or left-wing ‘Jewry’).     Soon, they will pass laws to ‘protect’ these aforementioned totalitarian groups.    In Islamic occupied nations, ‘infidels’ were forced to pay Jiyza or die (ISIS does this now).  
You ‘Liberals’ are evil, satanic, totalitarians and monsters.  Your day of reckoning is coming–if not by us, God will destroy you.  Deal with your future that is coming.  You are satanic devils: Murdering babies, arming those who murder Christians in the east. Glorifying sexual perversion, pedophilia & more.  




Ocean & Desert


TMJ, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I went to California.  I live in the high desert here in Arizona, way up in the mountains and it is quiet here–bigtime.  Now, I love the ocean, the green grass, etc.   But, I really leaned something when I was in Calif:  The desert is no BS, either spiritually or physically.   For eg:  A little bush I have in my backyard is dwarfed.  Water is scarce up here, so ya can’t just water everything day in and day out.  The reason this little dwarfed bush stays so green is because it’s roots are deep.  The deeper into the earth, the more water.  

The same can be said for God.  The deeper you dig into the Torah/Tanach, New Testament, (what have you), the more colorful and deep in spirit you will be.  

In Calif, everything is there at your fingertips: Restaurants, shops, Doctors, you name it.  Everything you rely on is down the street.  Not up here in Arizona.  Many things that you want or need are not always handy.    I believe that God draws people into deserts (spiritually, even physically) to cause them to think more about life and HIM. 

In order to live in peace and joy in a desert situation, one must have peace and joy in the things of God, or one gets bored, depressed, desolate feeling–and HOT.